Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Character Occupations

I joined a Triberr tribe recently and have started meeting a whole new group of authors, all bloggers! One, Tracey H Kitts, has an interesting blog and made a post that got me thinking--What do your characters do for a living?

Occupation: Overlord

In Starlander's Myth:
Jack Starlander is an asteroid miner.

Sophie Farrel is an Antiquaritan, specializing in Terran First Diaspora information.

In Refugees On Urloon:
Svana Morgass is a non military support staff supply clerk.

Captain Liam Ringel is the captain of an academy training ship and a military academy instructor.

In Galactic Game:
Kellac is a military prisoner, former guest weapon's instructor, and in line to inherit the title of Protectorate on his homeworld.

Gema  O' Malley, prisoner, former undocumented housekeeper on the planet Toph.

In Cyborg Servant, Warrior Lover (to be self pubbed later this year):
Qy is a lady's servant.

Sabralia, former child queen, is now the disliked wife in the harem of a warlord.


  1. Wow. That is certainly an interesting set of occupations! It makes me want to hear more. Plus, most of them make your characters sound like cool badasses. LOL

    And thank you so much for saying my blog is interesting! :D

  2. A person's occupation is important for both real people and fictional characters. One of the first things we ask someone we meet is, "What do you do?" Going back in history, a lot of surnames came from occupations (e.g. Baker, Carter, Taylor, etc.). A person's occupation is part of what defines them.