Monday, April 7, 2014

G= Gryphentaur , Behind the Story #AtoZChallenge

For letter G I am giving info about a fantasy I am working on.  The series is called the Halfman Realms and the world is a high fantasy world with inspirations from Fairy tales, the Narnia books, Middle Earth and mythology.

 Fauns. I have those. I also have centaurs, giants, fairies, wizards and wood witches. Plus I have some made up magical races.

Buntaurs are a type of faun with rabbit legs, feet, tails and lop ears. Some are quite small, like in my short story Faunication. Others are huge, almost the size of a Lesser Giant.

Fauns--I have Antlered Fauns, like the old Forest Gods.

Adler, the hero of my story Bridal Faire, coming this summer in the Romance Diva Antho, is a Gryphentaur. He is a big fellow, with wings like a gryphen, and lion feet. He is a good flyer, a physically strong man all around. His vision, like an eagle's, is telescopic.

The son of  the Karl of High Reaches, a northern state along the mountainous border of the Lesser Giant land, Adler is a student of wizardy. Someday he will take over the positions as both Karl and Wizard for High Reaches.

He attends boarding school at Master Shoji's School of Magick, a small school in the country with a dozen or so young men who attend from age eleven to age twenty three. His father, a difficult man, suddenly decides Adler should marry and sends him off to the Bridal Faire in a distant city.

The story Bridal Faire is a short teaser and will be continued in the full story The Dawn Bride.

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