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SFR Brigade Showcase


Release Day December 24, 2014!

The book will be releasing at Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Itunes, ARe and Apple .
Watch four the Sons of the Protectorate four book bundle and print versions.

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Karvar's gorgeous bride Brielle collapsed on their wedding night and almost died. Before he quietly ends the marriage Karvar will do the right thing and ensure she is healthy and safe. Unknown enemies forced her into drug addiction and blackmailed her to spy on the Protectorate family, so he can't really be angry with her, but he also can't imagine staying married to someone who kept such a secret from him.  

A few weeks living in isolation at an old science station in the Big Poison is the best way to hide her while she recovers. Karvar can study the latest cyborg appliances the Alliance has collected while Brielle rests. It won't be the honeymoon villa on the Chen Chen coast, but they will survive.

Late one night they leave the dome to see a rare Neon Orchid, a night blooming flower.  The science station explodes. 

Someone wants Brielle dead.

Short Except

Karvar sat on his terrace overlooking the lights of New Prague City feeling a mix of anticipation and satisfaction. The wedding had been perfect, his bride glorious. Tomorrow they would leave for a very long honeymoon. Karvar sipped a glass of wine while he waited for his bride. A simple meal had been left for them, since the wedding feast had been sumptuous.

The entire wedding and reception had been elegant, thanks to his bride’s planning. He’d chosen well. She was lovely, intelligent and well organized.

So what if his brothers thought he was insane.

“You seriously let Mother pick a bride for you?” Kaistril shook his head in disgust. 

But Kaistril was married to Sabralia, who rescued him from a Gorvas warlord… It was different for Karvar. He’d stayed here on New Prague the whole time his brothers were having wild adventures with their wives-to-be. He’d gone to work daily, escorted his parents to social events in the evenings, lobbied for political causes, officiated ceremonies. All things a son of the Protectorate of New Prague did. 

He needed a wife  who moved comfortably through New Prague society… Brielle was perfect.

He heard the door swipe open and turned to greet his bride. They would have their wedding night here, then a month long honeymoon on the Chen Chen coast.

Brielle entered the room. Her  eyes were huge, and her dark chocolate hair fell in waves nearly to her waist. Tall and fine boned, she still managed to have lovely curves under the gown of ivory lace with gold and pink embroidered flowers. Those full pink lips he loved to watch curved into a smile as she walked gracefully toward him.

She toppled over and crashed into the table that held their meal. 

“Brielle,” he cried as he rushed to her. She gasped a few times, eyes shut, skin paler than the lace of her gown, and then—nothing. He hit his armcom. “This is Karvar Anselm, from my suite in the palace. Emergency, medical! Brielle is not breathing.” 

He then started cardiac procedures on his bride.

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