Monday, September 2, 2013

Is it Fantasy? Is it Sci-fi? Upcoming books

I have an editor lined up for mid October for a novella. A Deadline! I had originally hoped this would be for book 4 of my Diaspora Worlds series, but I feel the world building needs to 'jell.' It is not set in a setting that is in any way familiar to me (well, as familiar as a sci-fi setting can be!). 

Her Cyborg Awakes--palace, beach, spaceship, space station... All within my comfort zone. Alien Blood, set in a wilderness of prairies and river, space station, spaceships, a hillside city overlooking the ocean...again, not unfamiliar. Starwoman's Sanctuary--the big setting change there is the Recondin, but once inside a Recondin it is very Earth-like.

Neon Orchid. Crazy alien jungle. With beasts, poisonous plants and spores, swampy areas--and my couple are right there in it. This is taking far more planning/world building than I anticipated. It is fascinating, though. So it won't be going to an editor in October!

I do have another novella, though. Well of Realms. It might be sci-fi, but the science is of the Planet X Doomsday variety. Pole shift cataclysm, followed by a Pulse from space that kills most people, alters some into monsters. It also opens a portal to other dimensions, a portal that has been on the Earth before and is remembered in myth and legend. A pool at the base of an ancient tree. So, fantasy too. Or maybe just fantasy!

Also, just for fun I will have a free read with a harvest theme.  A sci-fi with settlers on an Agri-world. In their world scientific experimentation developed  Shimmers--humans that can shift into animals-- and Synths, lab born synthetic humans used as slaves. Shimmers, who can appear completely human, have achieved equal status with humans, but Synths are often deliberately made to be simple minded and unable to grasp complex issues... But an unintended consequence, some Synths can procreate with humans, making an underclass of hybrids. My heroine is a Synth hybrid, hero is a Shimmer. It will be part of the Romance Diva Free reads this October. Harvest Moons

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