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Welcome Cynthia Sax! Releasing Rage

Welcome My Guest, Cynthia Sax!

Cyborgs In Hiding
Cynthia Sax

Cyborgs are oh-so-sexy, manufactured males with abilities surpassing a human’s, but they can also be tricksy. (grins) They aren’t always what they seem.

In Melisse’s Her Cyborg Awakes, Qy aka Kaistril, the cyborg hero, conceals his warrior nature while in servitude to a depraved Emperor. After he frees himself, Kaistril once again becomes the male he truly is.

In Releasing Rage, my most recent cyborg romance, Rage also has to hide his true nature, his true feelings. He’s enslaved by the Humanoid Alliance. The humans view him as an unprocessing, unfeeling machine, a weapon of war. They believe he has to obey their orders.

He doesn’t. Cyborgs are half man and half machine. Their human sides allow them to operate independently, to make their own decisions, to overrule commands they don’t agree with.

Rage is merely biding his time, acting like a machine, until he and his cyborg brethren can escape. He can’t lie. That’s built into his programming. But he doesn’t have to tell the truth. He can remain silent, keeping his feelings and his plans hidden.

This sounds like a great strategy. Unfortunately, he is pushed too far by his human masters and he loses his temper (there’s a reason he chose Rage as a name for himself). When a cyborg loses his temper, beings die.

While temporary out of emotional control, Rage also shows his true nature to Joan, the human heroine. She sees his passion, his anger, his frustration, and eventually, his interest in her.

Because that’s one challenging part about being in hiding. If you’re concealing the core of yourself, your feelings, your thoughts, your beliefs, and you meet the love of your life, will he still fall in love with you? If he does and then he eventually meets the true you, will he love that version of yourself also?

Sabralia respects and cares for the docile servant, Qy. Will she do the same for the warrior, Kaistril? Readers of Melisse’s Her Cyborg Awakes know the answer to that.

If Joan had met Rage while he was acting like an emotionless machine, would she have given him the control and respect he desired? I don’t even know the answer to that question. They would have completely different first impressions of each other.

Have you ever met a perspective love interest or friend while acting like someone you aren’t? Did your relationship survive the revelation of your true self?

Releasing Rage

Half Man. Half Machine. All Hers.

Rage, the Humanoid Alliance's most primitive cyborg, has two goals--kill all of the humans on his battle station and escape to the Homeland. The warrior has seen the darkness in others and in himself. He believes that's all he's been programmed to experience.

Until he meets Joan.

Joan, the battle station's first female engineer, has one goal--survive long enough to help the big sexy cyborg plotting to kill her. Rage might not trust her but he wants her. She sees the passion in his eyes, the caring in his battle-worn hands, the gruff emotion in his voice.

When Joan survives the unthinkable, Rage's priorities are tested. Is there enough room in this cyborg's heart for both love and revenge?
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