Friday, February 15, 2013

SFR Brigade Presents!

My snippet this week is from a short story in my Diaspora Worlds Series. The story takes place during Book Five, Cirque du Cyborg, which is the story of Dooley and Cyborg 2ln (Lirielle), who first appear in Alien Blood.

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We—the cyborgs—were striking a mining operation on an asteroid. I can picture a few flashes of light and fields of dark sharp rock. Those aren’t really memories but undamaged recordings in my memory bank. Then I was here, aboard Dooley’s ship.  That’s when my real memories start. 

I don’t mind that I can’t remember that battle or other parts of my cyborg life. I do wish I could remember the life I had before they turned me into a cyborg. But I don’t have those memories back yet, and my appliances were fitted into my brain more than the other cyborgs. That is probably why I can’t remember my name or anything about my past. Dooley thinks the scientists and doctors on New Prague might be able to help, but we are a very long way from New Prague.


  1. SFR with an emphasis on SF? Sounds very interesting, Melisse.

  2. Makes me hope the scientists will be able to help too. I like the character already!