Tuesday, April 8, 2014

H= Her Cyborg Awakes, Behind the Story #AtoZChallenge

In a way, my Diaspora Worlds Series is a series of non kick-a** heroines! I myself have never even once had a moment of athletic talent or kick a** ability and I wanted to build stories around women I related to. 

Gema in Alien Blood is lame in one leg and attempting an outdoor survival competition. Before the competition she as an orphan, a non-citizen stuck on a Puregen (lab perfected humans) World. 

Skyleen in Starwoman's Sanctuary manages a charity that involves orphans, elderly folk and a charity school for the working class families of the Hub. Her days involve meal prep, teaching and fund raising...not shooting weapons or using martial arts.

Sabralia, in Her Cyborg Awakes, was married off to a Gorvas warlord as a teen, so her basic education was never completed. And the kind of things a woman learns in a harem has very little to do with kicking anyone's assets. Since she is a legal wife, she has a suite of rooms, lovely clothing and her own cyborg servant, the handsome Qy. She doesn't have friends or family or any real purpose in life until her husband, Emperor Sirn decides the woman of the harem will entertain his officers at a feast. She decides to hide during the feast rather than service the officers.

This book is free on all vendors.

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