Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Book Hooks: From Neon Orchid Book Four (WIP)

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Latest cover attempt. : )

This is a work in progress, set to release the end of February. Other books in the Diaspora Worlds series can be found *here.*

    Brielle slid off the float chair and rushed to the tiny creature. She didn’t think it could bite so she slid it into her hands. It was as long as her smallest finger, a puff of lilac fluff with patterned fuzz on her wings, darker lavender swirls with specks of green. It cried, a piteous whistle, the tiny soft body quivering. Large, round dark eyes and small circle mouth gave it an eerily human face, with a frill of vertical feathers  like a tiny crown.   

 Karvar might know if the wing needed set. She got back in her float chair and flew back to the dome as fast as she could. 

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