Sunday, November 29, 2015

#Snippet Sunday Nov 29

The good news and the bad:

I have been working on a space opera Christmas story set in the Diaspora Worlds, which I hope to get out by Christmas. The bad is my lungs just aren't cooperating, so between the meds and the fatigue I can't guarantee anything right now. Such is life. 

I had two bad inciting incidents--a large, chemically laden fire in my area(ten houses burned down), then a week later a chemical anaphylactic shock incident at work, so have done my time in the ER and hospital rooms.  It is inflammatory asthma, the type that doesn't respond to rescue inhalers and breathing treatments. Over time it will get better, and of course there are steroids...So white light, prayers, interpretive alien dances for healing would be welcome!

Here is a Snippet from the short  Christmas in Space story, Far From Home.  
Ps. There be Cyborgs.

Misty pulled the weird gauze clothes back on and went to the bedroom.  She stared at the sleeping child...could it be Haylee? In a new body? Why else would a child be in her room? They had spent a week together at the exclusive clinic in Switzerland, and she remembered giving Haylee’s father a Chronocorp's pamphlet...Since it didn’t look like Haylee would make it, either.
“Haylee? She rubbed the child’s shoulder. “Haylee?”
“Haylee, it that you?”
The child woke, thick, curly lashes rising over light brown eyes.
“It’s Misty. Do you remember me? From the Lake Lucerne Institute?”
The child frowned. “You are not Misty. She had blond hair and blue eyes.”
“I know I did. But I am Misty.” 
How to convince the child? “I know. What’s the last thing we did together before I went in for my procedure?”
The child grinned with dimples like the ones Misty had  seen in the mirror. They were practically twins, except for the difference in age.
“We watched a movie marathon. And you gave me Ron, Harry and Hermione stuffed dolls.”
Haylee wrinkled her nose. “The popcorn made both of us nauseous.”
“But not the floats!”
Haylee laughed and sat up. She plucked at the stretch gauze clothing. “Why do you look so different?”
“I don’t know. Maybe something to do with Chronocorps? You look just like me, we could be sisters. There is a mirror in the bathroom if you want to see your new face.”
They went in and peered at themselves in the mirror.
“We look alike, you could be my mom.”
“Yeah, if I had a baby in eighth grade.”
Haylee giggled. “What is with these mummy clothes?” She held her arms out stiff and shuffled back to the main room like an old movie mummy. "And I don't feel sick anymore."
“I don’t know. Some type of medical thing? I guess they can get IV lines in anywhere.”
A small disc shaped machine flew up through a slot on the door. It carried a bag which it dropped onto Misty’s bed. Then it flew up near her face.

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