Thursday, February 7, 2013

Creativity and Chaos

I love unexpected twists and turns in a plot! Not so much in real life.

We've started a new journey as hubby is now unemployed.  Early retirement due to health issues. The job he has done for so long is too hard on his diabetic feet, leading to lots of problems that could become incredibly difficult. It already has been, with numerous infections and hospitalizations over the past few years. Diabetic neuropathy  is not something to ignore.

While it does mean less income--he was the larger wage earner--it also means there is a chance at a better quality of life, and frankly less medical bills. We might even come out ahead. His foot doctor thinks he'll get SSD.

Sitcoms often joke about podiatrists, but our foot doctor is basically a wound specialist. He makes special orthotics that keep pressure off the wound, too. For someone like my husband with the delicate feet, the doctor makes a huge difference. A general practitioner actually had my husband scrubbing his very thin skinned feet with a pumice stone, which cause a huge ulcer. We dealt with that ulcer for months, because diabetics heal so slowly on the feet.

Hubby was off work for six weeks this summer with that ulcer, healing from a bad infection, and it was so good to see his feet with healthy skin. This time around the infection isn't as bad, we know he will heal up and there's a much better chance  future problems will be prevented or caught before there is real danger. So I'm relieved about that.

I find it difficult to write when things are chaotic at home, and just going to visit in the hospital saps all my strength. Creativity for me comes from calmness with in. I think this is common--when needs are met people then have the time and energy to create.

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