Wednesday, April 23, 2014

T= Tiger Shifter Behind the Story #AtoZChallenge

I have a novelette with a white tiger shifter hero, Jagger. He runs a construction company...but his family for centuries made their living as tiger circus acts. Have thought about writing a historical paranormal with the white tiger circus families. Romance of course!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

S= Sad Scenes, Behind the Story #AtoZChallenge

I have a scene in Starwoman's Sanctuary that made me cry when writing it.

Books I've read that made me cry: Sounder. Well, really any book where a dog dies will make me cry. Little Women, the death of Beth.

The death of Snape in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, because his death revealed who he really was.

As I plan my new series I am thinking about this...

Monday, April 21, 2014

R= Reading, Behind the Story #AtoZChallenge

What writer isn't first a reader? Makes me crazy when writers say stuff like they just don't read anymore...can't enjoy reading... Arg. Books are your business! Try reading outside your genre. (I know writers who are afraid they will unconsciously copy another writer's plot.) There are so many great books out there.

I grew up in a house stuffed with books and the Billings Parmly Library was a weekly visit. No one censored my reading, my little fifth grade self was pulling books from the adult section with no hassles whatsoever. My only limit was no more than 10 books a week. I happily bounced between classic children's books like Walter Farley's Black Stallion books, Zane Grey westerns and Edgar Rice Burrough's Tarzan series. I loved series even then!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Q= Quiet, Behind the Story #AtoZChallenge

Quiet for writing...I don't need quiet.

 In fact I prefer ordinary noise and actions happening around me. I write in the living room, with the dog and cats around. My husband is generally there too, reading or watching TV. My college daughters might breeze on by in or out the front door.

I have a small office area set up in my bedroom, but I am just not productive there.
Plus my dog Baxter comes and barks at me--he hates it when I am in the bedroom! He wants hubby and I to be in the same room.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

P= Parallel Worlds, Behind the Story #AtoZChallenge

When I was a single girl I lived for a year in the San Jose area. I didn't have car at that time, but the bus system was very good so I went everywhere on the bus. 

Usually the buses I took weren't very crowded. I kept a mild flirtation with a young man(very gorgeous) who took the same bus to work. My best friend's husband warned me he was a player so I didn't get in too deep! I'm sure I would have been one of a harem of women...

Sometimes I would head somewhere on a crowded bus and I tried to sit by myself or by a woman, since there were some strange people on the buses. One day I sat down by a man who was neatly dressed in a suit. I didn't look too closely at him, but there were few choices since it was so crowded. I was just glad to sit by someone who seemed to be on his way home from work, ordinary.

"Do you believe in parallel worlds?" He asked. And I realized my seat-mate wasn't quite sane.

 I have often thought that would be a good opening scene, a call to adventure.

O= Obsession, Behind the Story #AtoZChallenge

Obsession, I haz it. But it changes constantly. Sometimes I obsess over a television show(Buffy, Firefly...) Sometimes over an idea like moving somewhere, sometimes it is a skill, like crocheting hats.

Lately It has been Harry Potter. I reread all the books, watched all the movies. Then I moved on to fanfic-- The James Potter Series by Lippert--novel length, free, downloads in mobi--and good! Right now I am enthralled with Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness,  another fanfic that can be downloaded in mobi. It tells Neville's story back at Hogwarts during Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, when Harry, Hermione and Ron are out searching for horcruxes.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

N= Naming Characters Behind the Story #AtoZChallenge

I love names, but sometime it takes me a while to find or invent a name. I spend time on name sites, I look up surnames common to unusual ethnic backgrounds. Sometimes I have a story half written and decide that one of my main characters names doesn't work. In upcoming Neon Orchid, heroine Brielle's name was originally Flavia. Hmm. My twin daughters were four days old before we settled on names!

Melisse Aires is a pen name. I spent quite a bit of time searching google to find a name that wasn't very common. Melisse is the name of a French herb, called bee balm in English. Melisse/Melissa means honey.

I pronounce Melisse:  Ma leese'.

On real life my given name is Victorian, my maiden name means 'pig farmer,' and my married name is straight from County Cork. Even better, my given name and married name rhyme, so cute.