Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Excerpt From a Far Stars Series Prequel

 I love red geraniums, have one blooming in my window right now! And somehow, one found its way onto a rocket ship bound for spaces unknown.

I'm working on a NANOWRIMO project, a prequel to my Far Stars Series.  No real title yet but I'm so far calling it Christmas Red Geraniums in Space. Lol.

 Eastern Germany , 1938

Grandmother told him she knew her death. It was a talent of her family, to know when their last breath would be. Hers would be soon, right before Christmas. She would journey with Christmas Angels and look down on him in the stars. “You too will be in the stars, but long before you are dead. I see you there.” He smiled gently at her flights of fancy.

She did seem feebler as he got ready to leave on his escape journey. She gave a him a few small things. A packet of seeds in waxed paper and oilcloth: Geranium seeds, poppy seeds, comfrey, linden, apple.  An old homemade rosary, even though he had ceased believing in such things years ago. 

As she kissed him goodbye, he cried, knowing he would never see her again, and probably never see her little cottage with the garden and the geese, her two sweet dogs Kuchen and Wolfie.

“I see you with star children. You will go so far. Don’t forget the cat.”  She patted his cheeks like he was a small boy.

Wil did not know what that meant, but it was a lovely thought. That someday he would live in safety, have children. Star children. Maybe they would be named after stars. And a cat, like old Mitzi, who followed him out the back door in the night, and watched him head east through the fields. No Hitler, no Goering, no secret facility in the north, no bombs and deaths of innocents at his hand.

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Excerpt: Her Halloween Vampire!


Coming in October!

Verna, the rental manager, showed up with about two minutes notice with a prospective renter in tow. 
“Rob, this is Linley Newell. Linley, this is Rob Thompson, who is moving to Cherry Creek.”

Rob Thompson was a delight to the eye. Thinking of eyes, his were an incredible sky blue, with long dark lashes and winged brows. They almost glowed in the fairy lights on her porch. Very striking with his chocolate brown, long hair, and cheek bones. And full lips. And... Not one feature had a flaw. 

He’s prettier than I am. 

“He’s self-employed. One of those computer geniuses,” Verna said.

Rob shrugged. “I make and maintain websites.”

“Oh.” Might as well give him the bad news. “I run a daycare Monday through Friday,” Linley pointed at her sign by the door. “Up to eight preschoolers on the main floor and in the yard. The noisy times are late morning and late afternoon when we play outside. Or, um, rainy days.”

She thought that might be a problem since he would be working at home instead of driving off to a job like her previous renters. Oh well.

“Not a problem.” He smiled, showing white teeth. “I sleep like the dead. All my jobs are done at night, for my client’s convenience.” 

“All right. Great. Sounds like we would be a good fit.” As soon as the words were out of her mouth, Linley realized they could be taken in a completely sexual way. Her already warm face got warmer. Thank goodness it was dark out! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Excerpt: Daywalker of Realms

 I decided to do a paranormal excerpt for Snippets. This story takes place in the same 'world' as all my other paranormals, but it takes place a few years in our future. Some of the characters in this book are the children of Darlene and Vare, my couple in Single Mom, Vampire Lover, a book I wrote years ago, around 2007. This book is actually complete, just need to get the revisions and edits finished. And the cover!

Warning: Vampire fangs, vampire moves, mystical happenings, an ugly world, and the heroine is pregnant with twins. Also, stolen spaceships and crew from Enchanted Bonds. A paranormal/scifirom mix.

1 Awakening

A man woke in a small meadow.

Around one foot was a plastic hobble restraint attached to his other ankle, but the restraint was broken, so his leg motion was free. Orange coverall. Restraints. He’d been in jail. Suddenly the man jumped up, wide-eyed, staring at his surroundings in shock. “What the hell?”

He was at the bottom of a crater, next to a glistening pool of blue water, under a huge tree. A small grassy meadow surrounded the pool and tree. Beyond the meadow was rubble, climbing up to the edge of a crater, maybe three hundred feet.

Earthquake? Do those cause craters?  Asteroids cause craters, but how would this tree and pool be here?

The sky was weird. To the south, high in the sky, there was a permanent lightning bolt in a cloudless blue sky. An asteroid? An alien ship? Alien space weapon?

What is going on?

He couldn’t remember anything. Not even his name or why he was in prison. Or how he got away.

He decided to try to find…something. Other people, medical help. Since it seemed he couldn’t remember a blessed thing. Clothes. I really need clothes. Don’t want some good ol’ boy to shoot the prisoner first, ask questions later.

The clothes he had on were obviously courtesy of the Colorado prison system. Too bad they didn’t have his name on them somewhere. Just a number on the patch on his shoulder.

He trudged across the rough land and up the steep incline, finally coming to a cracked and broken blacktop, which he followed for several miles. Parts of the road were gone, just gravel and dirt. Crushed cars, flipped cars, mangled bodies. No living people. The countryside didn’t look like LA—he remembered LA— it looked like the Rockies in the distance, but he had no idea how he got here.

He checked. Mostly Montana license plates. Okay, that explained the mountains. But not how he got here. Last he knew he was an inmate in Colorado.

See, I do remember something. But not his name or how he got here.

Maybe there was a nuclear war. Maybe I’m right in the hot zone. Fear clutched at him, but there was nothing that could be done.

Would a nuclear war toss him across the country?

He came to a home, leveled into a pile of timbers and bricks. In  the driveway was a car, its roof partly dented in by a fallen tree. The license plate said Idaho.

With great effort, he managed to pull the tree off. The occupant was dead, by a branch that had gone through the driver’s door window, crashing into the driver’s head. Other than the roof, the car seemed undamaged. It wasn’t gory, just a little blood on the guy, big dent. He dragged the guy to the side of the house. “Sorry, guy, but I’m gonna take your car. Not like you need it anyway.”

Some impulse— derangement caused by this accident? Was he insane? But the dead man smelled like food. His stomach rumbled with gnawing hunger. He felt his teeth grow. Fangs! And he knew just what to do with them. He bit into the man’s neck, swallowing still-warm blood. The guy hadn’t been dead long. Fresh blood. Somehow, he knew fresh tasted better. Electric thrills ran down his limbs as he fed.

When he was done, he wiped his mouth on the sleeve of his jumpsuit. He felt energized, alive, and knew he was stronger and faster. More alert. He could see farther, clearer.

What the hell? I’m a vampire? But it’s daylight. Morning, he could tell by the sun. Now he had an even better reason to get away from this area. Nobody liked vampires.

He felt much better though, not tired a bit. Like he could run for miles.

There was a suitcase in the car, and a cooler full of food. He felt extremely full, so ignored the cooler.

He dressed in a pair of jeans and a blue t-shirt, baggy but workable with the belt. Funny, he had a necklace under his jumpsuit. Long gold chain, not terribly fine, with a gold circle. Some type of raised writing. Runes? Old stuff. Weird. But his memory was shot, so…

Did they let you wear necklaces in prison? Weren’t they a potential weapon?

The dead man’s shoes were a little long, but okay. He put on clean socks from the suitcase. I may be a blood sucking monster, but someone’s dirty socks? Just no!

He tossed the orange jumpsuit behind a shrub, but not before ripping off the number patch and shoving it into his pocket. Maybe he could use it for identity.

The corpse had a leather wallet with a small key inside a pocket. After a search through the car he found a small locked box. It yielded cash and bank account information. The driver’s license was for David Green, thirty years old, if he had the current year right. From Boise, Idaho. “Well, man, I’m gonna borrow your life for a while. Until I can remember who the hell I am.”

He peered in the side mirror and compared his face to the license. He was surprised to find that he was handsome, with sharp cheekbones, blue eyes rimmed in gray with long dark lashes, and thick dark blond wavy hair, clipped military short on the sides in a kind of fade. A square jaw line. The man in the driver’s license had a shaved head, scruffy dark beard, a goofy half-smile on his face. Bad photo, blue eyes, brown hair. It worked well enough. He could say he’d been dieting and working out, because he figured he weighed about twenty pounds less than the dead guy.

As he’d changed clothes he’d been gratified to see he had six-pack abs and muscled thighs and arms. Made use of the prison gym. Being strong would probably help in this destroyed world.

Using a tree limb as a lever, he managed to get the dented car roof up, so he could sit in the driver’s seat without hunching over. The car started, and he was pleased to find that the engine was in good shape. That would mean it wasn’t an EMP, right? He was a bit fuzzy on man-made world-ending disasters. “Oh, yeah. Off to civilization.”

If there was any to be found.

He headed north, deciding to avoid a trip over the mountains to the west. Probably more people west, toward the coast, but getting gas might be an issue. He’d find some safe place, a little town or country place. Hole up. Unless he remembered he belonged somewhere.

He saw no other traffic for miles. A radio station gave a news flash about a huge earthquake in southern California, but the reception was really poor. Another news blast mentioned a polar shift and some particles from space. I guess that is what that lightening shape in the sky is? Space particles? 

Seemed unlikely. 

Whatever. Does it really matter now? Not like it will keep people from panicking.

This looked like more than an earthquake. Where were all the people? Shouldn’t there be bumper to bumper traffic?  Polar shifts, space particles—they did this?

They’re full of shit, he decided. No one really knows.

He came to a small town turn off. Somewhere in rural Montana. Not so much traffic is probably normal.

He drove through the morning, not tired, but more and more anxious. He passed several towns, a couple looked pretty big. Didn’t see any traffic moving. What if it was some super virus? He didn’t want to catch anything.

But something in the back of his mind told him he couldn’t catch anything.

Maybe I’m just flat out insane.

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Recovery, Reading, and Writing

 My knee surgery was four weeks ago, so now my life revolves around physical therapy. That is going well, though it is not pleasant. The staff is great. The scar is thin but a bit bumpy and 'pulled', so am doing massage and scar cream. 

Hubby is also going to physical therapy to help with his leg issues. We are oodles of fun!

I have used a cane for several years, so many of my leg and back muscles have learned to accommodate that. My goal is to be cane free! In fact, I haven't used my cane for days. I can walk up the stairs to my front door!

A tip for anyone having knee replacement: I have a very firm mattress, and it actually hurt to sleep on it! I bought a waffled foam mattress cover meant to help pressure points. What a difference it makes! Instead of waking every hour, I am able to sleep normally.

I've been catching up on my TBR pile. I own books in series I haven't read yet, especially Cynthia Sax, Tracy Lauren, Evangeline Anderson, and Honey Phillips! Lol, found out I had never read Book 4 of one of the series I collect, so that was nice. It has been enjoyable catching up. I'm also a sucker for free and .99 box sets, so have a number of those I can read. Not all are Scifi romance, I have a box set on YA Dragon books that looks interesting.

I decided this would not be a writing/editing month, since my energy level flags and I find myself snoozing now and then. Seemed like too much pressure so no. I know I am no writing machine. I do have an updated print edition of Her Cyborg Awakes just about ready! I will be getting more into print(or updated).

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Books with Mothers!


I have quite a few books that feature mothers, so I thought I would list them.

All are currently in KU.

A Cyborg's Old Terran Christmas: 

A space mail order bride with kids, rescued by a cyborg!


Starlander's Myth: 

An asteroid miner gets involved with slavers holding a mom and child!


Single Mom, Vampire Lover: 

Her reckless teen son leads her to Vampires!

Holly Jolly Vampire: 

Old friends find a pixie baby!

Orc in Winter: 

A young widow with infant and an invalid Orc head north to safety.

Elf Wish: 

A widowed dwarf  with children rescues a North Pole Elf.(This  is a story I love.)

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Excerpt: The Cyborgs' Cunning Plan

 I started work on a WIP that is in the Cyborg Nation Series, following A Cyborg's Old Terran Christmas.  

Here's a Snippet!

"I'm glad they are rescuing women and finding brides," Lir said. In the months they had been free his hair had grown out into black waves, matching his black eyes. He wore it tied back with a filament. "But they won't find enough brides for all of us, even if they do find a planet we can colonize."

Triton and Rio agreed. The three of them were harvesting peas in the hydroponics garden.

"Too bad we can't just beam some brides up with the transport ship," Triton said as he tossed a handful of peas into his mouth, his golden hair gleaming in the light.

Rio stopped picking and stared at him. "Why can't we?" Rio lifted a finely arched brow, his blue eyes twinkling.

"Because they hate us?" Lir asked.

Rio shrugged. "We are not evil. All of us are even good looking, by most human standards. We are young. And we have food and comfortable living spaces."

"That's true," Triton said slowly and pursed his lips, in deep thought. "We could have wives and children here. There is room for a population of three hundred."

"By the time we outgrew this station, we could move to a settlement on that northern continent that was never settled," Lir said.

    Sala was colony planet with several small towns and one big settlement on the large southern continent.

"Or maybe take over that big island. Less chance of conflict, out in the middle of the sea," Rio said.

"Do they even have ships now?" Triton asked. "Or fuel?"

"We should find out," Rio said. "It's been a year since they got a supply ship. Our standard of living here is probably better than theirs. We have much to offer brides."

Lir looked dreamy. Rio grinned. Triton said. "We should have a talk with Captain Bay."

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Happy Easter!



~For all who celebrate~



I'm sorry I'm not handing out chocolate bunnies! Only digital gifts. 

We are not having spring-like weather here in central Wyoming. Wintry, freezing cold, and a bit of snow! But I was raised in Montana so I am used to it. My mother made us spring dresses for church, which we wore with white gloves and white shoes. But we usually had to wear our winter coats over them! 

We always had holiday meals with Mom's pink brocade table linens and crystal. So pretty! I have searched for a pink tablecloth like that but have never found one.

We had mice this spring! My tiny Shitzu/Chihuahua mix, Nutmeg, went nuts! The barking, the yelping! For such a tiny dog she has sturdy vocal chords-- she is louder than our laid-back papipoo, even though he is three times her size. Glad that's over, not sure I have hearing left! 

In late May I will have my right knee replaced. It is time. I had the left knee replaced in 2010. Amazing that it is now done as an outpatient procedure. I will be in the hospital, though, due to respiratory history. Probably just one night, not days! I'll have the warm weather to build up my strength by walking the dogs.

Book News

I went back into Kindle Unlimited for the spring and summer! I do enjoy the five free days! I have two short freebies to celebrate! One is a sexy paranormal and the other is a magical romance set in a fantasy world.






 I am in edits for Cyborg Salvage which is the romance of Dooley and 2LN77, both characters in Alien Blood!

Her Alien Mad Scientist
is coming along, but Cyborg Salvage was so close to The End.

In May I will be putting books into print. I have some old print still out there, but it is time for an update. 

In August (unless CV-19 goes way up) I will be joining the wonderful, talented, and generous Carol Van Natta at the Fort Collins Comic Con! It has been two years, so I am so excited to go!


Excerpt From a Far Stars Series Prequel

 I love red geraniums, have one blooming in my window right now! And somehow, one found its way onto a rocket ship bound for spaces unknown....