Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Hero: Hunky or Nerdy Cute?

In my second Starlander book my Heroine Jellica Rose takes off on a  perilous space journey to find a cure for her Illegal Lifeform Child's shortened life span and growth issues.

My original hero was hunky, like this, only an alien. (If you squint you can maybe see it.)

But then I had a dream with a really interesting setting--and a new hero, definitely human;

 It means replotting--but maybe the alien hero and some plot elements will work in Book 3.

I need to get with Jellica Rose.


  1. Well, I like the hunk, but you know my heart belongs to Daniel Jackson! There is just something so sexy about that man.

  2. Hi

    Hunky is all a little too obvious and to be honest those stomach muscles are more than a little creepy! He's really sexy but a little mystery is needed. I'm all for muscles but ... well yeah he looks like an alien.

    The nerdy cute guy could easily have a fantastic body under his relatively boring clothes and just as easily sweep your leading lady off her feet.

  3. Oh and did I say I do like your new blog look. Good to be a Spec Rom author-- more expansive place for your writing to be.

    @Mrs Cookie -- oh yes, I can attest to the fact that the so cute geeky guy (Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson in Stargate SG 1) is for sure a hunk under those clothes! Yeah!!

  4. I know that model/actor (I forget his name) would morph well into an alien, and I do have an alien hero idea which could work for book 3.I think I'll file him for later.

    I am more convinced my heroine Jellica Rose would be better off with the brainy but cute hero. Thanks for helping me brainstorm!

  5. Love, love, love a geeky hero, and there are never enough of them!