Saturday, December 17, 2011

Knee surgery update


I had a my left knee replaced on December 8th. Recovery is going very well. Painful, but so was the knee before replacement, and this gets better as time goes by.  My Physical Therapist says I'm doing very well--can bend to the 90 degree they want, am almost able to flatten completely. One of my muscles just 'woke up' overnight and all of a sudden I could do all the exercises that the day before were impossible.

I must say, I'm glad I just had the one knee done at this time. With two I would have had to be in a rehab hospital for awhile, this way I only spent two nights. Of course, the right knee will have to be done, but maybe not for several years.

I haven't done any writing but think I am clear headed enough now to look things over. Pain pills and Melisse are an odd mix--mostly I just drowse, but sometimes I have really vivid, rather violent dreams... maybe I should write romantic suspense. In one of my dreams I did a bunch of amazing athletic climbing to get out of a building away from bad guys!

Christmas is scaled back at our place, hopefully a relaxing few days of cookie baking and fudge making. No malls, no big trips to Montana. Maybe next year, though!


  1. I'm glad you're recovering quickly! Sometimes it's nice to stop writing and just let the ideas stew and brew.

  2. Yes and those ideas will be vivid with those pain meds! I know how that can be. Glad you are recovering nicely.