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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Plans: Diaspora Worlds miniseries Cyborgs of the Amity Fire

What I've been up to: 

I am still planning my new Diaspora Worlds miniseries Cyborgs of the Amity Fire.

My cyborgs are working their way across unfriendly space in a small spaceship. The ship is built to carry twenty four people. There is room--not spacious room-- to take passengers aboard, since traveling the distance they need to go is expensive.

The ship will have one medic on board, and since the crew can't pay much, the medic will often work for passage, getting off at the next stop.

 I decided to have a revolving door of medics, one or two per book. One medic is evil, one was trained as a medic but spent her career in a beauty salon, another is quite elderly, one is a single mom with small children, one is a cyborg in hiding accompanied by a Terran woman from not too far in our own future, rescued from a sleep tube. Some will have a romance subplot, others won't. Planning the medics has been really fun.

Kind of a tribute to Star Trek AND the Defense against the Dark Arts Professors!

Debbie Sue and the Alien is almost finished, and my fantasy romance Faire Reckoning, (the extended version of the short Bridal Faire from the Romance Diva Antho, Love Is) is coming along, too. All is slower than I expected, but such is life.

The short story Freedawn Colony suddenly morphed--more colonists arrived and then a dead body in the yard...I need to pull out the planning sheet for it now!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Teaser Tuesday! #sfrbtt 

This is a snippet from a later book in my upcoming Cyborgs series. A woman from our time wakes in a strange place.

Misty Evans woke to a painfully bright light. She screwed her eyes shut and tried to think of where she was. Nothing came to her. She couldn't really think beyond how cold she was. She opened her eyes again to see she was in metal-walled room with bright over head lights. A hospital?
A white clothed figure moved into view. She tried to scream at its half metal face and blinking yellow eyes. It held a cup over her nose and all went back.
When Misty woke again she was pleasantly warm and the lighting was dim. She was in a narrow bunk built into a wall, a rather cave-like rounded bunk, metal. Her cover was warm but light and shiny in the light that ran in a strip along the wall.
Misty looked around for the metal face, but no one was in the room. It was tiny, hardly a yard of floor space between the bunk and the wall. She sat up.
“Domestic assist 27L11 at your service.” A small oval shaped machine, well lit with white lights around its rim, floated to the center of the room. The lights moved as it spoke. The voice was high pitched and mechanical.
“If you hunger or thirst proceed to the rectangle food storage unit.” The flying oval zipped through the air to a rectangle door on the opposite wall. “If you wish to use hygiene facilities, proceed to the recessed alcove.”
She hesitated. “Can you turn on the lights?”
The lights brightened. She stood up cautiously since she was weak. She must have been ill or in an accident. “Am I in a hospital?”
“No, you are in general living quarters Class D level 27 cube 11.”
“Was I in the hospital?”
“You were in Medlab Critical for one week and Medlab Recovery for two weeks.”
“What was wrong with me?”
“You were removed from an obsolete statis tube and reanimated. Your tube had been damaged and Engineering had to rig a power supply.”
None of this made any sense.“What is a stasis tube?”

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Weekend Writing Warriors April 5 #8Sunday

 More #8Sunday Snippets

Akarak, being a true hero, despite the tentacles, helps find Debbie Sue's sister, who is in spacer sleep on a ship returning to Earth.

I'm enjoying Debbie Sue and the Alien so much I think this will become a series. How many books do you get to write the word 'mimeograph'? Not many!

 The board lit up with flashing colored lights. Eventually the lights formed into the shape of an oval ship. Then she could see the interior design, floors and floors of tiny rectangles. One rectangle turned orange and flashed.

“That sleeper, blood of Debbie Sue.” Akarak slid his fingers over the panel. “That ship land here.”

Her sister would be here soon!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

SFR Station's April Fool for Love Event!

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Welcome to a Science Fiction Romance Blog Hop! 
Lots of authors and prizes including 

I will be giving away ebooks throughout the month to readers who leave comments! Make sure and leave your email, also!

Fools For Love

Brielle and Karvar

Brielle and Karvar are in a difficult situation. She's trying to recover from years of black mail and drug addiction, he's trying to figure out how to get out of this mistaken arranged marriage when Brielle's health is recovered. They are stranded in a wilderness, an alien jungle, with no communication capability, a killer is looking for them and it is raining. So of course, they have a water fight!


A glint of metal. “Oh,” she cried. “A drone. Above us.”
Karvar put them into a steep dive so that the restraints tightened, constricting her breathing. They landed with a jerk into thick vines. He inched the ship into a stand of bushes and vines. Brielle looked with dismay at the dark goo that reached the window. They were in a pool of mud. “Karvar.”
Quiet now,” he breathed.
There was a strange sucking sound. The rear of the ship rocked, then upended so they were only kept from crashing down into the flight console by their mesh restraints. Brielle twisted around in her seat to see what was moving the flitter and stifled a scream. A huge worm-like beast, brown like the mud they were hiding in, rose up out of the ooze. It’s mouth opened showing a large hole surrounded by triangular teeth and a fuzzy tongue. A deep rumbling roar sounded.
Salp,” Brielle said in a high pitched voice. “Didn’t know they roared.”
It loomed over them, hitting the flitter with its huge, knobby head, shoving them deeper into the curtain of vines they were hiding under.
The flitter swerved sideways and they landed with a thump, resting against a tree trunk. “Well, that wasn’t so bad,” Karvar whispered. “Better than I would have dared hide it.” They were deep under thick growth, barely able to see out of the flitter’s windows due to the thick ferns and leaves surrounding them.
The drone, lights glinting in the gloom of the forest, whipped by. The mud beast lunged at it, opening its maw from which a long feathery tongue emerged. The tongue snapped out at the drone, surrounding it, and pulled it rapidly into the wide mouth. The mud beast swallowed it.
Inside the body of the beast, the lights of the drone continued to blink, showing through the mud-colored, translucent skin. The beast writhed, plunged into the muck, then rose back up, the force of its movements causing the flitter to scrape against the bark of the trees. Karvar started the ship, elevating out of the danger and farther into the forest from the mud pool. The beast circled around toward them, mouth open.
Our ship is too big to swallow,” Brielle cried, her eye glued to the holo. “I hope.”
The way forward was blocked by tree trunks.
Karvar grabbed her arm. “Brace yourself. I think it can still reach us.”
It struck, slamming the ship with such force they were flung into a tree nearly as wide as the ship. There was a scrape of metal, the crunching roar of breaking view glass and metal. Brielle screamed as pieces of debris hurtled through the small ship.
They stopped with a thud.
Brielle gasped for breath. Her restraints were so tight she could barely breathe. Her ribs hurt, her neck…she felt a warm trickle slide down her neck.
I have a cut, need the kit.” She undid her harness and got up to crawl to the back.
The flitter rocked as the mud salp flung itself toward them.
Watch out!” Karvar grabbed Brielle and she flopped against him, held tight. He was still harnessed. After a little while the salp stopped punching the ship. “Let me get a little farther away before you try to get back there.” He dumped her back into her seat and she harnessed.
He inched them backwards and then backed into an opening, pointing the front toward the salp. “I think we’re out of reach here.”
He nimbly unharnessed and grabbed the med kit. He cleaned the scratch with a disposable pad and spread some new skin over the wound on her temple. Then they looked to see what was happening with the salp. It was no longer trying to bash the ship, now it was flinging itself into the pool and then up into the air.
We’re lucky we didn’t crash. That thing must be twice the weight of our ship.” Karvar’s hand absently caressed her back. “I can see why the journals caution against flying low.”
They watched the animal. The salp returned with more vigor, thrashing around and flinging mud everywhere. Karvar started the flitter but getting out of the thick growth broke their window more. They hastily pulled on their breathers as humid air wafted through the broken window.
The drone’s lights are off now,” Brielle told Karvar, as he concentrated on making a path through the thick trees and avoiding the mud pool. “And I think it is further up the throat. Well, the salp is all throat. But now I think it is just a meter down.”
Karvar paused his wrestling with the controls and looked at her holo. “You’re right. I wonder if the salp will eject it.”
They watched the salp plunge into the muddy water, then fling itself into the air, occasionally rushing toward their ship. The drone was definitely moving up the throat.
Karvar got the flitter into a small clearing and landed. “I want it. When it spits it out. I’d like to examine it. Might be able to get some data to Kyler when we can communicate.”
You mean, go out there? With that monster crashing around?”
Yes. You hold the laser on it while I get its attention. I don’t want the drone to land in the mud. With any luck it will spit it out here on solid ground.”
It didn’t sound like a great idea. “You really think it might help figure out who’s trying to kill us?”
Yes, it will have all types of data. Clues.” He opened the door and glanced around. “I doubt there are any predators around with all the noise that thing is making.” The salp struck toward the ship, which was several yards out of its reach.
But look how fast it can move, Karvar. It just wouldn’t be safe.”
Look! The drone is almost to the mouth opening. I can stay right by the flitter. I’ll jump and yell so I have its attention. You’ll hold the laser.”
Brielle stared at him as he made pleading eyes at her. “All right.”
She shook her head. “But I officially state I think this is crazy.”
They climbed out and Karvar gave her a quick refresher on the laser and made sure it was set to stun. She stood to one side so she wouldn’t accidentally stun him if she fired and he shouted and jumped up and down.
The salp whipped around toward Karvar so fast Brielle screamed and jumped, nearly dropping the laser.
Careful with that laser!”
Right.” She pulled it back up and took a wide legged stance, aiming the weapon toward the salp. The drone was still moving up its gullet.
It stinks.” Even through the breather the scent of mold, and a sulpher-like stench reached her. Something else too, the smell she recognized as fertilizer.
Here we go!” Karvar shouted.
He was having fun, she realized. His color was high, eyes bright.
The drone shot out a gush of foul smelling liquid and partially digested matter, ejecting the drone with enough force it flew the few yards toward them. The drone clanked on the ground as a stream of foul liquid splattered over them. Brielle screamed in disgust.
Karvar laughed and cried, “Shoot it, shoot!”
She shot, though her hands were slimy with salp vomit. The salp reared back and flopped into the mud pool, dousing them once again. Karvar leaped to the drone, grabbed it and pulled it back while she shot at the salp in the mud. It disappeared. Laughing, Karvar took the laser from her, turning it off. “We’re good.”
She stared at him, aghast. “Good? Good?” She lifted up a lock of salp-vomit filled hair. “You call this good?”
Karvar leaped up past her and grabbed the tool kit. “I’m just going to make sure its disabled. I’ll take it apart once we set up camp.”
Brielle noticed he barely had any salp vomit, while she was soaked with it, and with no shower, either. Her hair was also stiff with dried blood from the cut. She sat on the footstep of the flitter, not wanting to get salp vomit all over the interior. Karvar took some pieces off the drone and messed around with whatever was inside. It seemed to take forever until she heard the thud of the drone pieces being stowed away and Karvar came around to the door, smiling and handsome.
Why don’t you cover my seat with a blanket so I don’t get it too messy,” she said. He did so, cheerfully. She climbed in and flopped into her seat. The salp vomit was drying. Brielle managed to clean her hands but her suit was a disgusting mess, and her hair needed a water rinse to be clean. At least the breather had kept the vomit off her face. Out of her mouth.
Hey look. The window has a self-repair function. Wasn’t expecting that.” Karvar looked happy and relaxed.
Even the trillers would have nothing to do with her, they were lined up against the window.
Karvar hopped in to his seat and started the engine. “Well, Glim Falls is out, they were expecting us there. Where to now?”
She gave him a narrowed eyed glance. “Head for rain clouds.”

It rained most late afternoons in the forest so it didn’t take long to find a bank of clouds. Karvar launched the base and landed the flitter. They got out into warm, fat raindrops that soaked through their coveralls in moments.
I'm going around to the side to scrub the vomit out,” Brielle said, and disappeared.
Karvar did the same, stripping in the warm rain and tossing his coverall to the floor.
The rain increased and he relished the pounding sensation on his shoulders. It felt good to be free, in the open air.
He was very conscious that right on the other side of the small flitter, Brielle was washing off, nude in the rain. The rain increased again, becoming a real gusher. He laughed, ducking his head to keep water out of his nose. The mesh floor of the base was too tight a weave to keep up with the intensity of the rain, soon water was up to his ankles. He supposed there was nothing to be concerned about; the base was built for this environment, after all.
A squeal and a splash came from the other side. “Brielle?” He rushed around the flitter to make sure she was all right. The base, covered with water, was horribly slippery, and he skidded toward where Brielle was on the floor and landed on his ass, bouncing a little, crashing into her.
Brielle struggled to sit up, pushing her soaked hair away from her face. She gained a bit of weight, just enough to make every inch of her perfectly smooth, even more exquisite than the glimpse he’d had of her wearing the lacy gown on their wedding night.
He couldn’t stop looking.
She squeaked and grabbed her coveralls and covered up. “Karvar!”
I thought you might be hurt.”
I fell but I am not hurt.”
Right. It’s slippery.” Those words reminded him even more of hot sex. Good thing for all the rain obscuring their vision or she’d see him blush.
Well, I’ll go back over to my side and scrub my clothes.” He slipped as he tried to stand, took two steps and landed on his ass again.
She giggled.
He half turned, noticing she was not holding her coverall so that it covered all of her nude flesh. He could see one breast completely, and it was exquisite.
He deliberately bounced on the mesh floor and she lost her balance, landing with a splash. She also lost her cover up.
Why, you!” She threw her still disgusting coverall at him.
He ducked it and one armed a big handful of water at her, splashing her on the shoulder. She retaliated with a swoosh of her own and then the battle was on. Splashing turned to kicking. Karvar tried to stand to kick water more effectively, but the floor was still so slippery he crashed, landing with his chest on her silky legs.
Oh, yes!” Karvar yelled. Brielle splashed him as fast and hard as she could. He got closer, intending to dunk her face in the now six inch puddle. She kicked and splashed, grabbed his shoulders as if to try and duck him.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Teaser Tuesday--SFR excerpt from Freedawn Colony

I have a short spacewestern romance, Harvest Moons that takes place on a frontier agricultural world called Celstar. The settlers buy land packages that consist of prefab housing, out buildings, farm equipment, animals and seed determined to be optimal for the region of the planet where they are immigrating.

 Ryanna and Apollo were married as teenagers, a marriage planned by their parents at the beginning of a viscous civil war. Ryanna fled the marriage and the war. Some years later Apollo followed her.

From a wip, Freedawn Colony:

By nine pm Ryanna was a nervous wreck. Lochlan. She had to remember to call him Apollo now. Surely, living here on Celstar as a settler he had no contact with the rebels back home. He couldn’t drag her back to Sarganza. From the few reports she’d heard over the years, the army of the usurper had fared badly, many dead, the rest imprisoned.
How is he not in prison? His father was one of the leaders.
Apollo had no reason to return, did he? And even a family as wealthy as his couldn't afford his travel to Celstar and then travel for the both of them back to Sarganza.
The knock on her door was sharp. That was Apollo, sharp, precise, no one’s fool. Hands shaking,she let him in. “I have tea, please come sit down in the living room.”
Apollo was accompanied by a large gray dog.
“Hope you don’t mind Shadow. He gets separation anxiety if I leave him.”
“No, not at all.” Apollo has a pet? That didn’t sound like the man she knew.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Weekend Writing Warriors March 29.

 For Weekend Writing Warriors--8 more sentences from Debbie Sue and the Alien.

That evening, Debbie Sue fixed more meat, with Mexican rice and beans for her and Bobby. Akarak ate some plain beans with his beef. Then she took Bobby upstairs for a quick wash down, story and bedtime kiss. He was a such an easy baby to get to sleep. She stayed in his room for a few moments, bolstering her courage.
He had been...kind, night after night. Akarak even gave the dogs treats from his plate. He was not a monster.
She decided on the bedroom at the end of the hall, where any noise they made wouldn't wake the child.
Debbie Sue bit her thumbnail while she waited.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

*~SFR~* New Release from Aurora Springer!

Please welcome Aurora Springer and an exciting new SFR release!



 A thousand years in the future, wars and portal failures disturb the fringes of the galaxy. On Terra, twenty-two year old Violet Hunter seems an ordinary student of the Space Academy, who dreams of exploring unknown planets. She applies to serve as the pawn of one of the twelve Grand Masters, although her hidden talent of empathy makes her ineligible. Violet has defied the prohibition against psychics for half her life. Why should she stop now?
Isolation is the penalty for a Grand Master’s great power because their touch is deadly to a normal person. The Grand Master with the griffin avatar selected the girl with the star-shaped birthmark in spite of her father’s dire prophesy. He is suspicious about his disobedient pawn, yet he cannot deny the success of her missions to strange planets where she finds more than he expected.
Violet seeks the truth about the mysterious Grand Masters. Who or what are they? Do they threaten or benefit civilization? While searching for answers, Violet does the unthinkable. She makes a bargain with her obnoxious Grand Master and challenges him to meet her face to face, risking her secret to discover his purpose. She plunges into an impossible love and a world of intrigues. Will she survive the vicious conflicts?


Violet edged herself up into the crack and wedged her back against one side, while she carefully placed her toes. She pushed up, feeling overhead for the next handholds. Slowly, she climbed higher, falling into a rhythm. Place one foot in a secure spot, push up, reach her fingers into a crevice and pull up another step. Repeat and repeat again. She had no time to spare for fear during her laborious progress up the crack.
Just below, she heard the clunk of boot against stone as Taranis climbed. He watched her steps. Once, her foot slipped from a projection, and he gripped her ankle, guiding her to another foothold.

At length, she reached a rock ledge wide enough for her feet, and paused to catch her breath. Staring up, she saw the vertical chimney eased into a gentler angle. The rest of the climb to the top looked straightforward.

Taranis joined her on the ledge, his body pressed against hers. She closed her eyes and savored his solid presence and the tickle of power. He had touched her more often since last night. She didn’t know if it was for her protection or his pleasure. 

Violet tensed. A cruel, cunning mind wafted into her senses from an animal crouched out of sight at the top of the chimney. She whispered, “Taranis, a creature lurks in ambush at the top.”

He gazed up, and then glanced at her, saying, “I trust your senses. Give me the laser and I’ll deal with the beast.”

She handed the laser to him, and he slipped it into a pocket. “Wait here, Violet.” He climbed the last section, moving lithely from one flimsy support to the next, while she watched anxiously from her perch on the flat shelf.

When he vanished over the top she sensed a stir of alertness in the waiting beast. A short blast of psi power was followed by a high-pitched wail, and abruptly the power ceased. Violet was sure the Grand Master had exerted his power to kill the animal. She waited, listening intently, but heard no other sound or hint of power.
He had shielded again.

Violet climbed to where Taranis waited at the top. He dropped onto one knee and offered his hand to haul her up the final steps. The tickle of his power sang from his grasp. She scrambled erect, still clinging to his large hand, and stared around. An ugly black monster lay crumpled on the ground. Its legs still twitched with fading nerve pulses, although its head was severed from its body.

Taranis handed her the laser, and she casually thumbed the charge indicator. As she had suspected, no charge had been expended. He had applied his own killing power and not the laser to destroy the beast. She stared at Taranis, annoyed by his inscrutable expression. Still no chink in his mental shield. Why wouldn’t the Grand Master reveal himself?

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My career in science involves plenty of writing facts for research articles. But, I’ve imagined exciting adventures in weird worlds for as long as I can remember. For many years, life intervened. Now, I have achieved my life-long ambition to publish novels. My published works include science fiction and fantasy with romance and a sprinkle of humor. I was born in the UK and live in Atlanta with my husband, a dog and two cats to sit on my laptop. My hobbies, besides reading and writing, include outdoor activities like watching wildlife, hiking and canoeing.

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