Sunday, May 10, 2015

Scifi Romance with Mom

Most SFR contains adventurous and dangerous elements--wars, rebellions, enemies, space pirates. Laser guns blast, ships escape into worm holes, or crash on barely hospitable planets. Those are all exciting elements I love. Larger that life!

But I also love just, well, ordinary life. Somewhere in those vast future worlds are families raising children, women experiencing pregnancy and childbirth and the joy and aggravation of small children, the hectic years of school, launching their young adults out into the world.

Humans grow so slowly, they are dependent for so many years on their parents. I don't see that changing. Having a child is a commitment of two decades of time, and someone has to be there to guide them into adulthood. A two year old will still need supervision-- Imagine a two year old with the remote to the family robot!

My own kids are grown now, college, jobs, cars...happy to say they are all delightful humans! My time is no longer consumed with masses of laundry, bedtime stories, school details(the details!). I can't imagine having a two year old now. So cute, so fun, so exhausting! But I do remember those times. Most of my favorite memories are of my children, which I think is pretty common.
Melisse and daughters.

Some of my books have mother heroines, and it is a subject I plan to return to!

Refugees on Urloon: Svanna, a ship supply clerk on a student observation and communication ship that gets in the way of an anomaly caused by a new weapon, ends up on Urloon, where human settlers have adapted to the sea. Even more complicated, she finds herself expecting a baby in middle age after a sexy festival, and will have to raise her child in a place that is alien to her.

Starlander's Myth: Sophie and her daughter are rescued from a life of slavery by an asteroid miner, Jack. It looks like there may be a safe harbor in her future, until their ship runs into trouble near a gas cloud.

Starwoman's Sanctuary: Skyleen has no children born to her, but she has run an orphanage, charity school and old age home for years on a busy space hub. When an invasion approaches, she must trust the stranger Kyler--a royal heir from a planet-- to help her evacuate her Sanctuary.  The young teens in Starwoman's Sanctuary reappear as young adult in Escaping Poison, which was fun for me. I can see a gen2 group of stories!

I plan to write more stories with pregnancies  and children, because it is such a life chaning time in life,

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