Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fantasy Romance

 My first sale was a fantasy romance, with a faun, a 'buntaur' (like a faun only bunny), a magic tree root home and hot lurve. I have a couple others started in the same 'world', a kind of Narnia/middle earth place. I'm thinking about getting one up for submission, though I have no idea if anyone would publish it OR buy it!
 That fantasy romance is now a free read on Smashwords, or it can be purchased as a Kindle and other formats.

While I'm editing my SFR I like to switch off now and then to something different. My fantasy romance hero is another made-up-by-me creature. He is a wizardry student but his father demands he find a bride at a big bridal faire. Chaos ensues.


  1. Your world sounds very unique. Me? I'm a HUGE fan of unique. Also of fantasy. It would be on my TBB list.

    As for who... one of my publishers, MuseItUp Publishing, Inc. takes some outside the norm stuff, including one of my forthcoming books. I can vouch for editing and cover design being great. Take a look at

    Plus, if the editors decide not to take a manuscript, they give feedback as to why. That's always invaluable. Point is, you shouldn't give up! There are always those like me who love an interesting unique story.

    Good luck!

  2. sounds like a good book