Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Her Cyborg Awakes Reaches Milestone!


Thank you, pandemic readers!

Her Cyborg Awakes is the first book in my Diaspora Worlds series--but it is not the first book written in the series!

Many years ago I was invited to be part of a summer romance anthology. I wrote a 10k short about a couple stranded on a wilderness planet in a broadcast survivor show with little flying cameras. This was an erotic romance anthology so the story had a big hot scene in a thunderstorm. The swarm of cameras were shut down due to the weather and they finally had privacy. Sadly, that publisher closed its door abruptly, right around the publication date.

That year I had two publishers shut their doors (this was before Amazon KDP). One was Triskelion, which went into bankruptcy. The other had a health crisis (mom and pop). A year later I had a Triskelion book with rights back, finally, republished. Right in time for a hurricane to destroy that publisher's office.

With a couple hundred Triskelion books out there looking for a new publisher, getting republished was an issue. Many of the scads of the erom publishers specified they weren't taking previously published books.

I decided to change my name and take a break from submissions. I expanded the SFR short into Alien Blood but was a bit paranoid about submitting it since a portion had been published before. Then I got the bright idea of four brothers, each with a romance, and wrote Her Cyborg Awakes.

Sadly, that publisher turned out to be bat crap crazy. So no series.

I finally got the rights back from the troublesome publisher who had taken it down everywhere except her publisher site, since I wasn't her cult follower, maybe two years later. I held on to the books and wrote a few paranormal romances, which sold well on Fictionwise. Then, Amazon developed KDP.

I knew a writer who did covers and asked her is she could put a space background behind an embracing couple. I uploaded it and my family did something so I was away from the computer for several days. When I got back, it had sold six hundred copies in four days! That is about $1200. Nice work if you can get it! It sold well for two years.

Now I have it as perma-free. It is pretty much all the promo I feel like doing!

I know Amazon KDP is far from perfect but has not been the roller coaster ride small erom publishers were! The only contract I will now sign is for an anthology or bundle--temporary!

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Cyborg Salvage Character Inspiration Pictures

 I'm a visual person so am also a visual writer. I 'see' my story, though it is a wispy kind of seeing. Not clear like TV! I like to daydream a scene. In fact, I've been a daydreamer since childhood, when I would get caught looking out a window(probably daydreaming about a black stallion)instead of doing something boring, like arithmetic worksheets.

(I was obsessed with this series.)

I don't do elaborate character files, since I get to know them early in the story. I often write a mountain of backstory that doesn't make it into the published book, so I know things the reader doesn't.

I often pick a celebrity as my look for the character.

Trey Dooley, a secondary character in Alien Blood in my mind, looks a lot like young McGyver. Without the mullet. Dooley resurfaces as the hero in Cyborg Salvage, which takes place seven years later. I am currently working on this book after a solution to why it stalled finally caught my attention!

My heroine(a cyborg in Alien Blood) is back as the heroine. Now called Elen, she looks a lot like Selena Gomez, the pop singer, and has a similar athletic build. Imagine a silver temple appliance over one eye, but without the hair, due to cyborg ports etc in her head. She doesn't look much like a weapons expert.

In this book I have children. Dooley's twin teen nephews are Zh Cle', from the reservation world of Armagh. Imagine the Weasley twins with clubbed lizard tales and scales, a greenish tint to their hair, golden skin. and eyes. 

I'm keeping my Dooley Centric cover because I like it:

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Lightbulb Moment! And Pictures!


This book stalled out. I had the plan sketched out, but it just wasn't working. So I put it aside to work on something else. I figured sooner or later the issue would clear up. Since I never seem able to control these things, I just wait it out.

We had an early snow here in Casper, WY.  We also have a steel roof. So a ton of snow slid off the roof and landed on the deck. No biggie, right? Hubby and I are tucked away anyway due to being high risk for the cv-19 plague. But we were expecting a grocery delivery! Two feet of wet snow where the delivery guy normally drops it off and the snow shovel is actually put away in the garage. To get to the garage I either have to go down the Stairs Of Death in the back, or slog through the yard. Now, where did I store my pretty mint green snow boots?

Hubby decides to scoop away the snow with the tabletop ironing board. Board breaks.  Hmm. So then he gets one of the extra-large baking sheets and shovels the snow with it! Delivery arrives, I am able to have my weekly human interaction with the driver (who colors his hair the same shade as I do). He likes to stand by the closed gate and watch Nutmeg give him the business, makes him laugh. He owns pitbulls. And I have enough coffee and add-ins to last me a week!


As he drives away I figure out exactly what went wrong with my plot. Sheesh. My heroine got rescued from the Asteroid of Abandonment, all good. But then she just becomes one of the ensemble cast of characters. Boring. She needs to have agency, kick some space pirate bootay. I mean, why else did she get all those cyborg upgrades?

Here's a pic of me and Hippy Hubby in front of the striped morning glories before the cold front from the Arctic blew in. Took this on the 6th. I'm holding Nutmeg(1 yr), HH is holding 17-year-old Monita (chi), and 15-year-old Toot Toot (Chinese Crested Puff).


 Stay warm! I'll post some freebies on Friday, so check my FB groups.


Thursday, August 27, 2020

Refugees on Urloon LIVE!


  Refugees on Urloon LIVE!


Moon conjunctions, aurora lights, alien festivals, a remote waterworld, gills and fins...An older couple finds love.

I received rights back and did some expansion on this romance. The same romance, a little longer. I am excited to be back in Urloon and have trilogy planned.

Hope everyone is doing well. We are fine. Take care! 

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Refugees on Urloon

 I'll be uploading Refugees on Urloon on Wednesday this week! Not sure when Amazon will get it published.

The story is basically the same, two older adults, a traumatic space anomaly that left them lost in space with Academy students. Rescue to an unusual, remote, but friendly planet. An  invitation to the Moonfest, a fertility festival in the spring, when alien water beasts come to shore to mate, on a night with a moon conjunction and aurora lights. The pheromones emitted by the chandolay affect humans, and the Moonfest is a fertility festival for adults, Nearly all children on the plant are conceived at the Moonfest. 

The book has been lengthened quite a bit, with some added scenes that were glossed over in time skips. Originally published as an erotic romance. this was done to get to the hotter parts quicker. Since I am now the boss, I decided to change that.

I always planned this to be a but decided to wait until I had the rights back.

The cover is colorful. Maybe not the norm. But I wanted it to symbolize the change in the lives of Svana and Liam, from grim, hard and colorless to a life full of color, beauty and possibilities

 “The Urloon have a saying. ‘Some mistakes are too precious to miss.’”

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Going Back To Urloon!

Revised and lengthened Second Edition!

This SFR story released in 2012, during a rather tumultuous time in my publishing career. From 2010 to 2012 many of the small erotic romance publishers I contracted with closed their doors. Many did so owing their authors months of royalties! I'm happy say this book was with Lyrical, which didn't close doors but was eventually purchased by Kensington.

Soon after that I started dipping my toes into self-publishing, which I find far less risky. I get regular payments now.

I had intended this to be the first of a series, but with all the commotion and health issues my family was dealing with I never submitted a second story. It is sitting on my external hard drive, Wilder Woman of Urloon

I love the world of Urloon! It is a water world with alien life forms. Terran settlers used surgical and DNA procedures to adapt to the sea and became a water-adapted people.

This story also had a class difference. My heroine, Svana, a hardworking single mom, worked low wage, menial jobs due to her lack of education and being a refugee of a planetary war. She has one surviving daughter, who is now in college. They live on a crowded industrial world. 

Captain Liam Rangel is a decorated, career starship captain. He teaches at an elite  Space Military Academy.

I am revising and eliminating some time jumps I never liked. Changing a few other things. It will be somewhat longer, though the basic romance and adventure will be the same. I expect to publish in August. I am so pleased I can continue this series!

Sunday, May 31, 2020

A mixed PRN and SFR Now Availabe!

Now available! A mixed up adventure of vampires, witches, covens, a demon invading in a spaceship, and cute aliens. Take a break from real life and indulge in sexy bonding and slime demons. Also, a vampire with a space obsession! *In KU!*

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This short story takes place between Chapters Three adn four in Enchanted Bonds.

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Daywalkers is coming soon! I am aiming for end of June.