Saturday, March 16, 2013

New Prague

This weekend I am fine tuning Starwoman's Sanctuary. When I get weary of editing I'll hop over to book 4 in my series, Big Poison Station.

Unlike the other books in the Diaspora Worlds Series, Big Poison Station takes place  on the brothers' homeworld, New Prague. Far from being a paradise, New Prague is a planet discovered early in the Terran Diaspora and has deep ties to Terra. New Prague is not a Seeder world--those Earth-like worlds seeded in ancient times with flora and fauna familiar to Terrans. The wilderness planet in Alien Blood, Farradae, is a Seeder world.

New Prague has air, water and reasonable temperatures for human life, but many of the plants have poisonous spores.  It also has vast regions of rare ores and has been heavily mined. On the northern continent is a huge high tech city  built inside climate controlled domes. Spaceship building and weapons manufacturing are New Prague's economic base. Much of the city is utilitarian, with dorm type housing for immigrant workers, though the Palace of the Protectorate is luxurious and beautiful.

A smaller northern continent has limited agricultural activity and mining, with rural stations many square miles in size.

The southern continents are wild jungles, unexplored and full of strange animals, insects, predators and poisonous plants. A few science stations are scattered about, and many labs are interested in the plants for pharmaceuticals and other uses.