Thursday, April 10, 2014

I=Injured! Behind the Story #AtoZChallenge

Yes, injured.I myself have mobility issues and am very cautious of having a fall so when Gema showed up in Alien Blood with a leg injury, it seemed logical at some point she would have a fall.

In Her Cyborg Awakes, Kaistril has a fail safe from his cyborg implants. Nasty!

In Starwoman's Sanctuary both Skyleen and Kyler are able bodied...but one of the teens ion their care receives a terrible injury.

In my upcoming book, Neon Orchid, Karvar has a long history of eye issues, and unintended consequence of his lab created eyes. He compensates with cyborg appliances. And his bride...a drug addict in her youth, she is on a recovery plan to heal.  Not a great time to get stranded in an alien jungle.

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