Sunday, October 12, 2014

October News

Latest News:

Diaspora Worlds Book 4 is in edits, so it won’t be too long. I am planning a Christmas-time release. The book has a new name, Escaping Poison, and a new cover! Be watching for my next newsletter—I plan to have this book for free for ONE day, and I’ll make sure you all know when. It will be only on Amazon, but it is DRM free so you can easily change the format to ebub or pdf.

I also have a fantasy short story set in a world called Northlands, a Middle Earth/Narnia type magical world. This is a beauty and the beast type romance with a part-orc. In my world orcs are a bit like werewolves—a bite can change you—which is what happened to my hero. Not sure my hero here looks beastly enough here. I could turn him gray or breen. Greige…but the colors are so PRETTY.

I am starting to put the Diaspora Worlds books into print, you can find them on my *Amazon page*.

I joined Pinterest. My biggest board is a Harry Potter board, Mischief Managed, but I also have started ‘world’ boards for my books. I also have a Free Crochet Patterns board where the pictures link to the patterns. So handy!

Nearly done but I want to let you all know~ I got the rights back to a steampunk space western romance and it will be free on Amazon on October 14th ( my oldest daughter’s birthday!).

Happy reading!

Melisse Aires

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