Sunday, July 31, 2016

About Stars Between Us

 Stars Between Us is a novella  with a release date of Aug 16, so not long now!

This romance is set in my Space Frontier Worlds, a Wild West  and Steampunk inspired Space Opera series.  It is a bit of a mishmash world, with some fantasy elements(shifters). 

I was raised in Montana by parents who took us to every historical site in the state. My grandparents homesteaded outside Laurel, Montana. When their hunting dog got a bad hit by a porcupine, my grandfather drove the dog to town, three days by buckboard. Pioneering is in my blood!

This series is in general set on a planet named Celstar, an Earth-like world with carefully planned immigration.

In Stars Between Us, my young lovers are stuck on a huge commercial space station. Veras is the son of a well off businessman, who will be leaving for a distant planet soon to study medicine.  Odessa, a single mother who works on the space dock, first met Veras as a wild dancehall girl, complete with an intoxicant problem. When they meet again they are at different stages in life and know their days together will be short. Their short affair is emotional enough without the stunner drones that attack!


“Odessa.” Veras pulled her into an awkward embrace, since Odessa still held Garnet’s seat by the handle. The warmth of his body against her erased any words of greeting. She slid her free hand up and down his back assuring herself Veras was really here with her after all this time. She blinked away tears. This was no place for an emotional moment. He’d think she was crazy, desperate.
“So glad you came.” Veras took Odessa by the hand and pulled her to a booth in the rear of the eatery, a private seating area.
“Glad we could meet before you leave.” She was finally able to speak though her voice was husky. It was important for her to remember Veras was leaving in a couple days, perhaps to never return to the space station.
They ordered a meal and while they waited for it Odessa fed Garnet a self warming bottle of mixed baby formula and breast milk.
“She is smaller than I expected,” Veras said.
“She was born premature, plus her father was short. I don’t think she’ll be very tall as an adult.”
Veras shook his head. “Hard to believe you have a child.”
“I know.” She smiled wryly and wiped a drop of formula from the baby's chin. “I’m clean now, though, so I can take care of her right.”
“How do you know what to do with a baby?”
“I took a class. Plus my childcare woman is really a great resource.”
“You look really good. Healthy. I’ve never seen your hair so long.”
Odessa felt her face heat. “I remember my mother wore her hair long, so I decided to let it grow. Something I could do to try to remember her.”

Their food arrived. “What made your grandfather decide to send you all the way to Charity Wells for medical school?”

I have two other short reads in this series, and have another two planned.

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