Saturday, January 21, 2012

SFFS ~Fantasy Snippet This Week

Today I'm putting up an excerpt from a high fantasy WIP titled Bridal Faire.

One, two, three, four, five bubbles. Adler threw the icy liquid squeezed from the northern El flower into the kettle. It foamed up emitting a  cloud of lilac and the perfume of El flowers filled the room. 

Success, finally! His last attempt had left  the distillery stained from purple ooze that also had soaked through his garments to his skin.  A few of his nether feathers were still tinged.

“Ahh, good job, my boy,” Master Jojie said from the safety of the hallway. “Come to me in the garden when you have finished with your potion. You have received two missives by messenger, one from your father and one from your mother.”

You can read other Snippets by checking Link or following the twitter hashtag #sffsat. 


  1. Oooh...I hate when I get stuff on my nether feathers. Although, it can be an interesting conversation starter.

    Very entertaining snippet!

  2. Love the descriptiveness...and like Cary, I hate it when my nether feathers get tinged too. :-)

  3. Two separate missives from his parents? This can't be good. Maybe they got some of the purple ooze, too. ;)

    Nice snippet!

  4. Nether feathers! Ha, loved that. The missives sounds ominous, though... I wonder what it could mean?

  5. Intriguing! Love the descriptions :D

  6. "Master Jojie said from the safety of the hallway."

    Ha ha ha! Love it!

    Great characterization for both of them in this little snippet.

  7. I take it his nether feathers aren't naturally lavender? Fun.

  8. I love it. So much information about your character and your world. So what was the potion for?