Thursday, February 14, 2013

Free for Five Days!

Free Through The Weekend!

Darlene is a widowed mom of a teen son. She goes to work, then comes home to care for Brian. But he doesn't need her like he used to. Maybe it is time to think about her own life...

An accidental glance at her son's computer changes everything. She barges into a wild college party to find her only child near death. And then the vampire turns on her.

Vare, head of the Vampre Clan O'Kiernan, rescues her from the rogue vampire. He can save her son--but only by transforming him into a vampire. And Brian will have to live with the Clan or risk turning into a dangerous rogue.

Passion flares between Darlene and Vare, but can she fit in a vampire world?



   “Will he stay seventeen forever?” The thought that he would be an awkward teen for the rest of his life made her throat ache. She'd been so looking forward to Brian growing up and leaving the awkward teen years behind. Now all her plans, all their plans for his future, were shattered.
   “No, he will mature to manhood, but he will age very slowly after attaining his full growth. Vampires do not age as humans do.”
   Darlene began to relax as he spoke. His voice had a quality she couldn't name, but it seemed to resonate within her. His bite mark throbbed in response to his voice, and tingles of desires swirled down between her legs. She pressed them together tightly, both to provide some pressure and to try to quell the desire beginning to overwhelm her.
   Vare leaned toward her, and the deep blue of his eyes mesmerized her. “I can feel what you feel, and you may not realize it, but you are picking up my emotional state, too,” Vare said.
   “What do you mean?”
   “Attraction. Desire.” The husky way he spoke the words sent a shiver down her spine. “It is part of the feeding experience that we shared.”
   “You mean it makes us attracted to each other?”
   The way Vare said the word made heart leap in response. She dragged in a sharp breath, then looked at him. “I don't know about that...have you looked at you? You are very handsome.”
   “And you are lovely.”
    "I am?” Darlene's eyes widened in surprise. “Tonight a girl at the party called me old and fat.”
   Vare's eyes traveled up and down her body. Darlene's nipples hardened in response to his gaze on her breasts and she caught her breath.
   “You are neither.” Vare reached out a hand and gently caressed her cheek. “I would love to share a night with you. But there would be ramifications that you would not like later. My semen has the same properties as the elixir from my teeth. Even if we used protection, there is some in my saliva, also. And I do not think I would be able to stop myself from biting. It is part of a vampire's sexual nature.”
   “Oh. So it would be a bad idea?” Darlene was surprised at how deep her disappointment went. She was also surprised she was actually considering sleeping with him.
   “Very. You would be connected to me for a much longer time, and both of us would have a difficult time resisting each other. So we would have more sex, and deepen the connection until it became a bond. We would become psychically connected. It would take you away from your life in the daylight, and bring you into my life in the dark.”
   “Oh.” She twisted her face into a deep thought, trying to remember why this would be a bad thing. 
   “Oh! You would be stuck with me. And I'm so not the vampire lover type. Not exotic.”      She thought back to how the vampire woman looked at that party. Sexy, sleek, dangerous. Hot. Darlene looked down at her chubby thighs clad in faded denim and the baggy pink sweatshirt, then at his hard sculpted body. Worlds apart.
   Darlene sighed and her head began to pound in pain. Vampires, her son, violence, sudden sexual awareness...her emotions clashed and she felt physically and mentally battered.
   Vare seemed to know. He led her out to the sitting room area and helped her onto the sofa.  “Ron, you can take a break for awhile,” he said to a silver haired man playing a hand held video game. “I don't think we need to stand guard tonight.” The man nodded and left.
  “I will get you something to drink. Is there anything else you need?”
  “Something for a headache?” Darlene doubted that vampires owned pain relievers, so she was somewhat surprised when he returned with a glass of ice, a can of cola and a bottle of aspirin.
   “Thanks,” she said. She tried to look calm, but her hands shook too much to open the pill bottle. Vare again came to her rescue.
   “You need to try and calm down,” he said. “You will make yourself ill.” Vare took her hand, rubbing his thumb across the pulse of her inner wrist. She knew he meant to comfort her, but electric thrills ran through her, reaching every secret place.
   “How can I calm down? My son's nearly dead, and the only reason I haven't called the ambulance is because you sunk your fangs into me” She wiped away a tear. “Vampires are real, my son will become a vampire, and now I want to sleep with you.” Her thoughts blurted out and she burst into tears again, ducking her head in embarrassment.
Vare pulled her into his arms, and she couldn't help the flood of desire that swept through her.    
   “You are not a bad mother. You have given your son a chance. His life doesn't have to be a tragedy.”
   It made her cry even harder and she buried her face against his chest in embarrassment. His very hard, well-muscled chest. Darlene slid her arms around his waist. Holding him tight made her feel better.
   “Try to calm down.” Vare's voice was soothing, as was his hand rubbing gently at the nape of her neck.
   “It helps when you touch me,” Darlene whispered into his chest, sobs evaporating into melting warmth.
  “That is part of the effect of the vampire elixir released in the feeding. It works on me, too.”
   “You feel comforted?”
   “No. I feel something different.” His voice rasped in her ear, making her shiver. Darlene pulled him tighter.

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