Friday, October 9, 2009

Excerpt Monday!

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My Excerpt this month is from my current wip:


The Del Fantasma series revolves around a Paranormal bar, the Del Fantasma, owned by a matchmaking vampire named Cody.

While my story is hot, this excerpt is pg!

Melisse AIres

One night Trudy slid onto a bar stool at the Del Fantasma after a goth club hunt. She wore a black vinyl bodice trimmed with magenta brocade, a magenta and lace full mini skirt and high, shiny black boots. Most of the bar’s patrons were in casual wear, but she didn’t feel like taking the time to go change. She sat, feeling the tenseness of the hunt leave her in the familiar, friendly setting.

“Well, now isn’t this interesting,” Cody said as he placed the Demonade in front of her with a big grin. “Trudy, I’d like you to meet the learned man sitting next to you. Father De Russi.”

Father—a priest in the Del Fantasma?

She turned shocked eyes to the man sitting next to her. He was huge and broad shouldered, with long rusty red hair pulled back and tied with a leather thong. He wasn’t young, there was a touch of silver at his temples and fine lines in the corners of his eyes, but he was very attractive with a strong square jaw line, high cheekbones and intelligent grey eyes behind gold wire rimmed glasses. He wasn’t dressed like a priest, but wore a brown plaid flannel shirt over a tan t-shirt and khaki pants. With his broad shoulders and long legs he looked more like a woodcutter than a priest.

“Please, Cody. I left the priesthood well over a decade ago. Now I’m just an ordinary history teacher.”

He spoke with a British accent. She loved British accents. Two of her husbands had been Englishmen.

“Gabriel De Russi.” The man’s huge hand engulfed her own in a silky hot glide of flesh.

Gabriel was older than the young men she worked to attract for a feed. Too young to be a husband. Too attractive. Too full of life force, all together too much of everything. She snatched her hand away.

“Now, don’t be so modest Gabriel. Guess what he studied for the Church? Just guess!” Cody’s eye just twinkled with merriment. He wagged his head back and forth. “Man, I could not make this stuff happen if I tried.”

“Professor Gabriel De Russi is one of the world’s foremost scholars on demonology,” he continued. “ Meet Trudy, a part human daughter of Asmodeus.” He introduced her with a flourish.

The professor pushed up his glasses. “Asmodeus. Really. Then I gather you are older than you look. There hasn’t been a Asmodeus manifestation for more than two hundred years.”

“Um, yes. I am older than I look.” He’d heard of her father!


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  1. I love a silver fox. I think you had me at the point where we saw he had glasses and a Brit accent.

  2. Oh this is intriguing and he definitely is curious!