Sunday, November 28, 2010


Well, no 50k from me! I had three colds w/asthma, which slowed me down this month. Hopefully the breathing will clear up--hate to drag through the whole winter. At least there was no bronchitis/pneumonia, for which I am thankful.

Then there was all the social stuff--my birthday, kid's fall concerts, Thanksgiving etc. 

But really, my longest work has been at 40k! I'm still working up to NOVEL LENGTH FICTION. So I don't feel too bad. I have 14k on a high fantasy dragon shifter story and I have the first chapter and five to seven page synopsis for the Harlequin Editor challenge, which is due by Dec 15--guaranteed feedback from an editor!

The story I'm sending to the Harlequin thingy is for the Nocturne line. It involves a pandemic that came from a comet--a virus that turns people into lizard monsters! Yikes. My heroine is a widow who travels to a dude ranch in Wyoming with her husband's family. She sings in their band and has a small daughter. Tess is glad to be moving to Wyoming, which has had hardly any Scale, unlike Austin, where they lived in a war zone.

Neighboring rancher Bleach Turlington is helpful when their van breaks down.  She recognizes the immediate attraction between them as something unexpected but welcome after the past few difficult years. Tess begins to feel hopeful for the future.

Did I mention there are werewolves?

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