Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Back to Writing

Crazy week. Hubby is in the hospital with a strep infection in his leg. He's diabetic and also lost his spleen years ago so these infections make him very ill. Hoping he is well enough to come home tomorrow.

Not alot of writing getting done, though I am thinking of writing!

I'm working on Starwoman's Sanctuary:

Kyler, brother of Kaistril, Her Cyborg Awakes, helps his brother out by running with Sabralia's id chip so she and Kaistril can take off for the safety of New Prague. He ends up under a Plaza in a Starwoman's Sanctuary, a place for orphans and homeless people stuck on the space hub. On many planets the Sanctuaries are huge star shaped complexes, but here it is a series of small rooms underneath a plaza filled with shops and eateries. 

It is run by Sister Skyleen and other Starwomen, who have taken vows to care for the unfortunate. Skyleen has been a Starwoman for a decade, and is proud of the work they do on the Hub. But she knows it is time for her to leave the Order. She wants to marry and raise a family of her own, and she will make the necessary changes at her next Evaluation. 

Kyler, the handsome spacer who spent a night in the Sanctuary, suddenly tells them the hub will be invaded. He's a highly place New Prague military man, and he'll help them all get off planet. 

Is he for real? Is there really going to be an invasion? Her people are the most vulnerable on the Hub. Should she consider his offer to get the Sanctuary onto a ship and away from the hub?

One of my inspirations was this movie, Father Goose, where Cary Grant gets saddled with a group of school girls during WWII.

Also my own upbringing with the nuns at Little Flower Parochial School.

My Starwomen are not Catholic, their religion is a far flung Space religion, which is interesting to develop.

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  1. Sounds promising, Melisse. Sorry to hear about your husband. I hope he's able to come home and heal up.