Sunday, April 6, 2014

F= Farradae, Behind the Story #AtoZChallenge


In Diaspora Worlds Book Two, Alien Blood, my intrepid wilderness survival couple and their cohorts eventually land in a colony of Zh Cle'. The Zh Cle' long ago attempted to emigrate in an old ship, Farradae. They crash landed but thrived, building an equatorial beach town.  The white sand beach and  a city built on the hill are unexpected, and gorgeous.

One of my characters chooses to stay there. Her homeworld is overrun with  the Gorvas, and she has her own small child and two adopted children to care for. Eventually I will get her story out, but here is an excerpt from Alien Blood:
The medics left with Kellac and Gema. Soon a small group of men came to the beach. The first Zh Cle’ man that got out was tall, muscled but thin, with broad shoulders. In the setting sunlight his hair was nearly the color of the orange sky. His eyes were deep set, piercing and blue green like the sea. The hard beetle-like wing covers on his back were bright iridescent green, and he had a long sectioned tail that ended in a lethal looking barb.
“Lorl of Toph?”
She held Ulric tighter. “I am Lorl. This is my son Ulric. And Dooley, our pilot.”
“I am Rivier.” He said his consonant r with a roll, and something shivered down Lorl’s spine. “We welcome you. By morning we will have arranged for housing for you in our village. We have a number of guest houses for our brethren who live in the countryside. One will be prepared for you. But rest assured the beach is a safe location. You need have no fear of spending the night here.
“Do you have your needs met? We have brought you fresh food, water and other beverages,” he continued.
“Thank you. We are fine. Especially with the food and drink you’ve arranged. It will be a nice change from our packaged meals.”
Lorl had a sudden feeling of disengagement, as if she was speaking in a dream. Was this truly her life? On a beach on an alien planet, chatting with a Zh Cle’? Who I find attractive? She scrubbed a hand over her forehead, trying to regain her composure.

“We will leave you to eat and rest. When we know of your friend's condition you will be notified.”


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