Saturday, September 3, 2016

Fun at the Con

Last weekend I joined author Carol Van Natta at the Fort Collins Comic Con!

We did a SFR book table on Saturday and a SFR panel on Sunday. Where we spoke in PUBLIC.

We were invited (well, Carol was invited, and she invited me for the SFR fun) to share the table and panel by Richard Keller, owner of Wooden Pants Publishing. He was a gracious host!

Rick also moderated the panel, which had far more attendees than the two I anticipated (one being my kind hearted daughter). Author Drew Bankston, who writes SF with romantic elements, joined us. So we had Romantic SF with Drew, Space Opera Adventure Romance with Carol, and Sexy SFR with me. Richard Kellar plans to publish a SFR of his own in the future.

Richard Keller also runs a radio show/podcast for writers, which I'm planning to explore.

It was a fun weekend. Who knows the impact. Many of the young people on the panel were writers, and one fan came, who is a member of the SFR Group on Facebook! 

It was a small con, very family oriented, and I wished I had written that middle grade SF I keep thinking about! Fort Collins is always lovely, and my oldest daughter drove me down and was such a huge help.

Also exciting, I'll be beta reading another of Carol's books! She has a fantastic series you should check out! Here is her Facebook:

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