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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

SFR News! Teaser Tuesday

A release this month! June 28th! It is on pre-order now, only .99. 


Domingo closed his eyes and counted to ten. “We sleep on this. We tell no one. Blevin, seriously, no one, unless you want your mom to end up in prison. I’ll do some research.  Don’t you do any research. I have security to keep my research private, your’s can be traced.”
Aerria nodded and he sent a pointed glance at Blevin, who also nodded.
“We’ll talk tomorrow. Blevin, stay home from tutoring tomorrow so your mother can meet me and make plans. Can you come to my pod right after breakfast?” He asked Aerria.
“Yes.” Aerria looked like she might faint. Or maybe kiss him hard if Blevin wasn’t here.
“Not a word. To anyone.”
He fled.

New Novella, on preorder now for an August 16, 2016 release date:

Meet Odessa, a woman with a past:

Odessa  couldn’t sleep, not after the meeting with Captain Fuller, leader of the New Landers. She now had to prove she was committed to immigration by marrying.
“Land packages look for families, Odessa. Not young women with a child. They want fertile couples, committed to building communities. It is time for you to marry. Think of your child.”
He had a handful of single men for her to consider, but it would never work. Odessa was still in love with someone lost to her, someone with family who didn’t approve of a dancer with glazed eyes. They’d broken up a month before Garnet was  conceived. In fact, weeks of wild partying following the break up is how Odessa forgot to renew her fertility control medication.
You’d think I would be over Veras by now. But Odessa still longed for him. No one else held any interest for her.  
Finding out she was pregnant had been the wake-up call she needed. A charity clinic gave her protective drugs, drug addiction treatment, and counseling. She’d grabbed it. They helped her find work in the costume shop of a popular theater while she was pregnant, and helped her prepare for the employment exam for dock workers.
Somehow, she’d been blessed with Garnet.  Her poor body, ravaged by years of drug use, was weak, but she took the injections to protect the baby, and Garnet had been born well, but so tiny. She was still tiny and delicate at four months.
Tomorrow Odessa would start making secret plans.They would need a new place to live. Odessa wished there was a  way she could get the credits back that she’d put in the New Landers account. Oh well.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Weekend Writing Warriors: Bridal Faire Snippet 2

Read a variety of interesting snippets! Find snippets *here*.

A second snippet from my WIP, Bridal Faire, a fantasy romance . My hero, Adler, is a griffintaur. Wings and feet of a griffin, the rest human(or wizard, lol).

“Dearest Adler,
I am sure your father’s command has come as quite a surprise to you. I myself am not sure what to think of it. I’m sure a girl from outside our Shire will make a lovely wife, though I had hoped you would marry into that mining family on the Ock Heights.  I know a couple of the girls and you’d do fine with a Lesser Giant wife since you are so large. Buflindia always seemed so jolly.
Well, it is not to be. Try to pick someone who seems intelligent and who is not too outlandish in behavior. Of course, I will welcome whomever you choose.
For goodness sake, buy some decent clothes for your journey, don’t take those stained work clothes all you apprentices wear!
Your Loving Mother,

Lady Marilia Goldhawk.”

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Weekend Writing Warriors June 12 Bridal Faire

Read more snippets here!

Adler had always assumed he would marry into one of the Lesser Giant families along the northern border of his father’s land.
“Bridal Faire! Why do I have to go to that now? Why doesn’t he wait until I am done with my training?” Spring was a busy time for potions and herbal knowledge, his worst subject.

He frowned. “And what happened to that Lesser Giant girl, Buflindia? I thought that was all but settled. My mother was sending over a marriage contract to discuss.”

“Not to speak ill of your Lord Father and our benefactor, but decisions like this cause one to wonder if he is perhaps sun touched,” Mistress Shoji said tartly, handing him back the letter.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

All the News

Four Free volumes of Sci-fi Romance First Chapters! This an easy way for readers to check out SFR authors and find great books!
The Volumes are heat level collections. My chapter is in Volume 2, the HOT volume!
Check out our Facebook Group for Current information!



My story is called Cyborg Security.

With eight short stories of romance and adventure, you're sure to find a happily ever after. From space pirates to cyborgs, alien planets to psi sex, we've got you covered at every heat level.
New to Science Fiction Romance? This collection is the perfect introduction! Lots of romance balanced by sci-fi elements. Strap yourself in, fire the boosters, and enjoy your transport to our futuristic worlds!

EXCERPT FROM CYBORG SECURITY: They are in trouble now!

“Oh, come on. But be quiet or you will wake them up.” Scowling, Blevin led him to one of the bedrooms. Turquoise and yellow walls. Janna’s room. Blevin pointed to the floor.
A small child with the striped hair of a Piloran slept on a bed of cushions.
Domingo drew in a sharp breath as he realized what a Piloran child meant. He strode out of the room.
“How?” He hissed. “Are you insane? First Statute Regulations—”
“—Janna flew the Doodle Bug. All the positions were right, it was luck she could even get there using the autonavigator. She saw the child being beaten and went to save him.”
He stumbled to the couch and fell on it with a bounce. “Your eight year old took the flitter?”
“It didn’t have a security measure to keep her from flying it?”
“No! Who thinks their eight year old can fly a flitter, land on a planet and return to the Fair Discovery? Who would ever expect that?”
Blevin cleared his throat. “Well, she watched me program it lots of times. And I took her for those short flights.” Blevin got his flitter license on his birthday.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

SFR Release Hunter's Moon, S. A. Hoag

Hunter's Moon
by S. A. Hoag

Lyra Alexander considers herself an archeologist, a job that normally wouldn't be very dramatic or dangerous. The problem with her job, however, is that she studies vampires. And they aren't too keen on being studied.

In this world, there are all kinds of creatures prowling in the night . . . Humans are no longer at the top of the food chain.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"You don't look so great," Tegan says as we whip down the highway. He has a lead foot. A new white Mustang convertible, top down, sun high in the sky, temperatures hovering near the comfortable zone, it's almost a perfect day.

There was dirt road for close to twenty miles, then two lanes of old blacktop for a few more, and finally what I suppose could be considered a real road. My motion sickness has been here for the entire ride, and I think I'm on my last nerve.


"I didn't get any sleep last night. Or the night before," I tell him flatly. "I'm like that when there are vampires around."

"If you were in any real danger, do you think I'd have left you alone?" He glances over.

"Don't you do what they tell you? Isn't your job to keep me in line?"

He snorts a swear word under his breath.
"And what in the hell is 'real danger'?" I point out. "There are vampires and . . ." I glance sideways at him, stuttering off the word before I say it.
"Werewolves?" he grins, finishing the thought for me. It's a derogatory term.
" . . . out there and humans are too ignorant to see how fragile their place on this planet really is."
"You see them. You know."
"I know vampires." All too well. "Shapeshifters," I shrug.

"You do know, I'm a shapeshifter." He isn't threatening me, but it comes off sounding like something I didn't want to hear anyway.

Of course.”

"How did you know?" he asks. It's an honest question. When you spend god-knows how many years masquerading as something you're not, it pays to find the little details you might miss.
"Body temperature."
"Ah the one thing I can't change," he nods. "Now, did you know, or did your brother tell you?"

"I knew. We did get pretty damned close. Morgan told me what 'Samael' means."
"Did it scare you?" he asks, amused. He gets a lot of free entertainment at my expense.

"No," I lie.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Available now on Pre-order at Amazon. Special pricing, too!

Author Info
I knew before I got to high school that I wanted to write books. I did, too, dozens of short stories I thought someday I’d turn into novels. Oh, how I wish I had those spiral notebooks full of wild ideas and teenage musings.
I still have the ideas from many of those stories – some of them make me cringe. There are always new ideas too. Some are amazing, some are just silly. A few will become something more as I add books to my list of those that are published.
For now, I live in the desert and many nights, in between writing and sleep, you can find me out watching the stars. It’s dark, out here in the desert and I can see so many stars that weren’t there before. I make time to write now. The tiny seeds of stories demand that I write them down.
I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy creating them.”>S. A. Hoag

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Other Books

The Wildblood series, a post-apocalyptic, science fiction, action adventure.

Backlash – Before there was team Three, there was the Blackout. (prequel novella)

The Vista: Book 1 of The Wildblood

Renegades: Book 2 of The Wildblood - available in 2016
You can read an excerpt on my website.

Saturday, April 30, 2016


Cover reveal! 

This is a fun project from the Scifi Romance Brigade to make it easier for readers to find Scifi Romance. Four free volumes of first chapters, with links. Readers can relax with their ereader and browse through a wide variety of scifi romances. The first volume will release in May, the others following at two week intervals.

Mine is in the red volume!

Heather Massey has a little write up, also! 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Writing News and an Excerpt

Writing ...

I have been dealing with out of control asthma for months now, to the point the meds I'm on are making complications. I am hoping the warmer weather will help clear this up, even though it is spring allergy time. Maybe this will be  a summer with no close forest fires, that happens sometimes!

Sadly this has made an impact on my writing, also my day job, the laundry, and anything resembling a social life. But eventually we will get over this flare.

I have a short story to get out to beta readers. It is set in the Diaspora Worlds Universe but in a completely new setting, a teeming urban planet called Jiang. I did a lot of research for this on the city of Shanghai. I may be spending more time on Jiang in future works.

My short story starts with the actions of a precocious child:

Aboard the interstellar research vessel Fair Discovery situated in observational orbit around planet Pilori, Star: Beta Canum Venaticorum

Four hours—that was all Aerria needed to finish a huge project her team had been working on for many months. Unfortunately she had no tutor today for her daughter.  
“Janna, I must get this finished, so I need you to stay in your room until lunch. I know it is a long time, but I got you two new vids and a new box full of playclay and a set of toy villagers who resemble the people you have been observing for your Interstellar Relations class. And I do expect you to do your homework. It is all review. Elodi will be here if you need anything.”
The small disc-robo, Elodi, zipped into Janna’s small, colorful room.
“Elodi will serve you a snack at ten.”
Janna sighed. "All right, Mom. But when you are done, can we swim? With toys?”
Aerria smiled. “Of course we can. As long as you want.” Aeria kissed her small daughter and closed herself in her  office.

Janna couldn’t believe her luck! The flight line was a nice straight one—Fair Discovery was in the perfect position for her plans! Janna turned to Elodi. “Override the daily instructions. Code: Janna the Boss.”
“Override accepted.”
“You new orders are to assure Aerria that all is well, Janna is playing nicely with her playclay, Janna is watching vids from Chen Chen Children's Network. You will not tell her I have left for a lower level of the pod.”
“Yes, Janna the Boss.”
“Now, go get me a snack for two, packed for a picnic.”
“Yes, Janna the boss.” The disc flew off to the galley.