Sunday, October 20, 2013

High Fantasy Romance Coming Soon--MAP!

I have a high fantasy short novel I've been sitting on for some time, Fauntasy. I decided to get it out for Christmas. It is set in the same world as my short story, Faunication. I actually have several wips set in this world. Have no idea if anyone would buy them!

The Three Realms, a country divided into the Faunlands(on the coast) The Bunlands (central) and the Centaur Plains, across the mountains toward the east.

Here's a map(not finished yet):

And a cover mock up.

The Three Realms consists of three peoples, the Fauns, the Buntaurs (like fauns, human above, but buns have rabbit ears, feet and furred legs) And Centaurs. While other beings live in this world, the Three Realms adopted a religious and political stance several generations ago, that only the three(well, and they can't deny the humans and giants who live far away) exist, and it is an abomination for a couple to mate or marry outside their kind. Their birth rate has plunged and their country faces a crisis because so very few children are born.

Tip, a bun, and Woodrose (classic faun) are both orphans who have survived together in the Port City for many years, growing to adulthood together. They know their love is forbidden, but Woodrose is pregnant. If she bares a bun child, they and the child will be thrown into a Purification Camp, where the child might find a bun family willing to adopt him, but Tip and Woodrose will die in the camps from forced labor.

Tip works on the loading docks, where his size and strength are prized. He learns of an odd journey to the forbidden Old Forest, where his family once had a steading.

Can he smuggle Woodrose to the Old Forest? This  might be her only chance.

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