Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013, a year of CALM

2012 was a roller coaster year and not a year I want to relive. I recovered slowly from knee replacement, with lots of tendonitis. A year after the surgery, I have pain free days but still find activities like shopping in the mall challenging. Stores are easier, I can push a cart. I know that knee will continue to get stronger and better. The other knee will have to be replaced in a year or two. So I'm looking at perhaps three more years until I have the mobility I want. But that is better than the alternative.

Hubby spent some days in the hospital with a diabetic infection but since then he has been well!

Oldest daughter developed an illness, dropped out of college. Arg. She is teaching preschool full time and is doing better, has a cute apartment with her boyfriend. Mom worries about her education, though.

I started a new job, great pay and benefits, longer hours. Still adjusting!

My twins started college and are doing well. They have gobs of scholarships so life is pretty good for them. One is trying to get an internship in Maine(we live in Wyoming, so that is a long distance!).

I self published all my backlist that I got back from various small publishers over the past couple years. Did some rewriting and got them up. Some of them have made quite a bit of money--all have made more money than they did while with small presses. Book three of my Diaspora Worlds series will come out this winter. I have found self publishing to be the most stress free publishing I've ever done!

In 2013 I am branching out to children's fiction--new pen name and blog for that. It is something that has been in the back of my mind for years, and was the original plan when I started writing years ago. Will see where that goes. Not sure if I'll go with self publishing for that.

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  1. New year, new beginnings. Hopefully we'll all see awesome book sales in 2013.