Thursday, May 24, 2012

Need Entertainment for the Long Weekend?

My re-release, Her Cyborg Awakes(formerly Cybot Awakens) will be free on Amazon through Memorial Day! Of course, this is a novella, so it won't really keep you busy for the entire weekend. But maybe you are like me and have lots of plans(mine all involve the garden). 

I always find pictures for stories I'm working on. They help set a tone, provide inspiration, help me with world building. 
Sabralia lives in luxurious isolation with in Emperor Sirn's Harem. She does not live with Sirn's favored wives or in the common Harem, but in her own rooms with her cyborg servant, Qy.

Here are the actors I picked as models for my hero and heroine.

 Sabralia is not a kick ass heroine. Lucky for her, Qy turns into a kick ass hero.

Emporer Sirn's Invasion goes well. He invites his Senior Officers to the Palace, to enjoy the pleasures of the Harem.

Sabralia makes a daring plan to hide on the beach during the feast to avoid Sirn's men.  Qy tells her of violence at the Palace and then they are running for their lives.

And Qy knows things he shouldn't know. Like how to fly a spaceship.

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