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Friday, June 15, 2012

#SFFS Snippet from Alien Blood

Hi and welcome back to another Saturday Scifi and Fantasy snippet. More snippets can be found *HERE*

My snippet this week is from ALIEN BLOOD, Book Two in the Diaspora Worlds Series. Her Cyborg Awakes tells the story of Kaistril. Alien Blood's hero is Kellac, Kaistril's younger brother. Alien Blood will be on Amazon Kindle July 6th.

His own homeworld didn’t have a PureGen constitution, but it was a Terran colony world.  A few Zh Cle’ hybrids were on New Prague, as legal non-citizens, working in the factories and mines that covered the planet. There was no penalty, they were not barbarians. New Prague did not have many immigrants. Temporary workers would be recruited for sudden manufacturing bubbles. They didn’t stay, though. New Prague was not a hospitable environment. The northern continent was cold and violent storms rent the warmer areas. It was not one of the Seeded Worlds, like Dusault 9, with flora and fauna similar to Earth.  On New Prague one had to live under a dome to survive for more than a short time.