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The Heroines:

Her Cyborg Awakes:
Sabralia is a Queen by birth, and in a warlord's harem.

Alien Blood:
Gema is a prisoner with a crippled.leg.

Starwoman's Sanctuary:
Skyleen runs a charity home for orphans and the elderly.

Escaping Poison:
Brielle is a society girl, and a drug addict.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

#writemotivation check up

I have been brainstorming a revised ending to my WIP. I decided my original ending was too easy, too lucky. New ending is blocked out but not written yet. It is less 'wow! lookee that! ' More logical, I think, and more time away from danger for my couple to hammer out their HEA. Before that, it was written with four adults crammed into a little transport--really not good for romance!
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