Thursday, July 12, 2018

Snippet of a New SFR WIP.

I've been working on a new series for the past couple months and hope to have Book One out in late 2018. Too much politics has invaded my mind! This is a series about young women who escape from a violent patriarchal society to space. The protags are quite bit younger than my usual characters, and so far, smexy scenes haven't fit! But like a lot of romantic adventures, everyone is so busy! 

A Snippet from WIP.

Working title: A Ship of Their Own
Series Working title: Space Sisters

I've been working on a new series for the past couple months and hope to have Book One out in late 2018. Too much politics has invaded my mind! This is a series about young women who escape from a violent patriarchal society to space. The protags are quite bit younger than my usual characters, and so far, smexy scenes haven't fit! But like a lot of romantic adventures, everyone is so busy! 

A Snippet from WIP.
Working title: A Ship of Their Own
Series Working title: Space Sisters

The historical building was on the north side of the campus, a large round domed building. It was the oldest building on the campus and once held the Senate. As a school child, Tamsyn had visited the museum several times.

Professor Clell took them around to the rear. There was a rectangle seam in the wall, no hinges or door handle. She produced a metal key and slid it into a thin slot in the seam. With a creak, the door cracked open. “Okay, we’re in.”

They made their way down to the basement, through the utility and storage areas of the museum to a door. Professor Clell ignored the finger identifier and again used a metal key. “I found the keys in my father’s things after he died. Without them, we could not have studied the Chamber, it wouldn’t have been allowed. The textile department has their own staircase to a storage room in the basement. We could slip down here with no one noticing.”

“No one pays attention to the textile students. We’re just here to keep us busy until our parents marry us off.” Gina said.

Tamsyn thought of her own parents, hidden deep in the north woods, with gratitude.

Inside, it wasn’t dark because the room was filled by the light of an oval platform glowing neon blue.

“All right. Are we ready to do this?” Professor Clell asked.

“Yes. Our future here is bleak,” Helene said.

The others nodded. Forced marriage or servanthood if they rebelled, near slavery. That was the future mapped out for them under General Tervis’ regime.

“ Put our prisoner on the platform. It is probably best to sit down.”

Millie pushed Professor Clell to a console where she keyed in information, glancing at her handheld tablet. She poked her finger with a needle and placed blood drops on a slide that slid out of the console.

“We have a one minute delay, Millie, get us onto the platform.” Millie helped her carefully to the floor of the platform.

They all sat on the glowing blue floor. Professor Clell counted down.

Nothing happened.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Solstice SFR .99 Sale!


Check out the Sale!

My entry is Escaping Poison. This is book four in my Diaspora Worlds Series, but all the books can be read as stand alones. I enjoyed reading both Pet Trade and Aydarr and look forward to reading the others!
About the story:
Karvar is the scholarly brother. The one that didn’t join the New Prague Protectorate Guard. Instead, he worked in a lab. While his brothers got caught up in wild adventures and found the loves of their lives, Karvar escorted his mother to social events and lived in his luxurious suite in the palace.

He marries a young woman from their circle of friends, the daughter of a general. Brielle is gorgeous and loves her little sisters. She knows how to move in society. They will have a fine marriage, even if he doesn’t love her. On their wedding night she collapses, and he learns she is part of a plot against his family.

They hide in the alien jungle, the Big Poison, while she recovers. Later they will dissolve the marriage. One night they leave the science station to see a night blooming flower and the station is destroyed. Someone wants Brielle dead.They flee into the rainforest.

Upcoming Appearance!

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal, and More:
Author Panel Discussion
With Carol Van Natta, and Matthew Angelo


Don't Be a Diva
(How to Succeed as an Indie Author)
With Carol Van Natta

We do try to spout helpful stuff for writers!

Take care and happy reading!
Melisse Aires

Sunday, June 3, 2018

I'm Not A Pantser and Other Important News

I decided to try pantsing. I have spent several months pantsing away, free as a bird. Except it doesn't work for me! I write myself into weird tributaries of plot and end up at cliffs. Back away, Back Away!

 I bought a notebook. And dug out a bunch of writing books I own on plot. I have been taking what I have already written, and figuring out where to go!

Here's the book I am working with. It uses a graphic visual plotting planner I like a lot. 

I guess it is good to know for sure!


Later this month I will be part of a fun SFR .99 Sale! Keep your eyes peeled.

In August I will be part of two panels at the Fort Collins Comic Con!

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal, and More: 
Author Panel Discussion
 With Carol Van Natta, and Matthew Angelo 


Don't Be a Diva 
(How to Succeed as an Indie Author)
With Carol Van Natta

We do try to spout helpful stuff for writers!

In more personal news:

One of my darling twins is now a college professor at University of Wyoming! She just graduated with her Masters!

Her twin will join her at UW!

Lucky for me, daughter #3 will live at home so I don't get empty nest syndrome!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

WIP Excerpt Her Cyborg Escapee

Here is a snippet from a new SFR. I am planning a September Release.

Space colonist Neve leaves her farm for the port city to buy some livestock and a couple farm dogs. Her trip doesn't go as planned.

She sat on the edge of the audience, near a trellis with greenery. The musician on stage was good, though she wondered what had a happened in his life to drop him on a distant colony world.
There was a thud on the other side of the trellis and a muffled groan. Fast whispers, and rustling.
“Drover, go see what happened behind the trellis.” The minibot obediently rolled away. No one else in the theater had noticed the sounds, but none were sitting close to the trellis.
Drover reported to her holo wristband. “Animal girls. One is hurt. They jump from high up.”
Animal girls? Did Drover mean Human Mods? Illegal under the Alliance, animal modified humans were a lucrative sex slavery business in unregulated space. Which this planetary system resided in, though they were considering joining the Alliance.
  Neve heard more whispers, it sounded like an argument, followed by a sob. She quietly slipped around the trellis to a utility walkway.
Two big-eyed women stared at her. Both had a ruff of plush fur on their head, pointed triangular ears, huge round black eyes, small noses, and mouths. They had golden brown short hair covering their bare arms and legs and edges of their faces. The silky negligees they wore showed women’s breasts and waists, women’s legs, covered again in the golden fur. Long plushy tails. Plushies were the hottest commodity in the flesh trade.
One girl had an injured foot, the ankle at an odd angle. “Broken foot?”
The girl nodded.
A man shouted in the distance, down the utility walkway.
“Oh no,” one squeaked. “They are coming. Come, sister, let us try to hide.”
“Are you trying to get away from slavers?” I whispered.
“Yes, miss. Please go back to the garden theater. They will hurt you too.”
“You are quite beautiful, they would steal you away, too.”
  Neve made a quick decision. She touched the injured one. “Climb up on my back. I am much stronger than I look. We will run to the street and catch a taxi.”
The small plushie climbed onto her back, and Neve gripped her legs in front of her. “Drover, follow behind and shoot shock tabs if we are pursued.
“Yip yip,” he gave his audio affirmative.
They ran down the narrow alley. Neve heard the heavy pounding steps of large men close behind them. Drover zinged out shock tabs. They wouldn’t kill a healthy person, though they could cause heart rhythm issues.
There was a garbled cry and a heavy body hit the ground.
“Julian is down. Oh! So is Chirut!” Neve’s rider spoke.“Your baby bot is a good shot.”
“Weasel rats. Pests on the farm,” I gasped. Running at top speed with a girl on my back was a challenge.
They came to the end of the walkway and had to climb over a locked gate.  The uninjured plushie handed Drover over and then quickly climbed over herself.
Then they were back on the main street. Neve shoved the girls behind an air quality unit in the shadows and hailed a taxi. A flitter veered out of the traffic and lowered to the walkway. It was older and not at all posh but had a picture ID of the driver on the door, which reputable driver’s used. She hustled the plushies and Drover into the cab.
“Where to?”
Shit! She couldn’t go directly to her hotel, they could be followed. “Calypso Square.”
Calypso was another busy night scene, a bit closer to the space docks and a bit wilder.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

My Mother was Lovely

In every way.

That has made my life immeasurably easier in so many ways.

Her mother, my grandmother Anna Clara, was a lovely person too. She raised a dozen kids in the Twenties and Thirties in Wyoming. Just keeping that many kids fed and clothed was amazing.

Growing up with security and love, sensible rules and manners, good schools, decent food, clothing toys, vacations...So many did not have that in childhood. We were solidly middle class--which makes life easier-- with vacations and bikes and dental visits. Also pets, hobbies, the enormous garden, television, the library. My childhood was rich. I'm grateful for that.

Here's to Mom!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Snippet: Her Cyborg Escapee

Here is a snippet of a cyborg romance WIP. My plan is to have it out in September. Her Cyborg Escapee is set in the Diaspora Worlds on a colony planet named Valdeer.

“You must have had a rejuv,” Jorla brought up Neav’s least favorite topic.
“Yes, it was part of my retirement package. I retired after sixty years from New Jupiter Armtronics Corporation.”
“But that is not a basic model clone.” Jorla swept her hand in the air over Neav’s body. “That upgrade must have cost a lot.”
Neav shrugged. “It just so happened they had me ready but they contaminated the clone I was getting so it had to be recycled. The only other clone they had prepped was this one, which was slated for a procedure later in the day. They decided it would cost more to keep me in the facility for another day and get me prepped again for the procedure than to just use the Class I clone. I was slated to get a Class III. So I woke up looking like a hologram star. Not what I expected. I find the...attention...unpleasant. But the body I got is well muscled and so is quite suited to farm life.”
“You do look fit.”
Neav shrugged. “Really, I just want a simple farm life, with a dog. Couldn’t have that kind of second life on New Jupiter.”
“And with robots,” Jorla sounded skeptical.
“They are a hobby now. It is fun to meld disparate parts into something workable. I plan to get the dog soon. I hear spring is the time to find them in Valdeer City.”

Jorla snorted. “Well, if I had those looks, I’d be looking for more than a dog in Valdeer City.”

Sunday, March 4, 2018

New Covers and Writing Life

I made new covers for Diaspora Worlds. I was tired of the old ones! I went for romantic couples, and tried to find younger models, since all the characters are fairly young. Also, I need to do something calm, since I am still getting over bronchitis/asthma inflammation. Sitting on the couch seemed like a good idea. 

I also worked on the new Starlander cover, Starlander's Pirate. I decided I should remake Starlander's Myth and am thinking of calling the series Paranormals in Space. That is the fun part of self publishing, you can rethink things and make changes.

Sad times, our little dog Baxter died unexpectedly after a very sudden, short illness. One day he was chasing squirrels, the next he was gone. We got him from my niece when he was a young dog, since she couldn't keep him. He was such a clown!
Our little Chihuahua Monita, a sweet little old lady, spends a lot more time sleeping now.We are looking for a small rescue dog, an older dog would be fine. Casper does not have many small dogs so keep you fingers crossed.