Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Works in Progress and Upcoming Releases

A post on my regional NaNo forum got me thinking about this. I have the schedule in my head but it never hurts to write it down! These are all sensual level(erotic m/f) romances novellas.

1 Del Fantasma: Demonade This story is contracted and I'm currently working hard to get it finished and to AMP after the holidays! Love the characters--A half Demon life force/psyvampire, Trudy, and a staid ex priest college professor, Gabriel. Scroll back through blog for blurb and excerpt.

2 Galactic Game: A popular galactic viewcast survival game on a wilderness planet with two prisoners as the contestants. Kellac is actually one of the Sons of the Protectorate of New Prague(book two in that series, follows Cybot Awakened), a handsome exotic Puregen, while Gema has despised alien blood and has real concerns about surviving the Survival Game. After their sector is invaded by the aggressive forces of Emperor Sirn, the Game is over--but they still need to survive! Finished in rough, needs major editing. To Red Rose Publishing after the holidays.

3 Nightflyer: In a post apocalyptic world, rapidly changed by a comet with alien seeds that destroyed most of civilization by aggressively growing through cities and buildings, leaving thick forest. The red pollen from the alien plants changed humans into other forms, some predators, and left others human. In Wichita KS, Amber, a former teacher, cares for a small group of children who changed, while she stayed human. The children are unwelcome at the human enclave. When they need help, she must travel to what used to be downtown Wichita, where most buildings survived the New Forest, now the domain of Nightflyers, powerful, winged nocturnal humanoids rumored to drink human blood. There she finds the leader of Night City is her old college friend, Jesse. Finished in rough, needs major editing. Thinking to WCP Torrid. February submission.

4 The Mystral Voyager: Steampunk. Raised in the Construct Charity Orphanage, Mandilyn has a mechanical arm and leg. She is indentured to the kindly, elderly owner of an alien artifact shoppe, which is about the best life a construct charity girl can expect on planet Victolia. She is thankful for her respectable job, as many construct girls end up in dockside brothels. But her ability to get some alien artifacts to power on gives her a valuable skill. Cherup, her empoyer has exciting news! They have both been hired as consultants on an expedition space ship. And Mandilyn will receive a coveted language button implant so she can read, speak and understand many alien and New Worlds languages! She awakes in the medunit on the Mystral Voyager. There was a problem with her implant, she could only accept one of a diplomatic grade, an implant worth more than her life. Her old school mate Adare is now out of his forced service in the Victolia military and on the Mystral Voyager as a crewman. But life on the ship is confusing. Are they attacked by pirates--or are they the pirate ship? Planning/synop stage, for Samhain Antho in April.

4 My contemp romance novel, eventually for Silhouette. Planning/synop stage. Submission date unknown!

And Up Coming Releases!

Christmas Magic, Dec 1, WCP Torrid

Cybot Awakened, Red Rose Publishing, early 2010

Her Accidental Angel, Aspen Mountain Press, early 2010

Del Fantasma: Demonade, Aspen Mountain Press early spring 2010

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