Friday, May 18, 2012

Graduation Weekend!

No Scifi Fantasy Saturday snippet or Six Sentence Sunday from me this week. My twins graduate from Highschool! My sister is visiting from Montana so we are going to kick back with some hifis(wine and 7up in honor of Dad).

My twins graduate with honors--they both received the Hathaway Premium Plus scholarship. They plan to be part of the Troopers Drum and  Bugle Corp's Cadet program, and will probably audition for the A corp this fall. They are attending our local college and living at home to save money, so THAT will be interesting!

All three of my girls are living at home--apartments here are too expensive for young people with low wage and part time jobs. It was much different when I was their age--I remember cheap rents, constant moving, roommates in and out. I guess that was pretty chaotic! But now more than half of a monthly (full time) wage would go to rent. Add utilities and a vehicle and it can't happen. This is a small town with a very limited bus service, so a car is necessary.  And NOBODY wants to move into the dorms, lol. .So home it is.

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