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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Cover reveal DECOHERENCE, Liana Brooks, Author

Welcome Liana Brooks

 Cover Reveal for Decoherence


Readers of Blake Crouch's DARK MATTER and Wesely Chu's TIME SALVAGER will love Liana Brooks' DECOHERENCE--the thrilling, time-bending conclusion to the Time & Shadow series!

Samantha Rose and Linsey MacKenzie have established an idyllic life of married bliss in Australia, away from the Commonwealth Bureau of Investigation, away from mysterious corpses, and—most of all—away from Dr. Emir’s multiverse machine.

But Sam is a detective at heart, and even on the other side of the world, she can’t help wonder if a series of unsolved killings she reads about are related—not just to each other, but to the only unsolved case of her short career.

She knows Jane Doe’s true name, but Sam never discovered who killed the woman found in an empty Alabama field in spring of 2069. She doesn’t even know which version of herself she buried under a plain headstone.

When Mac suddenly disappears, Sam realizes she is going to once more be caught up in a silent war she still doesn’t fully understand. Every step she takes to save Mac puts the world she knows at risk, and moves her one step closer to becoming the girl in the grave.

Author Bio:

Liana Brooks write sci-fi and crime fiction for people who like happy endings. She believes in time travel to the future, even if it takes a good book and all night to get there. When she isn’t writing, Liana hikes the mountains of Alaska with her family and giant dog. Find her at or on Twitter as @LianaBrooks 


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First Two Pages: 

Decoherence (n): a period of time when all iterations collapse and there is only one possible reality.”
~ Excerpt from Definitions of Time by Emmanuela Pine, I1

Day 247
Year 5 of Progress
Capitol Spire
Main Continent
Iteration 17—Fan 1
three. Rose stood and peered through the frosted, warped glass of the conference room as the speaker turned away. It didn’t matter which iteration she was in, Emir was predictable. She had seven seconds to do a head count. She didn’t need that long.

A quick head count was all it took to confirm that the einselected nodes she’d been sent to assassinate were where they belonged.

Every iteration had nodes, people or events that kept that variation of human history from collapsing. Dr. Emir had created a machine that allowed people not only to move along their own timeline, but at critical convergence points, it allowed them to cross between realities. But the Mechanism for Iteration Alignment’s greatest ability was the one that allowed Dr. Emir and Central Command to steer history by erasing futures they didn’t want.

Rose knelt beside the door, did one final sweep for alarms, and nodded for her team to move in. It was her job to cross at convergence points, kill the nodes, and collapse the futures that no one wanted.

One look at the version of herself watching this iteration’s Emir with rapt fascination was enough to make Rose want to snip this future in the bud.

Chubby was the first thing that came to mind. Rose’s doppelganger was enjoying being at the top of the social pyramid and probably gorging on whatever passed as a delicacy here. The squared bangs with a streak of riotous red only accented the corpulence and lack of self-control the inferior other had.

Even with a heavy wood door between them, Rose could hear that this iteration’s Emir was hypothesizing things the MIA was never meant to do. Everyone with half a brain knew that decoherence didn’t combine iterations, it crushed them. Only the true timeline, the Prime, would survive decoherence. Planning to welcome and integrate doppelgangers into the society was pure idiocy.

The techs sealing the door shut gave her the high sign.

Rose nodded to her hacker.

“Cameras locked. Security is deaf and blind, ma’am” Logan’s voice was a soft whisper in her earpiece. He was a genius with computer systems, a fact that had saved him when they collapsed I-38 three years ago. “We have a fifteen-minute window.”

“Hall cleared,” reported Bennet. “Permission to move perimeter guard to the exit?”

Rose nodded. “Permission granted.” She waved for the soldiers to move out. There could be no risk of failure. No chance for the errant nodes to escape, and no risk that her team would get killed here.

SFR SNIPPET The Rigelis Dream

I had a wild dream recently that seemed like a great SFR story, so I wrote it down. Just an idea....

The oracle moved to the high throne on the stage. The assembly before her of the leaders of the peoples of their world looked serious and there was very little chatter. She saw her son Argentael, the first Silver born in a millennium, seated in the back, his shining metallic silver hair and greater size making him stand out in the crowd.
“The Oracle speaks, “ she said, and the entire assembly fell silent. “Dark times are upon us. The planet Gaz is no more, as a super weapon removed its atmosphere. Only a few thousand of the Gaz remain. The planet Serene is gone, again leaving just a handful of survivors. The Vargash are ruthless and unstoppable. We too will fall.”
She paused as the Assembly reacted with cries and sobs, while some yelled in anger.
“It is time for an exodus. Our planet was weakened by hundreds of years of deep mining, long ago. We are vulnerable. In secret we of the Council have built ships in deep space, bioships that will serve all our people. The evacuation will begin tomorrow.”
There was a roar from the assembly.
“We will not move aimlessly through the deep. Our scouts found a wormhole that will take us out to the outer edge of the galaxy, to planets unknown. One will become Caem, sanctuary.
“We should stay and fight!” Commander Fells broke protocol and leaped up out of his seat.
“When our people are safe, we can talk war. You will not defeat the Vargash at this time. And any delay could mean the deaths of all.”
The Assembly was silent.
She stood. “I invoke the Rigelis. It will choose our Ryol, our leader in a time of great need.”
Gasps and quickly drawn breaths filled the auditorium.
A crystal crown with two curved horns appeared. The Rigelis had not been seen since the earliest days of recorded history. Many thought it was a myth or had been lost eons ago.
“The Rigelis will only choose a Ryol to lead us to Caem if we as a body choose this day to accept the choice and pledge our loyalty to the new Ryol.”
“We have not had a ruler for a thousand years!”sputtered a councilman. “We rule by Council.”
“We will still have a council, working under the Ryol.”
The assembly murmured. She waited for silence.
"Silence now,” the oracle spoke. “I will call for the vote in one minute. Think of our future. Choose wisely.”

“Will you as a people pledge your loyalty to the new Ryol, to be chosen this day by the Rigelis? Answer yea or nay.” She raised her hand swiftly in sharp demand.
Yea,” spread through the assembly. If there was dissent, it was not heard.
At the assent a golden glow surrounded the crystal horned crown and then exploded, filling the room with golden sparkles.
“The Rigelis will now examine the population for a heart of the Ryol. It will rest above the Chosen’s head. The Chosen must accept the calling by placing the crown upon his head. Once that is done, the crown will never leave him or her. Until death.”
The Rigelis floated through the rows, never pausing. It got to the back rows and came to a halt over the head of Argentael, He rose and placed the hovering crown onto his head.

“I accept the Rigelis. I am Ryol Argentael.”

Monday, July 18, 2016

SFR Super Sale #SFRBlast

SFR is supposed to be the next big thing! Check out this super sale and start reading today.

I have two books in the promo, Starwoman's Sanctuary and Starlander's Myth!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Other Worlds Blog Hop Winners!


From the Hop:

Our winners are an Elizabeth Hyatt, Darla, and Meigan Ziegler. 

Winner of my Necklace:

Kyndra Hatch.

Thank you all so much for joining us!

Friday, July 15, 2016

About the Heroine: Her Cyborg Awakes

Diaspora Worlds Series~ 
Four Brothers,Four Adventures to Love

Book One, Her Cyborg Awakes is Free!

Sabralia has been in my life for years. I first started writing Her Cyborg Awakes in 2006 while I recovered from a nasty illness. I didn't finish her story then--I got better, got a new day job...I got back to it a couple years later. It was first published under the title Cybot Awakens. Then there were a couple years where I worked to extract the book contract and republish. While I was waiting in a queue with a publisher, I decided to put it up on Amazon As Her Cyborg Awakes. It sold well and is now the first of a series which I plan to continue in 2017.

Meet the Heroine:

Sabralia was raised as a hereditary Queen on an agricultural world, Coulon. Warlord Emporer Sirn came into her life when she was a teenager. Sirn's army, like all armies, needed provisions and the planet of Coulon struck a deal with him. One part of the deal was Sabralia as a contract wife. 

Sirn has a retreat planet, Jewel, where Sabralia-- not a favored wife-- has private rooms in the Harem. Due to her status she also has a handsome cyborg servant, Qy. She has no duties or responsibilities except to please Sirn on his rare visits. Most of the Harem girls are former sex workers or dancers, and Sabralia avoids the drama. She has  freedom to wander the beach, which is lovely. For the most part her life is boring and lonely, with no purpose but to please Sirn when he is around.

 Where Her Life Changes:

Her gown arrived in triplicate, so she could wear a fresh gown each day of the feast and be easily recognized by the Commanders who fancied her. Too bad the beauty was all for the enjoyment of men who would just use her. Rape her.

Sabralia couldn’t breathe. She had to get outside. “Come, let us walk by the sea. I would like to splash a little,” she said when Qy finished with her raiment. “It is a lovely day.” She made her voice deliberately cheerful. If she didn’t get outside for a while she was afraid she would break down into tears, and that would be reported to Alfyt.

Down by the water she could think—think of a way to avoid being raped by the Emperor’s finest. And if she cried a few tears, the ocean water would disguise it. She slipped into a simple swim tunic and thin leggings and Qy accompanied her down her private stairs to the sandy beach.

The palace was on a hill overlooking a wide bay. Long stretches of white sand contrasted with the pristine blue green waters of the sea. This was a beautiful world, with a warm climate and abundant forests and meadows. It would be an ideal agricultural world, but Sirn had not opened it to colonists, and none of the native life forms were sentient. Sirn only used it for military installations and his palace. Sirn held hunting parties now and then, and the dangerous beasts had been removed from the palace and spaceport area. The women of the Common Harem did not have access to this section of beach because it stretched close to the spaceport, and Sirn did not want them distracting his men. But she had been deemed not a security risk to the spaceport. She’d been married to Sirn since her teen years and had no military or spacecraft education, nor was she flirtatious as far as their records indicated.

A wonderful, scary idea came to her as she floated, letting a gentle wave glide her to shore. The beach! That was the answer!

Alfyt and the cyborgs would be tremendously busy during the feast. She would tell Qy to prepare a luxurious pallet, with food and drink, at her special place on the beach, because one of the Commanders wanted to be entertained outdoors, by the sea. Later she would lie and tell Qy her man had visited while Qy was at his nightly maintenance—her mind raced with the plan. She would hide on the beach until the feast ended and the Commanders left

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Other Worlds Summer Bloghop

Rafflecopter Prize entry 


I am giving away  a necklace to a USA winner who joins my newsletter or Yahoo loop from July 11th through 15! (If the winner is international I will give an ebook).

Other Worlds

As a Sci-fi romance author I am drawn to other worlds in an imagined future. My upcoming release, STARS BETWEEN US, is a novella in my Love on the Space Frontier series.

This series is a collection of stand alone romances set in  Space Western, Steampunk, Victorian inspired world, where an alternative earth begins colonizing planets in space in an 1880's inspired universe.


STARS BETWEEN US takes place on a huge station deep in space, a nearly lawless place used by commercial shipping businesses, immigrants and military interests. They purchase, jumps through a natural wormhole controlled by the station to reach distant planets. With a population of millions, all manner of stranded immigrants, organized criminals, smugglers, and business owners survive there. Some spend their entire lives on the station.

My hero, Veras, comes from a wealthy merchant family on the station. Heroine Odessa was a homeless child and became a dance hall girl in her teens, where she developed a common intoxicant habit. They meet again after a long time apart, knowing they will soon be separated as Veras leaves the station for a distant planet.


Veras was standing outside  The Bread Bowl, a small cafe known for its homemade breads from many worlds. His glorious hair, brown with caramel highlights, curled on his neck  and picked up glints from the colored lights of ships docking far above them, visible through the large window in this section of the station. He wore a dark green vest and coat that showed his flat stomach and square shoulder.
Odessa felt self conscious in her tan work clothes, a fitted jacket that flared out from the waist over a plain skirt that ended above the ankle, showing her sturdy, thick trousers and work boots, the same as what the men wore on the dock. Back when they were together she’d worn synth-silk and spangles, low cut, with skirts slit up one side to show off her legs. Her hair was nice, though, since she’d taken a moment to redo her twist, leaving the bottom half to hang down her back in a golden wave. Garnet was awake and getting ready to fuss, since this was her meal time, legs and arms thrashing about in her baby seat. Not the cool, sophisticated image she would have liked to project. Her heart pounded so hard she felt it in her inner ears. “Veras.”
Veras whipped around, eyes wide, and then he smiled, those white, straight teeth and deep dimples took Odessa’s breath away. She almost felt like crying... She had never expected to see Veras again among the huge population of Starhaven. They didn’t move in the same circles or live on the same levels.
“Odessa.” Always more physical, Veras pulled her into an awkward embrace, since Odessa still held Garnet’s seat by its handle. The warmth of his body against her erased any words of greeting. She slid her free hand up and down his back assuring herself he was really here with her after all this time. She blinked away tears. This was no place for an emotional moment. He’d think she was crazy, desperate.

Summer of Magic Blog Hop Winners!

I am contacting winners today!

MsGeni--and ebook, Alien Blood (or a sub if you have it.

Migtmom-- necklace or ebook.

I may have to choose another winner for the necklace, I will edit this blogpost if so.

Thanks so much for participating!