Sunday, May 8, 2022

Books with Mothers!


I have quite a few books that feature mothers, so I thought I would list them.

All are currently in KU.

A Cyborg's Old Terran Christmas: 

A space mail order bride with kids, rescued by a cyborg!

Starlander's Myth: 

An asteroid miner gets involved with slavers holding a mom and child!

Single Mom, Vampire Lover: 

Her reckless teen son leads her to Vampires!

Holly Jolly Vampire: 

Old friends find a pixie baby!

Orc in Winter: 

A young widow with infant and an invalid Orc head north to safety.

Elf Wish: 

A widowed dwarf  with children rescues a North Pole Elf.(This  is a story I love.)

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Excerpt: The Cyborgs' Cunning Plan

 I started work on a WIP that is in the Cyborg Nation Series, following A Cyborg's Old Terran Christmas.  

Here's a Snippet!

"I'm glad they are rescuing women and finding brides," Lir said. In the months they had been free his hair had grown out into black waves, matching his black eyes. He wore it tied back with a filament. "But they won't find enough brides for all of us, even if they do find a planet we can colonize."

Triton and Rio agreed. The three of them were harvesting peas in the hydroponics garden.

"Too bad we can't just beam some brides up with the transport ship," Triton said as he tossed a handful of peas into his mouth, his golden hair gleaming in the light.

Rio stopped picking and stared at him. "Why can't we?" Rio lifted a finely arched brow, his blue eyes twinkling.

"Because they hate us?" Lir asked.

Rio shrugged. "We are not evil. All of us are even good looking, by most human standards. We are young. And we have food and comfortable living spaces."

"That's true," Triton said slowly and pursed his lips, in deep thought. "We could have wives and children here. There is room for a population of three hundred."

"By the time we outgrew this station, we could move to a settlement on that northern continent that was never settled," Lir said.

    Sala was colony planet with several small towns and one big settlement on the large southern continent.

"Or maybe take over that big island. Less chance of conflict, out in the middle of the sea," Rio said.

"Do they even have ships now?" Triton asked. "Or fuel?"

"We should find out," Rio said. "It's been a year since they got a supply ship. Our standard of living here is probably better than theirs. We have much to offer brides."

Lir looked dreamy. Rio grinned. Triton said. "We should have a talk with Captain Bay."

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Happy Easter!



~For all who celebrate~



I'm sorry I'm not handing out chocolate bunnies! Only digital gifts. 

We are not having spring-like weather here in central Wyoming. Wintry, freezing cold, and a bit of snow! But I was raised in Montana so I am used to it. My mother made us spring dresses for church, which we wore with white gloves and white shoes. But we usually had to wear our winter coats over them! 

We always had holiday meals with Mom's pink brocade table linens and crystal. So pretty! I have searched for a pink tablecloth like that but have never found one.

We had mice this spring! My tiny Shitzu/Chihuahua mix, Nutmeg, went nuts! The barking, the yelping! For such a tiny dog she has sturdy vocal chords-- she is louder than our laid-back papipoo, even though he is three times her size. Glad that's over, not sure I have hearing left! 

In late May I will have my right knee replaced. It is time. I had the left knee replaced in 2010. Amazing that it is now done as an outpatient procedure. I will be in the hospital, though, due to respiratory history. Probably just one night, not days! I'll have the warm weather to build up my strength by walking the dogs.

Book News

I went back into Kindle Unlimited for the spring and summer! I do enjoy the five free days! I have two short freebies to celebrate! One is a sexy paranormal and the other is a magical romance set in a fantasy world.






 I am in edits for Cyborg Salvage which is the romance of Dooley and 2LN77, both characters in Alien Blood!

Her Alien Mad Scientist
is coming along, but Cyborg Salvage was so close to The End.

In May I will be putting books into print. I have some old print still out there, but it is time for an update. 

In August (unless CV-19 goes way up) I will be joining the wonderful, talented, and generous Carol Van Natta at the Fort Collins Comic Con! It has been two years, so I am so excited to go!


Sunday, February 6, 2022

Cover Reveal and Kindle Vella News

Pets in Space 6 was a limited edition and  is now off the market. What a fun experience! My story from it will be for sale by mid-month as an ebook.

Coming Soon!


Short Stories are now collected into one volume:


Kindle Vella Melisse Aires

 I have a few paranormal romances that have been sitting on my hard drive  and put them up on Kindle Vella, just for something new to try. Also, these romances involve guest characters from previous paranormal romances, so are extra fun for me to write.


Rift Worlds is actually a continuation of Single Mom, Vampire Lover, (and related paranormals) and takes place in the near future during a magical, dimensional rift. The world changes. Magical and supernatural humans live, but ordinary humans die or are changed into demonic monsters. The daywalker daughters of Master Vampire Vare and Darlene make their way to their 'uncle', a daywalker vampire clan member, who has a magical mission. Characters from other paranormals I've written show up!

Magical Awakening

This romance starts as a fling with a crush, but something unexpected and magical happens! Takes place in the same time frame as Rift Worlds.


In personal news, we recently had a death in the family, so I have not been on social media much. My dear oldest brother Doug died suddenly. He was a generous soul. As a child he shared his huge collection of paperback scifi novels, comics and scary horror comics with me. He owned most of Andre Norton's books, Heinlein, Poul many books. He will be missed.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Excerpt: Pardblood

 I've been busy! Loaded more books onto Google Play. I still have short stories to load. Am considering making a few shorts free, but am thinking about it.  Might be a Book Funnel thing, not sure. Also am working on A+ content for KDP, which is a bit time-consuming.

To read installments of Pardblood, which is a finished scifi romance, not part of a series(or at least, not yet part of a series) sign up here: Two newsletters a month!


The dream.... So vivid, so real. 

Dahr pondered if it was a dream, or an act of a long forgotten god, favoring the Vhirandal family. They had once believed in such gods. He’d been taught a story as a child of how the Vhirandal had been the first to develop nanobots that healed the family of a poison that covered the world of Lumina, that made them strong. Given to them by a god, who was also their ancient ancestor, Vhirandal. Weapons and protections followed, increasing their strength. Nanobots of the past millennia, formed from rare Vhirandal crystal into all manner of machines and medications, made them wealthy. For centuries, they had been Kings and Queens, first in the Northland, and then over all of Lumina. 

The Vhirandal family built starships and opened trade with Parda, the mineral rich world surrounded by seven equally rich moons, that provided so many rare, raw materials for the new technology. The feline-humanoid Pards had been gracious friends and allies. In the early days, the noble families of both Lumina and Pard had not attempted marriages. That changed in the past century. Half-Pard children had been born. The traditional families disowned their members who married Pards. Dahr’s family had done the same. 

Now the Vhirandal crystal mines were used up, the planet of Parda was poorer and more hostile than ever, and the Family Vhirandal was in danger of ying off. Change was needed.

In the dream… 

A lab deep below the castle, built into the black rock of the foundation stone.  A man worked, wearing a cape of leather with fur trim. He wore an intricate jeweled circlet on his brow. Dahr recognized the circlet, The Crown of Vhirandal.  Shelves carved into the rock walls held all manner of instruments and minerals. 

The man looked up. He had pale gray eyes rimmed in smoke, pale teal hair over black.“I am Caedryn, you are my grandson, many generations apart.”

“My name is Dahr.”

The caped man handed him a crystal vial. “Drink. You will need the strength. To save your own life, your family, and many innocents.” Dahr drank the dark liquid.

Caedryn showed Dahr a stasis cupboard, hidden, a preserved library of ancient texts. Dahr, in fact all his generation, had been taught the ancient scripts. He recognized them as formulas.

The stasis cupboard contained crystals of blood. “My blood, for I am strong. These formed crystals will regenerate the blood. They are my great achievement, so never dispose of them. 

“Vhirandal blood is powerful. Do the blood formula for your weak, for your distant relatives. For your cat people relatives. 

“In life I had a vision there would be a time of great weakness, a time when my line could die. I worked a way to find my family.” He stared deep into Dahr’s eyes. “The world needs the Vhirandal, or it will destruct. The world of the cat people is already on the brink of destruction.”

“I was once strong, but a poison has weakened me for a long time. There few of us left,” Dahr confessed.

“I know of the poison, my son. I also know there are more Vhirandal members than you think. Accept the cat bloods. Abandon the tradition that had the family throw away your own blood. The Parda do not weaken our blood. They will make the Vhirandal Family strong again.”

“What will the blood formula do to the Pards?”

Caedryn laughed. “Make them the strongest of the cat people! Also do the Judgment Mist from the Scroll of Mind Formulas. Root out your enemies. Some may even be within the family.”

Dahr nodded. Someone close to  him fed him the poison. He’d known that since the first dose.

Caedryn then took Dahr down a narrow, rough-hewn, hidden stairway to a cavern deep underground. In the light of a hand lamp, Vhirandal black crystal glittered all around. Small amounts of crystal had been found in modern times time, but  nothing like this. Chunks of rock as big as houses, dozens of them, filled the cavern, glinting in the light of the ancestor’s lamp. The wall shimmered with even more crystal.

The ancestor handed him ancient rock cutting tools. “Cut two chunks. Two is all you can carry now, but someday you can harvest more. You will need to make  strengthening formulas.” He pulled an ancient scroll of parchment from the stasis library.

“Copy this formula to that handy device you carry and return the parchment to the chamber. It is over a thousand years old and is fragile. Take this  treatment daily, for fifty days.”

 They walked up the narrow stairs hours later, each carrying a fist-sized chunk of priceless crystal.



Two sister planets have been in contact for centuries, but mixing of the two humanoid races—the Parda have feline characteristics—is unacceptable on the planet of Lumina.

Dahr, of the ancient and wealthy family Vhirandel, once rulers of Lumina, is dying too soon. Poisoned a decade ago, he has few days left. 

His once powerful family is in tatters. 

He had a vision. Or was it a visit from a long-gone ancestor?

Welcome the outcasts back to the family. The Pardbloods, with their strength, will give the family a future.

The ancestor shows him a secret lab and a nanobot formula that will save him.

It turns out to be real.

He must save the family.

Monday, January 3, 2022




A scifi romance posted exclusively on my Newsletter! I will be posting this completed SFR twice a month.



Two sister planets have been in contact for centuries, but mixing of the two humanoid races— the  Parda have feline characteristics— is unacceptable on the planet of Lumina.

Dahr, of the ancient and wealthy family Vhirandel, once rulers of Lumina, is dying too soon. He was  poisoned a decade ago and has few days left. 

His once strong family is in tatters. 

He has a vision. Or was it a visit from a long-gone ancestor?

Welcome the outcasts back to the family. The Pardbloods, with their feline characteristics, will give the family a future.

The ancestor shows him a secret lab, and a formula that will save him.

It turns out to be real.

He must save the family.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Fantasy Excerpt: Olde Ways Marriage

 I haven't published a fantasy romance in a while, but I plan to publish Olde Ways Marriage in early spring. This romance involves two characters from Bridal Faire, Bufflindia, a lesser giantess Adler(the hero in Bridal Faire)was expecting to marry. Bufflindia takes off to a jewel mine and her father signs a marriage contract with Harl, a horsetail faun, very handsome, but prone to vice. Harl has to find his bride, somewhere in the mountains.

Her father roared, and her mother wailed at the content of the letter. Bufflindia refused to give in to tears.

“Goldhawk! That carrion crow!” Halgyr,  the Chieftain of the Wildwood, her father, spat the words like a curse.

“Oh, I had so hoped we would sign the papers at the Festival! I was planning for a Yule Wedding!” Gartha, her mother, wailed.

“We will not attend the Festival!” Her father roared.

Her mother’s eyes grew huge. “But Halgyr! Stop and think. The Festival Sales are our main source of gold.”

“Pah!” He yelled. “I will take jewelry to the North Coast cities.”

“You’ll have to hire guards! Think of the cost!” Gartha shrieked.

Bufflindia knew they would engage in a long argument, when her mother started the shrieking. She quietly slipped out of the Solar to her private rooms.

Adler had married another. She had expected to marry him when he ended his schooling, but his father had sent his son to the Elvadon Bridal Faire. Of all things. Shy Adler had probably married the first girl who would talk to him.

She wasn’t in love with him, but he was nice. A great Rockroll player. And tall, so she wouldn’t feel like a troll standing near him… She’d never really liked the idea of leaving the Wildwood to be married to a wizard, though. She would prefer a husband who moved to her homeland.

Ugh, now Mother will have every single  man with even a smidge of gold visit all summer long. Gherki, Bunard...all of them.

She refused to marry out of desperation. So what if she would be twenty on her next birthday! Aunt Kelda hadn’t married until she was twenty-seven, and she had three sons!

She opened the door to her rooms. Loud shouts and shrieks came from the sun room. I could go right now, head up to the Thunder Mountain spot Old Foll told me about, mine some  jewels. 

Avoid annoying suitors.

Books with Mothers!

  I have quite a few books that feature mothers, so I thought I would list them. All are currently in KU. A Cyborg's Old Terran Christma...