Tuesday, August 23, 2016

SFR Snippet-- Love on the Space Frontier, Freedawn WIP.

From the next story in my Love on the Space Frontier Series. WIP!

The immigrant ship wasn't made to enter a planet's atmosphere, so the settlers were grouped according to location  and transported with their goods down to the planet of Celstar in smaller ships. The Freedawn Colony agent planned the journey to the planet, so they could put up their prefabs and have shelter by nightfall.
Jax’ heart rushed as they flew below the clouds for the first time and he saw his new home, where he would spend the rest of his days. He'd had enough money to leave Sarganza for the hub planet Jiang and buy his land package, but would never have funds of that nature for another move ever again. He was lucky he’d been able to get that much money together, considering the state of his family's finances after the warlord got into their accounts.
Freedawn Colony on the planet Celstar was his new life. A life without his family or homeland, and without the Power of Sarganza that had blessed his family for generations. But it was also a life without being on the losing side of an unpopular, cruel war, where he would likely die..
Below, dark woods appeared black at first, then a deep blue-green. Mountains with sharp rock summits, narrow valleys, streams and rivers...Jax’ land was open meadow, in memory of the graceful white stone Hall he'd called home as a child, surrounded by lush green lawns and fields. They were still miles from his land.
“Below you can now see the Freedawn River. It originates in the mountains to the east and eventually empties into the Aqua Ocean.” The land agent for the Freedawn Colony spoke. He had met the passengers on the ship and would check on all the settlers throughout the first few days to make sure everyone was getting along.
“The town  of  Freedawn is set on a rise overlooking the Freedawn River, with forest in the distance to the east and north, across the river.”
Fields carved out of the grasslands surround the settlement in a rough circles.  Jax could see the checkerboard effect made by different crops. Grains of all types were grown here, vegetables, berries.
“Beyond the circles you see, moving up into the foothills are other estates,” Mr Alwen, the land agent, continued. “More remote than yours, without the advantage of a town nearby, but also larger in acreages. Beyond that are borderlands, the Corridor, a small colony for either native humanoids or earlier settlers, that stretches north and south across the continent.”
“South of the Freedawn colony is the settlement of Equine, a group of horse shifter. They are allowed under the Celstar constitution. You will find them to be a peaceful farming community.”
Peaceful farming. Jax almost smiled. Once he had desired to be a Prince of Sarganza, with a grip of power over the land. Now he would be a small farmer, living in a prefab cabin of three rooms and a loft. And he was looking forward to it.

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