Saturday, January 24, 2015

Shifters in Space

I will be starting a new Diaspora Worlds mini series: Diaspora Worlds~Under Distant Stars, the first book being Lorl and Rivier's story, Farradae. 

Both characters were in Alien Blood. Lorl is a Puregen from hitech Toph, and Rivier is a winged and spike-tailed Zh Cle' from Farradae. Lorl wants to live quietly on Farradae, raising her small son sand two adopted daughters, but the invaders who devastated her homeworld have other ideas.

Another series I am working on is new! Starpath

The cat shifter colony has searched for a home for generation. Currently most of them live on a couple bioships , but they long for a world with fields and forest. If only they could find the path of the Ancients, who seeded many worlds with flora and fauna similar to ancient Terra.


Rohan and his band are popular on the richest worlds in the Vangellis Confederation. They are also spies, looking for one thing, the path of the Ancients leading to habitable worlds. They learn of information on war torn world. Talia, the young tech who is an expert in the computer system they need, is not a shifter and not prepared to survive on a planet full of hostile forces. She is Rohan's special project.

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