Sunday, July 18, 2021

Pets In Space 6 PRE-ORDER!

Fun news today! 

I was thrilled to be a contributor to Pets in Space 6, which is now on Pre-order! In the next few weeks I'll tell you about my story, Stranded on Grzbt. My Writing Bucket List has always included writing a story set in a scifi universe filled with many aliens. So many of my favorite movies and TV shows have a colorful variety of aliens.  Something is checked off on my list!

The fact that Pets in Space 6 contributes to a worthy charity just makes it better!


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Tuesday, July 6, 2021

How My SFR Series Fit Together!

 I thought I would do a post on the timelines of my scifi romance series.

Current Earth:
Coming soon! Far Stars series, a new series I am working on. It is a many aliens universe like Star Wars. The Far Stars series is in a different world universe than Diaspora Worlds and takes place many centuries earlier.

Future Earth: Early spaceflight and colonization. My space western series, Love on a Space Frontier, water world Urloon (which I hope to continueand new series Cyborg Nation. Humans, Humanoids, Cyborgs, genetic engineering, cloning.

Far Future:  Set in an Alliance of Terran colony planets, Diaspora Worlds Humans, Humanoids, Cyborgs, genetic engineering, cloning.

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Cyborg Nation Two!

 I just finished a project (more on that at a later date) and have my next month or so planned. Cyborg Nation Book 2, A Cyborg's Rescued Sea Bride follows the intrepid crew of the cyborg ship Endurance as they return to the deep space location of lost sleeper pods.

Flame, Flare and Carol (once named Crush) lead the Endurance to find more of the lost interstellar brides they learned about from Nell in book one. They are in for quite a surprise as they find survivors and a number of strange interstellar ships lost for eons in a dangerous area near a gas cloud. 

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Writing Updates

#1 I'm working on a novella for an antho, super fun, but it's a SEEKRIT. Lol. It is set in a new universe for me, same time frame as our world, but taking place across the Milky Way. It has many alien peoples and is fun to write.

#2 Cyborg Nation 2 (working title is Mutineer Cyborg) is coming along. It is a bit of a wild ride! Summer release.

The series Cyborg Nation, like Diaspora Worlds, takes place in the far distant future. I can easily see crossover between the two series.

My heroine cyborg woke up all the other cyborgs. There is only one human on board now, an elderly female scientist who rarely leaves her rooms and labs.

Excerpt, Cyborg Nation 2:

“Well, well, well. What have we here? This looks like a crew of renegade cyborgs.” Standing in the door of the conference room was a man. He had warm brown skin and his eyes, surrounded by dark lashes and winged brows, had an unusual blue glow. 

Some type of enhancement? 

His hair was in a long braid, a shining  silver. He was  too young for gray hair, Xia thought. Certainly no older than she was. His features were quite perfect, and he had a smile with deep wells in each cheek.

 “Who are you?” she gasped. All the cyborgs stared in shock.

“I am Doctor Pine. It took me a long time to get here to the Bridge. There's a big containment wall on Level 2. I had to backtrack, go up to Level 1 and walk the length of the whole ship. I came down an access ladder to get to the Bridge on Level 2. Do you mind telling me what's going on?” 

Xia stared at him. Something wasn’t right. 


“Do you mind telling me how a seventy-nine-year-old female research scientist turned into a young man?”


In Paranormal romance, I started uploading a romance called Rift World on the new Kindle Vella. The story is complete, I was just concentrating on SFR for a while. I'm not sure when it will go live. This is a supernatural apocalypse romance. In this romance, all the survivors are magical/supernatural people.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Excerpt from Cyborg Nation Book 2

 Title right now is Cyborg Mutineer. Summer release.

Something had happened to her. B91 knew it was an assault, but the words evaded her. The memory was incomplete, but what she remembered was wrong. Confusing.

Breakthrough thoughts! Breakthrough thoughts! I need to get to Cyborg Maintenance.

But she didn’t go. Her scheduled maintenance had just ended.

The human quarters had a computer system connected to the human data and library, she would search it and try to understand what happened in the rec room on Level Two. B91 checked her time. Regular maintenance schedules had to be checked and signed off. No one would check the time signatures of her work, the system would only alert Chief Aks if something was not checked off. 

Her stomach felt a little better, so she went through her list, going from stations to data panels, checking off items. She had to find human toilets twice to vomit.

Those men had given something to her. Some illness.

Two hours later she got onto the human computer in the crew quarters. She checked on her fellow cyborgs who were on their rest and maintenance time. Q30, the only other cyborg on this shift, was in the crawlspace, Level 00, checking the hull for weaknesses.

Since she worked on computer maintenance for a quarter every rotation, she knew how to go into the human system with no identity or trail.

Query: Female Male  Assault, she typed in.

Rape. Sexual intercourse without consent. The description was detailed and she felt vomit rising again.

B91 had not consented. Human biology was not part of her thought selection. Cyborg thoughts were limited to their work.

Query: Cyborgs sexual intercourse


Cyborg maintenance included drugs to suppress sexual desire or expression. Cyborgs were sexless, their gender did not matter.

Query: Female pregnant.

This query brought up tons of information. She downloaded and stored it in a maintenance file she never used, to view later.

Then, the most helpful information of the night. Dry crackers can help alleviate morning sickness. That might be the vomiting, called morning sickness.

 B91 went to the storage rooms and found the crackers humans kept in their galley. She took a box to the crew quarters and placed them in the small galley cupboard. Pulling two hard rectangles out, she sat down with a  cup of water. Cyborgs had fluid and nutrients pumped through an appliance on a need basis, they did not eat. Taking off her helmet she took a bite of the cracker. It was dry and salty. She ate the whole thing, then another, sipping water in between.

Pregnant. I think that is what happened. 

The only way to know for sure was to sneak into the staff Medical Bay on Level Two and have a diagnostic. 

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Heroine Covers!

 New Covers for Diaspora Worlds!

I was in the mood for a change and have wanted female covers for a while. Will they sell? So far I've seen no difference. This quarter I took all of my books out of Kindle Unlimited, since the return on that has been going down. We'll try wide for a year or so, see what happens.

Am still working on stories. Queen of Stars (This should be ready to publish soon), Stranded On Grzbt (for a fall antho) and the next Cyborg Nation book. Am just not able to work on one book, lol.


Sunday, January 31, 2021

A Bit About Queen of Stars


I took a little staycation! I read three books last week, binged Netflix, ate healthy except for one meal from our favorite Mexican restaurant.

S I organized a bunch of files in my IDEA Folder. Some are Diaspora Worlds, some are parts of a group of books in the Weatherby Space Clan series(none finished) which is a side series of Diaspora Worlds. That was interesting. I have a few finished stories that are stand-alones and will think about releasing a few. 

Queen of Stars

I still plan a February release. It is taking longer because it is twice as long as my usual novella/short novel. I also have a large cast of characters and subplot romances. The second book is also finished in rough draft so I will be working in the Star Pard Universe for some time to come.

The world-building in StarPards is so different from Diaspora Worlds. Two planets, one with feline-humanoid people, agrarian. The other, high tech, with a thousand years of advanced nanotechnology. More intrigue in the political arena, with nano formulas used as poisons and weapons of mind control.

My hero Vhiran is older, but was recently healed of poisons and de-aged by a new family nano formula. Think silver fox! His once large, powerful family has been decimated. His plan is to enlarge and strengthen his family.

My heroine Topaz is half pard but has her feline characteristics hidden for years to please her husband. After her husband's death she learns Vhiran is the true guardian of her nephew. She was under mind control nanos and fears she and her children are pawns in some type of scheme, especially since her nephew is heir to a wealthy family. For their protection, she accepts Vhiran Korru's invitation to live in the Korru Castle, on a private island.

Pets In Space 6 PRE-ORDER!

Fun news today!  I was thrilled to be a contributor to Pets in Space 6 , which is now on Pre-order! In the next few weeks I'll tell you ...