Thursday, June 17, 2010

I've been told!

I came home from work early since my twins need to be taken to Cheyenne at 4 am. Stuff to do.

I worked on Galactic Game last night. I'm on the last scenes.

I have been in a grumpy mood all afternoon, which really isn't my norml mood. I'm generally pretty cheerful. But not today. It could be the high winds with gusts to sixty mph we are experiencing here in the High Desert. Negative ions etc.

But in the midst of routine chores, Gema, my heroine in Galactic Game, sends me a message. I have one pivotal scene all wrong! Our hero , while hunky and beloved, should be absent in one scene they share. She wants to do it ALONE. So okay. I'm rewriting.

So maybe the bad mood was Gema's. On another plane. Or something

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  1. Oh yeah, she was tryin' to tell you-- glad you got it and found out why your mood was bad! I hope it is better now!