Saturday, April 26, 2014

W= Weekend Writing Warrior, Behind the Story #AtoZChallenge

Eight Sentence Snippet:

“No love charms--don’t you need a love charm?” Harl, a golden Satyr, same year as Adler, gave him a sly look. “How are you going to get a wife without a charm?”
“Yes, do you think some girl will just up and be your wife? You need some help.” Pondo, a lesser giant, chimed in. He was the oldest apprentice with just one year of school left, and had the advantage of looking stupid, with his bulging round eyes, but Pondo was sharp and bad tempered.  
“I’m not charming some girl into being my wife. It is unethical,” Adler growled.

This is from an upcoming short, titled Bridal Faire, which will be my entry in the free Romance Diva Antho this summer. It is part of a longer story, The Moon Fairy Bride, a high fantasy romance.

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