Sunday, June 24, 2012

Holy Amazon, Batman!

To all my commenters for the Midsummer Blog Hop--thanks so much for commenting on my blog. Those who left an  email will get an email from me when Alien Blood is Live and Free on Amazon. I am only planning a couple free days at first, so keep an eye out!

Winner of Refugees on Urloon: is BN 100! Email was sent.

My writing plans have changed considerably in the past month since I tossed Her Cyborg Awakes onto Kindle. The series Cyborg was part of was partially written a couple years ago and I was excited to finish it and let it fly.  Publisher problems made me put it aside. 

I then rewrote Refugees on Urloon because it was originally in the  Diaspora Worlds series. Refugees found a good publisher, but Cyborg, and the rest of the series either needed an extensive rewrite or self publishing.

I have a .99 short story, Faunication, a sexy fantasy romance, self published, but didn't find the whole process interesting or financially feasible.  But since I couldn't see another option for Cyborg, I bought a cover I liked and let it loose.  I thought maybe a free book on Kindle would send some readers to my other books. Advertising!

I did it as a Kindle Select, with five free days. It was fun to watch the free copies fly off the cyber shelf. After the free days were over I was stunned to watch it sell more copies than anything else has sold for a year. Plus it received several five star reviews!

So why shop the rest of the series around? I can get an editor and covers. I can set the metadata, change pricing, covers, bundle them, put them on sale. Self publishing just makes sense. Plus, since the first book sold I am interested and motivated to see if the next books will sell.

Alien Blood, Book 2  (Kellac and Gema) comes out July 6th.

Starwoman's Sanctuary, Book 3 (Kyler and Skyleen) comes out in Sept.  

Cyborg 2ln77, Book 4 (Dooley and Lirielle) hopefully will come out in Dec, and I think I might put together a 4 book bundle for December, also.

Two additional books, both untitled, will come out in 2013: Karvyr's story (the youngest brother) and Lorl's romance (Lorl is a secondary character in Alien Blood, as is Dooley).

Will I continue to self publish everything I write? Who knows?  I don't. The  publishing industry is crazy right now and there are no guarantees--except that readers like to read and they will spend money on e-books. I have had some unfortunate events with e-publishers so going direct to sale is appealing. So is the money.

Is this a bubble that will pop? Probably, lol. My luck has never been that good. I suspect I accrued some bad karma in a past life! But at least I came back as a writer, not  a dogbane beetle!


  1. You're right, Melisse. At this moment in time, self-pubbing is a smart option.

    If you'd like to talk about me editing your work, I'd be glad to. I've got quite a queue at the moment, but would be glad to make time for you.

  2. Cool Susan. I'm covered for the next book but will bookmark you for my Sept. one.