Sunday, January 31, 2021

A Bit About Queen of Stars


I took a little staycation! I read three books last week, binged Netflix, ate healthy except for one meal from our favorite Mexican restaurant.

S I organized a bunch of files in my IDEA Folder. Some are Diaspora Worlds, some are parts of a group of books in the Weatherby Space Clan series(none finished) which is a side series of Diaspora Worlds. That was interesting. I have a few finished stories that are stand-alones and will think about releasing a few. 

Queen of Stars

I still plan a February release. It is taking longer because it is twice as long as my usual novella/short novel. I also have a large cast of characters and subplot romances. The second book is also finished in rough draft so I will be working in the Star Pard Universe for some time to come.

The world-building in StarPards is so different from Diaspora Worlds. Two planets, one with feline-humanoid people, agrarian. The other, high tech, with a thousand years of advanced nanotechnology. More intrigue in the political arena, with nano formulas used as poisons and weapons of mind control.

My hero Vhiran is older, but was recently healed of poisons and de-aged by a new family nano formula. Think silver fox! His once large, powerful family has been decimated. His plan is to enlarge and strengthen his family.

My heroine Topaz is half pard but has her feline characteristics hidden for years to please her husband. After her husband's death she learns Vhiran is the true guardian of her nephew. She was under mind control nanos and fears she and her children are pawns in some type of scheme, especially since her nephew is heir to a wealthy family. For their protection, she accepts Vhiran Korru's invitation to live in the Korru Castle, on a private island.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Excerpt from QUEEN OF STARS, Feb SFR Release

 Excerpt from QUEEN OF STARS. I plan to release in February, a Valentine treat! I should have a cover finalized next week. I like to look at them for a while.

“I will transport you all to the castle and have the flitgo delivered to the estate. It will be so much easier than a long flight with the children. I can have staff pack up your cottage, also.”

Topaz opened her mouth to object but then decided to just go with it.  And could she really tell Lord Korru no? His family was one of the most powerful in the world of Shaveen. Exhausted, she was not in a great state to travel with two small children across the country. Or fight someone so politically strong. She didn’t even know how, since Arell was his heir. And she would not abandon the child.

Her feelings must have shown.

“No need to be apprehensive, Madam. I made a vow, and I will take care of all of you.”

“I understand, Lord Korru.” 

“Vhiran, please. 

I should just tell him. “You must know that my experience with…powerful men... has not been good. My husband was quite influenced by Kulgen Tah, who mentored him in school. Under his influence, we hid our Pard characteristics.” 

She took a deep breath. “It has been detrimental to all of us. No choices were given to any of us, we woke one day, transformed. I don’t want any of us to be nanoformed again. I  know my husband had to get the nanos from Kulgen Tah.”

Vhiran nodded. “That is not a surprise to me. Kulgen Tah tends to think his every thought was whispered to him by rainbow stars.”

Eisley giggled at that and Vhiran smiled at him. “I am quite comfortable with your Pard ancestry. I will not force anything on you, though you may want to see my healer after so many years of illegal treatment.”

He looked straight into her eyes. She felt he could see within her, those pale gray eyes seeing all her fears. “I am one of the few who can protect you, your son, and Arell from Tah. My home’s protections are formidable.”

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Am Writing in 2021

 I dug up all my Bridgerton books and I did have all the epilogues, so I enjoyed reading those. That got my mind thinking about epilogues for my Diaspora Worlds Books. I decided that might be fun. I opened a file and am rough drafting when I am not editing.


During NaNo I wrote a couple new books. One new book turned into two since the two heroines meet their heroes during the same events. I had one subplot romance that was actually its own story. So I have book one and book two written in rough draft. I started revising book one, Queen of Stars and then will move on to book two, Lady of Pards. I should have covers soon.

I normally write novellas or short novels. Not sure why, but both these books are quite a bit longer than my usual length. Perhaps a by-product of COvid-19 restrictions? I don't know!

This is a new series concerning the people of two planets, who have been long time allies until recent years. One planet, Parda, is mainly agrarian. The humanoid people have feline characteristics, ears, tales, retractable claws, cat eyes. 

The other planet, Alumen, developed nanotechnology a thousand years ago and uses it for good and evil. Both planets have space ships. Anti -Pard activists have been slowly killing the planet of Parda, but many Pard immigrated, and some have married and now there are number of half Pards.

My heroine Prenna is half-Pard housewife, forced to hide her Pard characteristics by her husband. He persuades her it is a safety precaution, for her and the children. He uses nanoforms, which work with body tissues and DNA to make changes. They also affected her mind and ability to think clearly. 

A wealthy but deathly ill man, Vhiran Stelryssian, finds his family's ancient nanoformer lab and is able to strengthen himself with an ancient formula. Vhiran and Prenna are brought together as they are both swept up in a dangerous plot against their families and the planet of Parda.

Monday, December 28, 2020

My Take on the Diversity Casting of the Bridgerton Series


This came up in a FB thread about the Bridgerton series on Netflix. Some are upset that the diverse cast is not historically accurate. The books by Julia Quinn were written several years ago, and race is not apart of the books. It was changed for the series.

My Response

I, for one, enjoyed seeing POC in the series. It may not be historically accurate, but I am not a historian or historical romance writer invested in accuracy. I watched the show for the romance and the story, not history. I think a diverse cast speaks to the larger issues of importance in our day and time, and that issues of inclusion are more important than exact accuracy. We all know the history of race during that time. We all know why the cast was diversified. I write romance set in the far future, where skin color and continent of origin don't matter. Our Earth is all but forgotten. I still try to fight for diversity as a theme, though, but my characters may be separated by DNA/Clone procedures, wealth, or space humanoid races....

In my SFR

Puregens: lab-created, superior humans of wealthy planets and families.

Zh' Cle: Humans with lizard characteristics encountered by Terrans in space. Many are confined to Reservation Worlds. There are DNA laws to prevent them living on some worlds.

Cyborgs: In both Diaspora Worlds and Cyborg Nation, my cyborgs are created by the military to be slave soldiers. In Diaspora Worlds, cyborgs are made of newly dead and wounded, or captured people.

I now have a new series started about cyborgs, Cyborg Nation. These cyborgs are lab-created slave soldiers. There will be an alien humanoid encounter later on in the series.
Christmas release: A Cyborg's Old Terran Christmas is available now.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Excerpt from The Centaur’s Moon Magic Bride

My January release, a fun fantasy fated mates. No cover yet!


  In the middle of the night, something woke her. A light, coming from the creek. What a weird color. Lilac, pale blue and green mist weaved and danced above the nearly dry creek bed.

Brinley had to see this! Must be some type of Montana phenomenon. She cracked the door to the camper and listened for Donny. He was snoring.

Mist whirled and circled the creek, which she knew was shallow. She’d watched the little kids play in the thigh-deep water. She longed to get in there, but her chubby body in a swimsuit would open her to ridicule. Plus the dark bruise on her leg would cause people to stare. Donny, when he was done calling her fatty, would think she was coming on to him, and she really didn’t ever want to have sex with him again. Or another fight.

The night was cooler now. She pulled on her sneakers and crept forward in the dark. I’ll just put my feet in the shallow water and watch the mist. Kicking off her shoes, Brinley stepped in. The water was ice-cold. The mist almost felt like cotton puffs brushing against her body. It swirled so it made her dizzy. Her feet slipped on the fine sand, and she slid down. 

The water closed over her head. She panicked. How can this be? The creek was shallow!

Her feet came out into the air, followed rapidly by the rest of her, falling. Breathing, but falling. She landed in a type of net and bounced back into the air.

It wasn’t dark night anymore. A huge full moon shined down on a net hammock filled with warm furs, pillows decorated with ribbons, and an occasional flower. The glowing white moon, much larger than the moon of Earth, bathed everything in a pearlescent glow. Including the

He isn’t a man! His bare chest tapered down to the front end of a white horse, and his long hair was pale blue. His eyes were also pale blue and glinted like jewels. Not human.

She noticed his finely carved abs and arm muscles. As he moved toward her, she caught a glimpse of a long pale blue tail.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Now available! A Cyborg's Old Terran Christmas

 **Holiday SFR!**

A Cyborg's Old Terran Christmas

After 700 years of space sleep, interstellar bride Nell and her children wake on a cyborg ship.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

A Cyborg's Old Terran Christmas ~ Coming Soon!

 This Christmas Novella will go live this week! It is not on preorder so we must wait on Amazon.


 Nell braves interstellar travel with her three children to marry a colonist and provide them with a better life. They are forced to enter space-sleep capsules in the hope of surviving a calamity. She wakes over seven hundred years later on a ship of cyborg warriors. In this strange environment, Nell can't imagine what their future will hold, but she is determined to keep her promise and make Christmas for her children. Even surrounded by cyborgs who know nothing of family, children, or Christmas.

Captain Argent, like all the newly freed members of the Cyborg Nation, longs for a family and a human life. There are few cyborg females, they will need to find human wives. Nell planned to marry an unknown colonist, maybe she would marry him!


“Captain Argent, we are picking up a weak distress signal,” Flare, the First

Officer, said. He tapped on the communication station screen.

“Way out here?” Flame, the Navigator, asked. Flame and Flare looked nearly

identical, with their bronze armor and red hair, except Flame’s hair was a darker


“I’ll see if I can find out more.”

The search took a long time. “Finally,” Flare said, shaking his strawberry

blonde braids. “It’s...zow. It’s old! I had to get it translated from Old Chineng to

Standard. A lifepod, with four sleepers.”

A Bit About Queen of Stars

  I took a little staycation! I read three books last week, binged Netflix, ate healthy except for one meal from our favorite Mexican restau...