Thursday, July 11, 2013

Editing, Weeping and Musing

Not weeping due to the edits, though. When I am in the editing mood I enjoy it. But there is a scene in Starwoman's Sanctuary that makes me weepy. Don't know if it will do that to anyone else. Hopefully the angst will come through.

I do love one of the locations in Starwoman, and I will revisit in in Arla'sstory. In this book I introduce it, but in Arla's story I will really get to delve into it.This is in a Liveship and yes, there are mammoths. A little person, mammoths, a liveship...and the kitchen sink!

I think the order of books are

Farradae--Lorl and Rivier from Alien Blood
Arla's Liveship (working title)--Arla and Krishal from Starwoman's Sanctuary

Both these books take  place on the timeline before Big Poison Station, but I am completing the Four Brother's books first. Farradae and Arla's story happen during the Gorvas war.

Cirque Du Cyborg -- Takes place in the unrest following the War, after Big Poison Station. Dooley and 2LN's story(Alien Blood)

Prisma Wakes. Probably a short story, maybe a freebie, characters from Cirque du Cyborg.

Illegal Lifeforms --Karvar's mousey Terran assistant from Big Poison Station does a crazy thing for a good looking Puregen she's had a crush on for years.

These are not military books, but they take place in a backdrop of war and the characters are affected by it. The world they know changes because of it. I myself am not military...but all my uncles and my father were WWII vets. My hubby and many young men I knew as a young woman were drafted for the Viet Nam war, and every night we watched the news to see how many soldiers died in Viet Nam and prayed for them the next day in Catholic School. We had nuclear bomb drills in Montana, and even as a child I knew it was a First Strike place due to the missiles along the Hiline. Somewhere in the background, that ugliness was always churning. 

I hope I can bring that  type of background to the series.

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