Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Diaspora Worlds Heroines: Strong Women

Strong women are the norm in Scifi romance. I think that is one of the reasons so many of us love the genre.

In my Diaspora Worlds series I have strong heroines, but none are military or kick ass warrior women. Their strength abides in their will and desire to overcome adversity. I wanted to write heroines with characteristics I admire from women I had the privileged to know in real life, women who made the world around them a better place.

Her Cyborg Awakes: 

Sabralia was married to a warlord before she finished her education. She spent her married years isolated in a harem full of dancing girls who were jealous of her status as wife. She's curvy and knows a lot more about cosmetics than she does about weapons, but when faced with a life or death situation, she rises to the challenge. Her hero--Qy, her cyborg servant.

Alien Blood:

Gema had a tragic childhood that left her with a disability. Though on her own in life with a series of tough breaks, Gema has not become bitter. She remembers the important things, love, family and friendship. Her hero Kellac is from the type of rich and powerful PureGen family that might despise someone like her, but she recognises his inner decency.

Starwoman's Sanctuary

Skyleen became a Starwoman at a young age, determined to help the less fortunate. Her work running a Sanctuary for the homeless and helpless  on a busy, uncaring space hub, filled her life for many years. Now she acknowledges she needs a change, but the change must be done in a way that her people are cared for. Her hero: Kyler, heir to the throne of New Prague only meant to stay in the Sanctuary one night.

Big Poison Station

Addison Paloma has a terrible secret, and she is desperate. She cannot stay in the Palace Dome on New Prague. She knows Karvyr, son and second in line to the title of  Protectorate, is the man her father wants her to marry. Karvyr doesn't deserve her messed up problems. But he is the only path she can see out of this situation.

All photos are mine or public domain. 

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