Saturday, January 29, 2011

STILL Editing

I did think I would have Urloon ready for submission by now but no! Seems like I've been on this project foreveah. And now I am re-editing Galacatic Game so both are in the same world. It is pleasant writing, because I love both stories and characters. And after the Cybot Awakened issue it is good to have a workable goal for future submissions, since it looks like that publisher is never going to release the book. 

(* Please look up your prospective epubs on *Preditors and Editors* and *Piers Anthony!* And email current authors for their recommendations!*)

The secondary male character in GG, Dooley, is in the batter's box because his romance starts in GG--but he loses her to a cyborg army. Oops.

Every once in a while though I have to take a break from editing and revising to write on a new story. Or pick up an old story out of my files that jumps into my brain. The story right now that is clamoring for attention is a light fantasy romance set in the same world as Faunication.  I know some of my ideas are waaaay out there and suspect this is one of them. Adler, a Griffin-taur(human torso face etc, griffin feet and wings), who is a wizard's apprentice is required to attend the Bridal Faire by his father and find a wife.  He needs to marry out of his 'kind' (long world building issue dealing with fertility) and really had not planned to marry until he reached Master Wizard status, since school keeps him so busy. Calling it Bridal Faire or Faire Reckoning.

I have new music for writing when I need to drown out the family and concentrate--but I can't do that in my quiet bedroom! Firefly soundtrack.


  1. Hi Melisse! I know where you are-- I'm editing as well. (I'll email you later about that pub you spoke of.)

    Anyway, your stories sound fab, and I can't wait to see where you'll sub them so I can read them!

  2. Yep, the Firefly Soundtrack has a variety of music that can be effective in allowing one to focus with a bit of style.

    I use it with my students on occasion when they do journal writing.