Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Ritual of Fire and Ice Release Day

My short vampire romance releases today. It was fun returning to this short story that was published so long ago, by a long-dead publisher. I had forgotten several stories and novellas until I found them on an old USB.  So I decided to clean them up, revise a bit, and republish. They were in the old .lit format so I converted them to docx --what a mess! I have to admit, working on Ritual of Fire and Ice, and on the next vampire novella, Blood Enchantment, was absorbing and took my mind off the current pandemic for hours each day.


“Why didn’t we know about this?” Rhylee asked, fingering her waist-length ash brown braid. Her pretty face was hard and sullen with this latest news, dark blue eyes shadowed.
“Well with all the hype about the Mayan calendar, Ragnarök, the warnings of Giuseppe, and the prophecies of the Coven of The Dark Night, there were so many distractions we missed the true prophecy.” Mr. Farley had the courtesy to look embarrassed and pushed up his wireframes.
“Now, about the blood bond. I didn't know if you wanted to use a knife, or do it the more fangy way—”
“What?” Talon exploded.
“Blood bond,” Mr. Farley said. “You need to taste each other's blood. Just a little taste.” He spoke matter-of-factly.
“Rhylee! We can't do this! This is just wrong, on so many levels!” Talon spoke in a near panicked tone, backing toward the door. “You've got to stop this. It's crazy.” He slammed out the door.
“It is part of the sacrifice. Mutual blood sharing….” Mr. Farley pushed up his wire glasses.
“Oh, this just keeps getting better!” Talon slammed out of the house. He, being half-vampire, had weathered the fight two days ago with only a few superficial cuts, and moved quickly.

Friday, March 6, 2020

#Free for the Weekend! #MFRWAuthor #Fntasy #Romance

Adler's father insists he find a bride at the spring Bridal Faire. Adler soon realizes he is terrible at wife wooing.  He might be the heir to his father's estate, but he is currently still a wizarding student. His family estate is in the remote north, not near a fashionable city--or any city! The only woman he looks forward to speaking with is Ayperi, a fruit stall vendor from a distant land.

As a writer looking at the current chaos due to coronavirus, I plan to have something free each weekend. Staying on a perhaps narrower budget and staying home something I can help with a tiny bit!

Melisse Aires

Tuesday, February 18, 2020


 As a retired woman, I sometimes forget the date. And the day. The only day that really sticks out to me is Thursday. That is because my husband goes out to lunch with group of retired ranchers and John Deere guys. It matters because he doesn't eat dinner, so I must fend for myself!

In the drifting sparkly cloud of retirement, I decided I needed more anchors. It is so easy to la-d-i-da the days away.

Not too long ago I cleaned out some storage containers and found an old USB. I also found an SD card, but so old it isn't a micro SD! Amid the .prc books I bought for my long-deceased Palm Pilot and stored, were several ebooks. I took part in several anthos, and a couple free promo anthos long, long ago. The stories are finished, edited. The formatting was crazy, with weird symbols. Lol.

I am publishing two, a short vampire/supernatural story, Ritual of Fire and Ice. Yes, it is a sexy ritual. The best kind! To save the world, a demon and human must mate to symbolically combine the strength of both worlds. Release date March 17.

Set in the same world, same Circle, a new Apocalypse (this is a space alien invader!). Blood Enchantment involves a warrior woman and her forbidden lover, called from hiding to help save the world. The ritual the Circle used doesn't perform as expected. It pulls the same couple from two other dimensions-- and these individuals are quite different from the-couple-of-forbidden-love. But there is no known way to send them back to their dimensions, and there is a hellish alien invader.... Release date April 21, novella.

Then, in mid-June to coincide with my wedding anniversary, Diaspora Worlds Book 7, Cyborg Salvage! Release date June 16.

Dooley, the transport pilot who had a role in DW Book 2 Alien Blood, finally finds his cyborg woman. He has a salvage ship and found 2LN77--Elen-- among the wreckage of a cyborg army. He is salvaging for goods to sell so he can get a group of school children to New Prague. Several cyborg survivors crowd onto his small ship.

Unfortunately, they don't get away to safety. Pirates capture Dooley and Elen with his ship and sell them to Cyborg Processing on Arden. The rest escape to a strange facility inside an asteroid, Omcrom's Haven, an ancient zoo and resort.

Dooley is resistant to cyborg mind control. Elen is not.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

All Space Routes Lead to New Prague

I have been working on continuing the Diaspora Worlds Series. So far I have two books and two shorter romances in the works:

Book 1: Cyborg Salvage (Dooley's Cyborg Bride) 
Dooley, the transport pilot who had a role in DW Book 2 Alien Blood, finally finds his cyborg woman. He has a salvage ship and found 2LN77--Elen-- among the wreckage of a cyborg army. He is salvaging for goods to sell so he can get a group of school children to New Prague. Several cyborg survivors crowd onto his small ship.
Unfortunately, they don't get away to safety. Pirates capture Dooley and Elen with his ship and sell them to Cyborg Processing on Arden. The rest escape to a strange facility inside an asteroid, Omcrom's Haven, an ancient zoo and resort.

Book 2: Cyborg Daddy

Ronan, an escaped cyborg of Zh Cle' ancestry lives on a space station with his small daughter. He helps his daughter's classmate's mother, who is dying. Unfortunately, while she undergoes a fraudulent cloning procedure, he finds out bounty hunters are after him. He's worth a lot on the cyborg recovery market. They eventually find refuge with Dooley and crew aboard an ancient ship, with bounty hunters and pirates on their tail.

Book 3: Becoming Pixi This story is actually finished but it seems silly to publish it out of sequence!

Cyborg PX14y'a stasis tube was found and brought into Omcrom's Haven after Dooley ejected it from his ship when the pirates attacked him. Omcrom and his medicbots were able to fix her wounds--but she still can't remember her human life.  Cyborg RN48, now called Tyrik, his human name, remembers all of his human life and has lots of plans for his future. She is more cyborg than human, though she would change that if she could. And she has no idea about plans for the future.

Book Four: Moons Over Farradae

Lorl, (also a secondary character in Alien Blood) with her small son and two child survivors of a crashed ship, seeks refuge on the Zh Cle' colony of Farradae. Her past as a PureGen bigot is something she is working through. With the Gorvas invasion of her homeworld, Toph, staying on Farradae to raise her children seems the best choice. But Farradae may not be safe from the Gorvas, either. Rivier is her neighborhood safety leader. She is pretty sure he dislikes her.


Friday, February 14, 2020

Free for the Weekend! White Tiger Lover


In 2006-7 my publishing life went through a huge upheaval--the bankruptcy and closing of Triskelion. After that, erotic romance epublishers were swamped with authors wanting to rerelease after we finally got our rights back via the court settlement. 2006-2007 were frustrating years for me as an author. Many rejections. A contract with a new publisher that looked promising--but they got completely wiped out by a hurricane. Another story(a short story version that later was expanded into Diaspora Worlds Book 2, Alien Blood) did get published, but the publisher died the death a week later.

I decided to change my pen name. I felt that a google brought up Triskellion, and it had a negative impact. I actually lost a writer friend over this, she was aghast. Lol.

So, I sold a couple short Christmas stories, then contracted the Triskelion book.

I decided to join a publisher developed series that used a 'bible' for a paranormal romance series. White Tiger Lover was borne, under a different name (Tiger Juice). All the books were named after mixed drinks. It did very well on Fictionwise (this was before  Amazon Kindle was big). I was able to buy my own computer instead of using the family one!

Letha, my prairie cult widow, was based a bit after one of my favorite characters ever, Tara McClay from Buffy.

Jagger was a bit like a not-insane Spike with an Old World type family.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Excerpt, Cyborg Salvage

Here is an excerpt from A Scifi Romance I am working on. Trey Dooley was a character in Diaspora Worlds Book 2, Alien Blood. Previously I called this Cyborg Bride.

It was a good haul. None of the large salvagers had shown up yet to chase them away, so Trey Dooley concentrated on the firearms left behind, dragging them into the hold with the robotic arm. The cyborgs themselves, the bodies, were worth plenty, but he couldn't stomach processing the bodies and appliances. And those dead bodies would be too traumatic for the kids, who still had nightmares about their escape from the war-torn planet Toph. He’d leave that to the big boys, they likely had robots to do the dirty work. Weapons were an easy sell, and lucrative. This haul would pay their fuel for a trip to somewhere safe, an open colony world, or on to New Prague if the space lanes were safe.
“Captain, blasts! Wait, life signs!” Carr yelled over the com. Excitement made his red curls bounce.
“They are not shooting at us, they want our attention,” Carzen, Carr’s identical twin spoke.
One of those cyborgs was still alive! Dooley’s hands flew over the panel, bringing up the data, focusing it.
 Five cyborgs alive.
Well, he couldn’t leave them out there to die. This small ship would be even more crowded, but another adult around might be a good thing. Right now he had twelve-year-olds in charge of younger children. Good kids, but twelve.
Then an alarm on his arm com went off. An old alarm, set more than ten years ago, on a spacestation very far away. Dooley looked at it, shocked.
2LN77 confirmed match. 23.3 clicks.

2LN77. A female cyborg he’d met years ago. She’d had a breakthrough moment, and he’d realized her humanity was not gone. He had tried to take her away with him, but she got sent off the spacestation with no warning. He’d put an alert on her tracking ID, hoping to find her, but he never did, until now.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

2020 Goals

2019 was a good year for me and mine. Kids all have good jobs and goals. Hubby did have a health scare but it came to nothing. My health has been great other than a couple knee flareups. No asthma, no bronchitis! Hubby and I have stuck to our keto way of eating and are reaping the benefits.

I retired in April, a few years early, but I was able to get cheap health insurance, which made the difference. Love being home! So much less stress. Medical billing is crazy and frustrating, do not miss it.

We built a deck on the house and have future home improvements. Being at home makes those goals easier!

I got an adorable puppy, Nutmeg, and will be taking doggy classes with her. Also plan to work on more crafty stuff and to read more non-fiction.

I published a few short stories in 2019, which was good after a long dry spell.

I have more ambitious plans for 2020:

Cyborg Salvage, Diaspora Worlds Series  Dooley, who was a pilot in Alien Blood Book 2., now has a freighter full of rescued schoolchildren. On a remote asteroid, he salvages weapons from a decimated cyborg army attack. A handful of cyborgs survive and he invites them aboard. One of them is 2LN77, a cyborg woman he met and desired to rescue years ago.

Pixi  (short holiday story) Pixi is one of the cyborgs Dooley rescues. She was an experiment, a child cyborg fitted with a complex neural interface. The experiment failed, the neural net doesn't work. As a teenager, she fits right in with the kids Dooley rescued from Spaceship Camp. They get this great idea...

Dauntless Lady, Starship Sisters Book One  Following a bombing several young women join together to get out of the city to a countryside college. A college professor and several of her students have been secretly researching about the starship that brought their ancestors from Terra to Idunn. They find it. They can help their families and others, devastated by war. In their society, young ladies would do the proper thing and give control of the ship to their fathers and other elders. They decided to keep it.

Spacemen from Liln  (stand-alone) Hidden for decades in the mountains of Montana, the Liln offer free health care to women with terrible immune diseases. Jani, facing homelessness as well as illness, is so thankful. She and her handsome young doctor Vrennan start a forbidden affair. He fails to report that some of her meds had to be stopped to his superiors, so she isn't forced to leave. Women who are too sharp and aware must leave before they discover the Liln's secret. Jani starts to notice strange, late night activity at the resort and decides to investigate.