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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Worlds Away Excerpt

An Excerpt from WORLDS AWAY, an M/M SFR, coming out under pen name Sheridan Aires. Poor Sheridan does not have a blog yet.

WIP cover

Parker had made a huge mistake. Enormous, life altering. And it could hurt his daughter. How could he have been so stupid?
Parker rolled over on his narrow bed and looked at Poppy by the light above the exit door. She was on her back, in a lilac and lace blanket suit, sleeping like the angel she was. So precious. His heart clenched in his chest.
He could not raise her around these people. This so called ‘movement’. The New Landers, with all their big sounding plans to get the followers off the Adelaide Spaceport and away to a thriving immigrant community on an open planet, was just a scam. There was no land package savings fund. He had to get away.

They didn’t think much of him, the little orphan kid, the recovering drug addict, saddled with a baby. He looked younger than he was, though, so they underestimated him. He was actually twenty four but with his small, slender build and overlong hair, people assumed he was a teenager. A stupid kid, easy to use. 
But he’d been raised, if it could be called that, in the lower levels, the utility corridors and maintenance catwalks of Adelaide Spaceport, a dock rat. Not quite so naive as they thought, especially now he was off the drugs and thinking clearly all the time. He’d spent his childhood scrambling for a credit, running errands for old intoxicated spacers and whores in the dance saloons. He’d been lucky Old Warren had a com, and taught him how to use it. He’d been able to hack into training manuals and eventually got a job on the dock.
The New Lander leaders had him do com maintenance for free. He'd seen far more than they realized.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

#Snippet Sunday Nov 29

The good news and the bad:

I have been working on a space opera Christmas story set in the Diaspora Worlds, which I hope to get out by Christmas. The bad is my lungs just aren't cooperating, so between the meds and the fatigue I can't guarantee anything right now. Such is life. 

I had two bad inciting incidents--a large, chemically laden fire in my area(ten houses burned down), then a week later a chemical anaphylactic shock incident at work, so have done my time in the ER and hospital rooms.  It is inflammatory asthma, the type that doesn't respond to rescue inhalers and breathing treatments. Over time it will get better, and of course there are steroids...So white light, prayers, interpretive alien dances for healing would be welcome!

Here is a Snippet from the short  Christmas in Space story, Far From Home.  
Ps. There be Cyborgs.

Misty pulled the weird gauze clothes back on and went to the bedroom.  She stared at the sleeping child...could it be Haylee? In a new body? Why else would a child be in her room? They had spent a week together at the exclusive clinic in Switzerland, and she remembered giving Haylee’s father a Chronocorp's pamphlet...Since it didn’t look like Haylee would make it, either.
“Haylee? She rubbed the child’s shoulder. “Haylee?”
“Haylee, it that you?”
The child woke, thick, curly lashes rising over light brown eyes.
“It’s Misty. Do you remember me? From the Lake Lucerne Institute?”
The child frowned. “You are not Misty. She had blond hair and blue eyes.”
“I know I did. But I am Misty.” 
How to convince the child? “I know. What’s the last thing we did together before I went in for my procedure?”
The child grinned with dimples like the ones Misty had  seen in the mirror. They were practically twins, except for the difference in age.
“We watched a movie marathon. And you gave me Ron, Harry and Hermione stuffed dolls.”
Haylee wrinkled her nose. “The popcorn made both of us nauseous.”
“But not the floats!”
Haylee laughed and sat up. She plucked at the stretch gauze clothing. “Why do you look so different?”
“I don’t know. Maybe something to do with Chronocorps? You look just like me, we could be sisters. There is a mirror in the bathroom if you want to see your new face.”
They went in and peered at themselves in the mirror.
“We look alike, you could be my mom.”
“Yeah, if I had a baby in eighth grade.”
Haylee giggled. “What is with these mummy clothes?” She held her arms out stiff and shuffled back to the main room like an old movie mummy. "And I don't feel sick anymore."
“I don’t know. Some type of medical thing? I guess they can get IV lines in anywhere.”
A small disc shaped machine flew up through a slot on the door. It carried a bag which it dropped onto Misty’s bed. Then it flew up near her face.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

#SnippetSunday Alien Invasion, 1954

Here is a snippet from my brand new novella release, Alien Invasion, 1954!

Amazon Link

Debbie Sue left the grocery store pushing a heavy load of canned and dried foods. Bobby sat in the child seat, and she'd managed to tie the stroller to the cart. She hoped the wheels on the cart held out for the walk home. The cart was piled high, hopefully more than a month's worth of food. Her house had a well, she still had gas for the oven. The furnace didn't work, but on cold nights they slept  wrapped up in grandpa’s old  sleeping bags and her down comforter. The root cellar wasn't fancy but it didn't freeze. They would be all right for a while, warm weather was on the way.
She handed Bobby an open package of animal crackers and opened a box for herself, which she stuck into her jacket pocket. The grocery cart was so heavy it took both hands to push it.
Near home a clear chariot appeared, hovering in front of them, humming. Debbie Sue grabbed Bobby and tried to run, but a light flowed around her,  sweeping her and Bobby to the ship,  two stories above the street.

Debbie Sue stood in the clear ship paralyzed with terror, clutching Bobby tight, who wailed in fear. The alien—he looked male to her—was huge, seven foot tall. His form was human-like, two legs, two arms. Triangular plates ran down his spine and he had a  tail, long and thick, with four lethal looking spikes and moving tentacles on the end of it. She wondered if the spikes ejected poison. His skin in front looked nearly human,being tan and smooth, but his arms had aqua scales.  One six-fingered hand held a shiny silver disc covering the palm, a strap slipped over the back of his hand, and she knew it was a weapon to be feared.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

SFR Brigade Showcase November

Find more SFR Brigade Showcase Blogs *Here*

My November 15 release, Alien Invasion, 1954, will be available for pre-order this weekend!

 Debbie Sue and her small nephew Bobby survive the deadly alien invasion by hiding in the root cellar. Weeks later an alien captures her as she gathers food. Akarak, the alien from planet Vinshal, is large, tailed, spiked, and tentacled. He is learning English, promises no harm, and enjoys roast beef. He also is interested in having an affair with her. He says it will bring him good health.
Debbie Sue wonders if that is a line.

Warning:This a sci-fi romance novella. This book contains sexy times, a non human alien hero, small dogs, children, and a heroine who wears skirts, bakes bread and mimeographs.

The next evening when Akarak came for supper she noticed he had a slight limp.
“Did you hurt your foot?”
“Akarak drop heavy tool.”
“Ouch.” There was no ice. “The stream is cold, maybe you should soak your foot.”
“Debbie Sue and Bobbee come to ssstream?”
“Sure, it will be fun.”
It was fun. Bobby didn’t care for the cold water but there was a small sandy bank and he discovered digging with a rock. She sat next to him and watched as Akarak soaked his foot in the cold water. The sun was low in the west and when he turned the scales, more prominent on his back, glittered.
“Akakak pitty.” Bobby made baby grabby hands at Akarak’s scales.
Akarak looked at Bobby. “He learn sspeach.”
“Yes. He thinks your scales are pretty. They shine in the sun.”
“Baby learn much?”
“He will but he will be a child for many years, with many things to learn.”
“Children alone in Denverrr. Vinshal take food. Need big ooman.”
“You know where some children are?”
“Maybe we can find people in town, help them.”
“Yass. People fear Vinshal.”
“They do.”
“Does Debbie Sue fear Vinshal? Fear Akarak?”
“No. I don’t fear you.”
The sky was darker now and a chill was coming on. “I’d better get Bobby ready for bed.”
They walked to the house, the dogs running around, Bobby slumped over her shoulder, half asleep. Debbie Sue made a decision.
“Bobby will fall asleep as soon as he hits the bed. He won't wake. If- if you'd like you can stay downstairs while I put him to bed, then I will bring you up to a bedroom.” Her mouth was dry as she spoke. “We could start, er, an affair.”
Of course he wouldn’t know that word. “Sex,” she blurted out.

“Ah. Yass.” His tentacles waved wildly.

I will be giving away review arcs to newsletter participants. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Teaser Tuesday New WIP Diaspora Worlds

So all the national politics is playing out and I have been thinking of immigrants. I'm a mutt, all kinds of Western European ancestry with some NA thrown in there also. Diaspora Worlds is a migration universe, Terrans spreading out to inhabitable planets in the distant future( a thousand years from now, basically). 

I got involved in a freebie flash fiction antho so needed a 1k story, and decided to set it with 'worker bees'. Not wealthy or powerful, not kick ass. Hard working immigrants trying to find a place to call home. A sweet little story unfolded, and since I wrote it another, longer SFR dealing with older sister Milori is marching into my brain.

Here is a short excerpt of Blight Star, Bright Star, the flash fiction prelude to Milori's story (untitled for now).

Manufacturing Position, Anslem Shipping, New Prague

Skill Test  *Required for employment
1400 hour  GSM 9.4  Communal Hall 2771a, Level 2000, Pickersty Hub. 400 test openings.

Required for Employment:
Legal Age 17
Skill test score of 80%.
Pass medical physical. Disability may not be a deterrent for hire depending on positions available.
No criminal history on background check.
Signed attestation for industrial practices non-share, non-compete contract.


  • Families with dependent children hired based on availability of housing and services required.
  • Transport provided on hire and transport back to place of hire on work termination.
  • Salary starting at 20000 galactic standard credit per galactic standard month. Advancement opportunities.
  • Housing, uniforms, two meals per work day, full medical for worker and dependents, child care and schooling for dependent children. 
  • New Prague citizenship available with application on fulfillment of three month trial period.
  • No DNA test required.

   It sounded like a dream job. Well, except for the New Prague part. She heard it was industrial and not very scenic. Not that Pickersty Hub was scenic, not for hub rats like her. Some of the wealthy sections were pretty nice, but security chased low level workers like her away.
   She’d have to blow off Chin Sun’s to take the test. Oh well, if they fired her she would apply at some other restaurant. Someone was always hiring.
   Demaia Xiarr captured the holo to keep on her armcom. This sounded perfect. She squashed any excitement. Opportunity didn’t often come to Hub rats, kids abandoned on the Hub to raise themselves with the help of overworked Starwomen. No point getting too excited.
   She was, though.
   Thinking of that, she jogged to the Sanctuary and burst inside. She hadn’t been inside the common room since she graduated four years ago, but it was just the same, crowded with old folk sitting on benches, children on the floor. Sister Lorleen was serving morning porridge in hot tubes. “Demaia, how nice to see you!” 
   “Thank you, Sister. I dropped by to give you this. They are taking kids age seventeen!”

   Sister Lorleen perused the holo. “I will get the word out. Get there early, Demaia, camp out if you have to. Milori, too. I will watch the baby! You want to be in the four hundred. In fact, I will organize so all the Sanctuary applicants can stand together. Safer that way.”

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Alien Invasion, 1954

My November 15 (Birthday!) release!

Alien Invasion, 1954 is set in 1954 Casper, Wyoming, and the ranch lands surrounding the city. My heroine Debbie Sue is a 30 something widowed secretary who works in the office of a downtown department store.

The aliens invade in a world wide attack, with ships and technology so advanced the humans of Earth have no chance.

Debbie Sue is home that day, babysitting her one year old nephew, Bobby. A silver ship comes over Casper Mountain, a large hogback south of town. Electricity and cars stop working. Debbie Sue hides with Bobby in the root cellar. All her neighbors are gone.

Eventually she is forced to find food at the local grocery store. She also finds Akarak, an alien flying a clear, open chariot. He takes Debbie Sue and Bobby to a remote ranch.

So begins her relationship with Akarak of the Vinshal.

This was a fun story to write, peppered with local flora and fauna and 1950's setting. I hope readers enjoy it! I will be sending out some review copies through my mailing list so sign up for a chance to get one.


The food finally ran out and hunger forced her to walk seven blocks to the grocery store. The past two weeks she had seen no aliens. No movement at all. Were she and Bobby the only survivors? She considered going to the store at night, while Bobby slept, but if aliens got her...Debbie Sue couldn’t bear thinking of Bobby, left all alone in the root cellar to die.
They might have to run and hide so she dressed in jeans instead of a house dress. Early April in central Wyoming was still cold so Bobby wore his snow suit. It was better to be too warm than suffer in the cold.
Bobby was a dear, cheerful boy. He was thrilled to be in the stroller with play beads on a wire, and she tucked his stuffed horse next to him. She brought twine to tie the stroller to the grocery cart she hoped to bring back filled with dry goods, cans and jars.
Debbie Sue knew there was no way to keep a one year old quiet, and she hoped his baby chatter would dissipate in the wind. They had to have food.
Her car, a light blue two-door sedan, sat in her driveway, useless. She stroked the curves of the hood as she walked by. It still looked like new, it just didn't run. Nothing ran, no radios, even with new batteries. Somehow the aliens had killed all the power.

My flash fiction story for a free indie antho turned out so well! It is a Diaspora Worlds story concerning immigrants, job opportunities and hope. Blight Star, Bright Star. I think this will have to continue into a actual book! It was one of those bursts of inspiration, so exciting to unfold. This antho will release near Christmas.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Full Moon Blog Tour!
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I am giving away books with alien moons--Alien Blood and Harvest Moons!

But I also want to announce the November release of
Alien Invasion, 1954!

Wyoming, 1954 
Unknown to Earth, an alien ship hides behind the moon. It unleashes powerful ships that kill millions. Many other humans are stored on massive slaveships, bound for an alien planet.

Somehow, Debbie Sue and her infant nephew survive, hiding in the root cellar. Finally, hunger forces them out into the world.

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