Saturday, June 20, 2009

Works In Progress

I am juggling a few projects right now, all are follow ups for books I have contracted. Two are in early edits, one is in rough draft.

Del Fantasma: Demonade

(to be subbed to AMP this summer)

Trudy is a survivor. She is part demon, a psyvamp, who uses her ever-young beauty to steal bits of sustaining life force from young men she meets at clubs and parties.

Gabriel is a former priest who was once part of a secretive society that studied "demons"--defined as any being not human or animal. While he is now a staid college professor of ancient history, he maintains his interest in all things paranormal. And Trudy, introduced to him by Cody at the Del Fantasma, is very interesting.

Vampire of Solace Creek

Book two in the Shadow Clans series, Autumn Rose Line
( subbing to RRP late summer)

Rancher Bleach Dalton became a vampire as part of a military enhancement program but he's been able to survive on his family ranch with the support of Clan O' Kiernan.

His neighbor and childhood sweetheart, Belinda, arrived back in Montana after years away, pregnant.

A Chinook blows in, thawing the roads to impassable mud, and Bleach smells blood on the wind. Belinda is having the baby, and the baby is a damphyre --a day-walker. Belinda is going to need his support--and answers.

Galactic Game

A book in the Sons of the Protectorate series
(to be subbed this fall to RRP)

The Survival Show is wildly popular throughout the Puregen system of planets. Two prisoners are thrown together on a wilderness continent and watched avidly as they try to survive and compete to gain points for their freedom.

Gema, is not a genetically enhanced Puregen, and she is lame in one leg.She knows her chances of survival are slim. Plus the audience will adore her exotic, stunning lilac eyed Puregen partner, Kellac. To make matters almost worse, Kellac is an honorable man, and her lonely heart could easily adore him, too. But Gema has a terrible secret.

Then the Game is interrupted an invasion.

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