Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Meet Gema

I am writing a series of blogs about my heroines. This week, meet Gema.

Gema is the heroine in Alien Blood, Book Two of  the Diaspora Worlds.

In my mind she looks a bit like Tara from Buffy. Pretty, big eyes.
Gema's family came from a low-tech Terran Colony. She lost her parents as a child and was left stranded on Toph

Toph is a high-tech wealthy planet with a PureGen Constitution. Natural -born humans can't have citizenship on Toph, only PureGens. Gema had no advocate on the planet, and soon slipped between the cracks. Injured in the crash that killed her parents, Gema did not receive the type of medical care she needs so lived with a lame leg. 

She eventually ended  up  in the Toph Women's Penetentiary.
The Game, a popular survival show, chose Gema to be the female contestant on the latest show. 

Her partner is Kellac, A PureGen from New Prague. One of the sons of the planetary ruler he was jailed due to a trumped up charge and is awaiting diplomatic settlement and release.

Gema knows she is the underdog, the contestant the PureGen audience will vote against. The audience will love Kellac.

It's hard not to love him.

(Yes, young Rob Lowe)

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