Sunday, October 11, 2015

October News

I have new paranormal covers! These three novellas are .99 this week!

I had a visit from my sister, niece and adorable grandniece! It was fun to spend some time with them since none around here. Writing life was on hold for a couple days!

Debbie Sue is in edits and I am thinking a November release.  Haven't decided if I will do a pre-order, but I'll look into it next weekend. Hubby is a little under the weather so am taking my time since I need to stepback for family things the next few weeks. I figure I can spends weeknights when I have less time working on rough drafts, and weekends on edits!

I am working on a Diaspora World's story for an antho--with a space pet! Also got involved with a shared world project that sounds fun, but that is for December 2016.

Take care! You can find me handing out at the SFR Romance Group.

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