Sunday, March 27, 2011

I am inspired--Futuristic Folk Song

Hubby and I trekked down to Denver to hear John Prine in concert. The concert was fabulous! John has a super guitarist/harmonica player, Jason Wilber and the opening act was a young lady mandolin player and singer, Sarah Jarosz. A lot of talent on that stage.

I was thinking about how songs can spark emotions in so many people. I still remember 'Four dead in Ohio' with that funeral dirge beat even though I was just a little girl at the time.

I was so inspired I wrote a Futuristic Folk Song(just the chorus) for an SFR story just getting plotted out:

Imagine futuristic mandolin accompaniment.

We're jumping off to a new sun where children can play

No longer have to stay inside, bunkered all day...bunkered all day

They say the war's over they say the war's done

Let's find a jumpship 'fore they start a new one...start a new one


  1. Well that's just fantastic, Melisse! You have a knack for lyrics. This has got to be a fun and fab story to write.

    Thanks for sharing this. Love it!

  2. Maybe I'll name the planet Muhlenberg.