Sunday, March 8, 2015

Weekend Writing Warriors: Fairy Bride 3/7

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This is a snippet from my fantasy romance, so far titled The Fairy Bride. It will release the end of April!

*Adler's father demanded he find a bride at a spring Bridal Faire. Instead of one of the well dressed girls at the balls and tea parties, Adler chose a fruit vendor with a cruel mistress and a mystery.*

The carpet arrived on the wind, a foul stench preceding it. Adler felt the apple he just gobbled down try to fight its way back up.
The carpet flew past and he felt Ayperi relax against him. Then it turned around.
I know she’s around here. I can smell her.” The voice was low and harsh.
Ayperi grabbed his arm tight.

                                       (The title will change so this is a WIP cover!)

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