Sunday, March 23, 2014

Where I am at

I have a fantasy romance short going to betas this weekend, Bridal Faire. It will be in the Free Romance Diva Antho this summer.

Neon Orchid... I was unhappy with a plot direction and so am redoing a large portion of the middle. Not my favorite thing to do, but when you take a wrong turn you have to correct. Probably won't release until May, but we will see. I am thinking once I get passed the new middle it will fall together fast. I rarely have to do this type of revision because I plan ahead. But I planned something that didn't work in the long run.

World Building 2 new series:

One Scifi Rom, Cyborg Sisterhood, female obsolete cyborgs are turned into baby carriers for a group of planetary leaders whose fertility was compromised...but they wake up. Escape is the plan. Am thinking 4 books.

One Contemporary fantasy/paranormal Dark Creek, a magical town set in Eastern Montana

Launching: High Fantasy Romance, The Halfman Realm. Freebie Bridal Faire. Several other stories in the series are done in rough draft, need revisions and editing.

Ambitious, I know. But I am crossing fingers that we will get moved and mortgage free, so I can concentrate on writing!

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