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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Salvage H/H first appearance

I am working on my next Diaspora Worlds book, SALVAGE, in which a salvage pilot rescues a group of stranded cyborgs, abandoned after a lost battle.

The Hero and Heroine were both introduced in the book ALIEN BLOOD--*Free Today!*

Alien Blood is the story of two contestants on a galactic wilderness planet show--interrupted by an invasion. In the book they rescue two survivors. One of those is the transport pilot Dooley, who is quite charming and makes Our Hero, the perfect Puregen, jealous! I enjoyed the character Dooley and knew back then that he would have his own romance. He's scrappy.

2ln appears in Alien Blood as a cyborg, a very small cyborg.She and Dooley have amoment, though as a cyborg she is not aware. But Dooley never forgets her.

Excerpt:(Warning, nudity)

Lorl had food and was settled for the night. Dooley left her and hopped on the little float. He wanted to give Kellac and Gema some alone time, he could read the signals, so he drove around for some time. The empty corridors were boring but he had some nervous energy to burn off.   It was crazy, he knew it. But he intended 2ln to be on the transport when they left.
Earlier in the day as he had inspected the weapons the cyborgs showed him, he saw 2ln enter a door down the hall from the armory. Dooley walked in and heard water running, faintly.  He moved silently. Was there someone here? He came to a row of cots, each holding a cyborg he recognized. They were asleep and hooked via tubes to a machine. Maintenance, some type of nutrition, maybe. He knew nothing about cyborgs except they had their real brains fried so they could be ever obedient.
He followed the sound of water and walked into a shower.
2ln was bent over scrubbing her feet. She was nude except for cyborg appliances, computerized metallic plates. There was one on the side of her abdomen. There was another plate on her upper thigh, and her arm com was embedded. She’d removed her head piece, showing her bare skull, with small metallic touch points embedded to connect her head gear. Everything else was bare.
Slim, with high pink tipped breasts. Sculpted, every delicate muscle defined. Long legs and high arched feet. Calloused, rough toes. A dancer’s body.
Dooley knew dancers. His family made their livelihood with a traveling entertainment show. They traveled from planet to planet putting on musicals. He’d seen dancer’s bodies all his life. 2ln stood straight, water pouring onto her back. She looked at him and he could swear she looked… vulnerable. But how could she, she was a metal head?
“May I be of service?”
Star gods, she could. Those metal plates didn’t bother him at all—
He cleared his throat. He was not raping some poor brain dead girl, no matter how gorgeous her body was.
“No, 2ln. Continue with your shower. I was just inspecting the floor.”
He had never considered about what the cyborg bodies were like under those heavy suits. They seemed sexless. Now he realized the thick shiny material flattened out and disguised any shape underneath. They had to have gender, and some were female.
He sure hadn’t expected a body like that under the cyborg uniform.
“Are there specs on cyborgs on the com?”
“Yes sir. I can send you the link.”
“Very good. Carry on.” He needed to get out of there before he did something disgusting. What a body, so fine. Those big pink nipples, resting high, just right for his mouth…
On impulse Dooley gave a command. “Pistolet! Chase’!”
2LN froze. Her eyes blinked twice, and then her lithe body, no longer disguised under the thick armor, moved gracefully into the dance moves. She landed lightly on her feet and stood unmoving, awaiting orders.
Dooley walked toward her. “You remember. You were a dancer, once.” They’re not supposed to remember anything of their former life. Essentially brain dead. Yet she moved with the practiced ease of years of formal dance training.
She blinked again. “How may I assist you, sir?”

Saturday, July 11, 2015

#8Sunday From Salvage, WIP Diaspora Worlds #Scifirom

Please follow the link above for more #8Sunday Excerpts!

Today's excerpt is from my upcoming Diaspora Worlds Book!
“But they may not be good memories,” Tshila said.
Lirielle thought about that. They must have been sold, or captured or something, to end up as cyborgs.
“It is better to know,” Heath spoke. “Better to know the good and the bad. To live real again.”
Lirielle remember lofting into the air above the stage, twirling, light as  a puff seed on the wind. “Yes. Live real.”

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Updates, Excerpts, Premade Covers etc

I took a break from writing for a few weeks since I was having constant issues with my hands. My day job is on a computer keyboard so sometimes I just have over use and the hands need time for the inflammation to recede. Such is life. But I am getting some writing done, so that is good.

I  find Photoshop relaxing and have way more stock photos then I'll ever use so decided to offer some premade covers suitable for ebooks. These are all made from stock and either scifi rom or fantasy rom. I'll keep the psd files and probably could be persuaded to make  series related covers  etc. Look for the Page on my blog for more info.

I've been working fantasy stories and also  a flash short for an antho. The flash short has a sentient cyborg hero, hiding his conscious awareness in a busy medical lab, and a woman out of time, found in an old sleep space tube on a derelict ship.

Here are a couple excerpts:
A Space Hub Far From Home (scifi rom)

“DV, run these blood tests immediately. A salvage ship picked up an iced tubed and Pelcorp wants to see what we have.”
DV took the tube to the lab and looked at the tests Pelcorp wanted. All were standard, though a few would take several hours. He had the lab to himself after 22:00 and mostly ran routine drug tests for Pelcorp Career Services. Sometimes, if there was a big accident on the Hub, the hospital would send him some emergency testing. Those were often much more interesting to work on than the routine jobs.
This job would be intriguing. Some of the tests might determine where the sleeper was raised, and when.
An hour later the first of the test reports popped up on his screen. Female. Fertile, which indicated under thirty five. Terran, of course. No first tier illnesses, infections or disease. He forwarded the data to Pelcorp.

Poor woman. They'd probably send her to Cyborg Processing to pay for her medical care.

Orc in Winter (fantasy rom)

That has already been determined. Fiona will accompany the carriage and will have food from the King’s own kitchen brought. There is also a page who can assist Sherro with personal matters and bathing. You’ll find Dudley to be a cheerful lad.”
Morwenna wrote a reply on a small piece of parchment Palaver handed her. She was glad he brought it for there was no parchment in her simple cottage, and only one pen and inkpot. She refused to think about the actual act of feeding an orc, instead she thought of Owen. An estate near her parent’s home!
Palaver took to his steed and left a cloud of dust as the horse’s hooves took her lane.
I hope I didn’t make an awful mistake.

The party from the king arrived before midday. A common farm cart, driven by two plainly dresses men, no armaments. A boy about twelve sat in the rear of the cart, and the contents were covered by canvas as though to keep out the rain, but the day was cloudless. They were hiding the transport of the orc, she realized.
Her stomach tightened. Was this going to bring danger to her and Owen? Someone had tried to kill him.
As they entered her yard she recognized one driver as a Guardsman. He leapt down.
You are here alone, Mistress?”
Yes sir, just me and my babe.”
The orc is asleep, Fiona gave him a draught for the journey because the jarring on the road would be painful. His wounded stomach pains him, as does his teeth.”
She nodded. “I moved my table to make space for a pallet.”
With that the page, a boy plain of face, thick built, with a mass of curly blond hair, jumped out of the cart and began hauling wooden planks out. A bedframe.
This is Dudley, a page from the palace. He’s a good lad.”
The boy grinned showing deep dimples, but continued unloading. Soon the three had a pallet with rope, a thick mattress, and the orc all inside her cottage.
The boy can help with your farm work. I must warn you he eats like a beast, but Fiona will be along shortly with goods.”
Morwenna was glad to learn Fiona would come by. The sheer size of the sleeping orc shocked her. His hands were the size of hams hanging from her rafter. The bed took up most of the room in her small cottage, forcing everything else back against the walls.
Do not mention to your neighbors you are hosting the orc. If he does well we will transport you north to the estate in a fortnight. It is just fourteen miles from your parents’ home. We are leaving a fast pony for the boy, in case you need help. And the lad is good with a crossbow.”
A day’s journey from her parents! She was seven days journey from home now, and it was impossible to leave a small farm for a journey. She hadn’t seen her mother since her marriage three years ago.
Morwenna had no time to dwell on that, though.
The Guardsman left. “Come, Dudley. My cottage is so small I must have you sleep in the loft, but I think you will find it comfortable.” Dudley grabbed a leather bag and his crossbow, which looked far too lethal for a twelve year old to manage. Morwenna took him to the barn and then clambered up to the hay filled loft. She was worried it would be too plain for a page, probably the scion of a wealthy family, being carefully trained in the palace. Noble families vied for such positions for their sons, she knew. “I hope you are comfortable enough. There is quite a bit of hay, and those wool blankets are a tight weave so straw won't poke through.”
I will do well, milady.” Dudley had found Patches and her latest kittens resting comfortably in the straw. “I will have company up here and I can make a comfortable bed on the straw. I will be very careful of the oil lamp, milady, and leave it on the hook. In fact I doubt I will need it much, I have excellent night vision.”
She grinned as the boy chattered on. His cheerful demeanor gave her ease and made her feel more comfortable about the leather skinned man in her cottage.

Monday, June 22, 2015

The SFR Bridgade Summer Cafe--Androids and Aliens!

Rafflecopter Contest!
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It is Android and Alien Week 
at the SFR Brigade Cafe!

Check out other authors participating!

I chose this week because my Diaspora Worlds Series has cyborgs, lab perfected humans--The Puregens-- and humanoid aliens, the Zh Cle'.

When Terrans left the Sol system for new suns, they discovered a humanoid race with lizard characteristics living in peaceful agrarian colonies. These aliens had scales, barbed tails, and some had wings for flight. As time went by, Terrans learned that Terrans and Zh Cle' could reproduce.

Technology continued to develop, and eventually some Terran colonies began not only restricting the immigration of Zh Cle' blood people to their worlds, they started perfecting their young in labs. The Zh Cle' were confined to their worlds, and not given full voting rights in the Galactic Senate. They became the underclass of the the Alliance Worlds.

Not all worlds were Alliance worlds. Some were rogue, some were enemies.   A group, The Gorvas, developed cyborg technology and turned enemy soldiers into cyborg warrior. Border skirmishes were common and the goal of the Gorvas was to get to the rich tech worlds of the Alliance.

In my series one heroine is the contract wife of a warlord. She lives in luxury with her cyborg servant--who turns out to be the son of planetary royalty. Her Cyborg Awakes

In book two (all the books can be read as stand alones) two prisoners from the high tech world Toph are chosen to play a wilderness planet survival game. Kellac is another son of the Protectorate, and he expects to be freed by diplomatic means soon. But the contest is Gema's only hope for freedom. Alien Blood

Who do the poor and helpless turn to in the future?  In book three a Starwoman with a Sanctuary on a busy commercial space hub must evacuate with all her people--with the help of a wealthy stranger who turns out to be the Heir to the Protectorate of New Prague. Starwoman's Sanctuary.

In book four we have a scientist, the youngest son of the Protectorate of New Prague who decides to marry one of the society girls his mother always hoped one of her sons would marry. But his bride has an ugly secret, and hiding with her on the southern swamp continent of New Prague is not safe at all. Escaping Poison

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

I'm working on it!

I haven't had a new release since Christmas and am feeling the pressure! I do hope to get two things out this summer. Lots going on--some carpal tunnel that has flared up, generally for a couple weeks at a time. My day job is also on a keyboard and at this point I can't really change that. Some time consuming house stuff, but eventually we would like to sell, so that time is well spent.

Debbie Sue and the Alien 

My beta reader (who is good) suggested I lengthen the 13k novella, and I thought the advice was good. Yes, pig headed though I am, I listened to advice! Parts of the story were too rushed. I expect it to be quite a bit longer, and richer for the length. This is an Alien Invasion romance set in 1954  Casper, WY. Fun to write.

Bridal Faire

I have been expanding the short story from the free antho Love Is. The setting is a world called Everland, a place with fauns and giants, orcs, made up faun types (part gryphon people, part rabbit people, antlered deer-foot fauns...) magic, wizards, castles. I actually have several stories in this world. The short story Faunication, published years ago, is set in this world.

In the planning stage:


The next book in the Diaspora Worlds Series is also the beginning of a new Mini Series, the Cyborgs of Arden. The series involves a group of cyborgs rescued from an asteroid by Dooley a secondary character in Alien Blood, and their journey home. Am planning four books.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tuesday Teaser June 2

My Tuesday Teaser today is a snippet from a later section of Debbie Sue and the Alien.

Once the ship landed, the plans the rescue teams had made were put in place, which took about a week. Trailers and tents with cots had been set up not far from the ship, with ambulances and trucks to transport the sleeping people. Close to two hundred volunteers had moved in trailers, campers and tents to make a temporary village, ready to help with waking the sleepers. Water had to be brought in from the North Platte River to a reservoir and she saw some drillers starting wells for a more permanent water supply. Road graders were busy making a road across the field to the ship.
 Military men, the Wyoming National Guard, were present, directing the trailer and tent village set ups. She saw a Vinshal Chariot flown by US service men circling the perimeter of the camp. Akarak hadn't told her they'd given fliers to the local military.

Debbie saw the LeClair sisters and joined them.
I'd love to volunteer, but with all the kids it would be impractical. Are you volunteering, Debbie Sue?”Geneva and Boneva had driven out with all their kids just to see the ship.
No. Laurie and I will keep an eye on the ranch. Every time we look there are new animals. Pigs, chickens. Draft horses. The guys fly around and find abandoned stock at ranches.”
That's good, though,” Boneva said. “It will be nice when all these people are awake, and move out to the empty farms and ranches.”

Or move home, if they are among those sleepers.” Debbie Sue said. 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Please Welcome Paulina Woods & New Release!

Please welcome author Paulina Woods!

Element – Fire (Primal)
Royal House – Purple

High above New York, in a gilded cage, Marcus lives out his lonely life. Born in captivity, he has been told he has one purpose in life, to produce powerful female witch offspring.

Michael is second in command to the general of the gargoyles army. He lives a fast and dangerous life, always looking for the next adventure. When he is captured, bound and tossed into a cage all thoughts of revenge go out the window when he is faced with his mate.

Can Michael convince Marcus that they are meant to be together or will he lose his mate before he a chance to know him?

This is book 2 in The Witches Amulet series.

Paulina is a small town girl with big dreams. She is the second oldest of three talented siblings.

As early as three she was directing her family around acting out whatever current story was in her head. At four between her older brother and her a whole universe was created which the younger siblings were introduced into as they were born.

Her natural ability to tell a story took her down many paths. She wrote plays, poems, small children books and short stories all before she went to high school.

When picking a career her councilor told her writing was a dying art and so she went to school for veterinarian science. Three years later she dropped out of university and went to a community college and took a journalism class, the rest is history.

In 2008 she graduated with her BA in Communication/Journalism from Cal State Fullerton.

Life got in the way but in 2013 she started a review blog and November 2014 her first book was published.







Reaching across the table, Michael lifts Marcus head until he is looking in his eyes. "I will not leave you when it’s time for me to go. We go together and I will take you back to my realm."
Hope lights up Marcus’ eyes for a second before dying. "There is no way out. I have watched so many males hope for a way back home only to have their wills crushed."
"Well none of those men were me." Taking a closer look at Marcus, Michael suddenly has a bad feeling. "Who is your mother?"
Looking back down Marcus starts pushing the remains his food around his plate.
"Marcus, look at me." The command has Marcus looking up.
"My mother is Queen Lilith," Marcus whispers.
Michael slumps back in his chair, he had expected it but hearing it is a different matter. He is undeniably attracted to the son of the bitch everyone wants to kill.